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i am a twit when it comes to a tweet….

Twit, tweet, twirp… sounds like… tic, tac,toe…
Yes, that would most definitely be me. I don’t seem to have a grip on tweeting at all. I forget to tweet…that is my first problem…and then when I do think to tweet, I don’t know what to tweet about. Tweeting, twittering….or is it…cheeping, peeping, chirping, trilling…this twit is a flop with a tweet.

I can tweet that I have a new post up……. a brilliant grasp of modern technology on my part….  a couple of words and a copy and paste… kind of like the fledgling level of tweets. It is time to grow up….I want to spread my wings, to leave the nest and tweet like a grown up. I want to master the one liner….I want those 140 characters to count…I want to amuse and entertain ….I want to warble not screech….

So here is the question or here are the questions …. Do you twitter?… Do you read other tweeters twitters?…..Do you even care if people are twittering and what they are tweeting about? …If you were to follow me HERE on twitter…….What would you like to know? 
For once I am at a loss for words… xv 

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69 Responses to i am a twit when it comes to a tweet….

  1. Just blog Vicki!!! I have just got my head around blogging little own anything else…Do people have time to 'twitter & tweet'….or should the question be….do people have time to read what others are doing….or an I just being terribly old fashioned.

    Call me 'dull'…lol! Linda x

  2. annechovie says:

    I have considered twittering, but not sure my activities are that entertaining…"paintbrush in hand, listening to music online" Repeat, Repeat = boring.
    You, on the other hand would be fun to keep up with! xx
    P.S. Your pkg. is on its way….

  3. Hi Vicki:- I'm with you ~ what to say in a tweet ? how to find other tweeters or twitters ~ what to tweet about on twitter??
    You are a great blogger, so I'm sure you will be a great tweeter with lots of lovely twits
    pas de probleme !!
    Dianne xx

  4. Helen says:

    At least you are not a 'twat' which is what I called myself once while explaining to my grandchildren why I didn't twitter.

  5. Shirley says:

    I don't tweet. I have a hard enough time keeping up with blogging and email and social media. Oh, and I am supposed to be writing somewhere in there too. Ho hum, a twitterer I am not but I do love to read blogs!

  6. Paul C says:

    You raise interesting points about Twitter. I tweeted quite regularly until I felt that I was spreading myself into too many directions. A diversification across the social media I guess is a good idea. I am beginning my foray into Facebook. Perhaps starting small with Twitter and building slowly is the best strategy.

  7. Well I'm a twit at tweeting too! I have a "Have a great Dat" or "Happy Weekend" My son has tried to get me to tweet more, but I just haven't found the time, but I am like you. I need to tweet more. I do get a few hits on my blog from twitter, but I haven't really gotten in to it yet. I need to add it to my blackberry to make life easier, but my blackberry already goes off nonstop.
    Let me know what you plan on doing. I am going to follow you now.
    Have a great day. I put your book on my sideboard and will do a post soon!
    Have a great day, Vicki.

  8. Jeanne says:

    Good luck with that one Vicki..I am not a twitterer. Facebook and blogging are the most I can handle. Saying that, in your case, I am sure it would be a very smart move. It is all the rage and very wise businesswomen seem to be on to it…I would put you in that category. It will come :))

    Jeanne xx

  9. I was terrified of twitter and never thought after my first few days with just 4 followers that it was for me, and then suddenly it just was. Some days I do more than others but it does make me ever so happy to tweet back and forth with some of my blogger friends and you do come across some very entertaining things there. I try not to let it suck up too much time, but it's kind of like a little piece of chocolate now and then.
    p.s. I just followed you Vicki :)
    xo Mary Jo

  10. SoozNooz says:

    No tweeting for me – like you I would forget. :) I think I need more words.

  11. I do not tweet or twitter either! I truthfully am just not interested nor do I think every little thing that pops into my head would be of interest to others!

    Maybe I just don't get it, but it seems more for young and bored?

  12. I tweet infrequently, being unable to restrict myself to 10 characters. it's mostly thought burps.

  13. Alison Gibbs says:

    I have enough problems keeping up with blogs let alone starting on Twitter or Facebook.
    Blogland is enough for me to deal with

  14. Stephanie says:

    I used to be the "twitter spokesperson" for a company but didn't start using twitter until I decided I wanted to get to know more people in my niche (ie Francophiles, expats, travelers, etc). And it's been great!

    What i've learned is that Twitter is about information sharing – if you find useful information you believe others will find interesting, share it! Read an article about current museum expos in Paris? Share it. Catch a picture on your cell of a dog licking a three year old's ice cream cone at Tuileries? Share it! See a blog post you love from another blogger? Share it! And if the source is on Twitter too, it's always nice (twitterquette) to give them a shout out using @

    You'd be surprised that people find it interesting and that other's have shared other interesting things via twitter that you might enjoy. While sharing your latest blog posts is a great way to let your followers know what you're up to, your Twitter account should be less advertising and more you (avoid looking spammy, no one likes spammy).

    It's also about conversation – so if someone you're following says something you like or can add to, don't be afraid to get involved and chime in the conversation.

    You might find the website helpful for shortening links to less than 25 characters and or are great for sharing pics.

    Good luck and looking forward to meeting you out there on Twitter!

  15. Anne Marie says:

    well, you are more "modern" than me! I, thus far, have refused to tweet and flickr, text and ichat

    Anne Marie
    p.s. are you going to give us some sneak peaks of your new book Vicki? It sounds so terrific!!
    You should do a giveaway – a signed copy!

  16. Jan says:

    Oh I think you already know my view on this particular topic Vicki.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with your desire to improve your tweeting skills of course, however …
    (and I quote)
    "A tweet is not a chat"
    Just saying.

  17. Natasha says:

    It's so amazing you should post this as I have just signed up for Twitter and am at a loss already as to what I am supposed to chirp about! I will be interested to see what others say-thank you!!

    Best wishes,

  18. Virginia says:

    Oh Vicki I can't add one more bit of technology to my plate. No I don't twit or tweet or whatever you do. With two blogs and Facebook, I'm stretched as far as I can go. I'm notorious for not using my cell phone so there ya go!


  19. jeanetteann says:

    I'm glad there is someone else out there that is a tweeter like me ha ha :) x

  20. Tweet-tweet, magnifique!

    This is a very amusing post. I find Twitter quite a strange bird ;) An embarrassing admission as my baby brother works as a software engineer there, so you'd think I'd be more clued in — but alas no.
    I think good Twitter quips in 140 or less are one of life's new art forms to be acquired and mastered.
    Good luck, I for one, haven't gotten beyond reposting my blog links ;)

  21. Penny says:

    Sorry no time for tweeting, seems to me politicians like it more than any one and so I cant be bothered.

  22. I just wonder how people have the time?!!! Reading and writing blogs is enough for me although I'd love to know how to tweet!

  23. Sarah says:

    Hi V: ok, I send my posts to twitter but that's about it – I will sometimes tweet on the weekends…usually something exciting like the weather! it is more technology to be absorbed in -and frankly I don't have time…but you will have far more interesting tweets – just as we enjoy your blog, so we will enjoy the twittering!!

  24. a Broad says:

    I do not Tweet.
    I have no actual idea how one Tweets or Twitters nor do I care.
    I quit Facebook too.
    Blogging, email and Real Life are as much as I can handle without pharmaceuticals to help me .. so I will leave the tweeting to people who feel the need ..

    Just keep blogging though, will you please? :)

  25. Cathi says:

    I don't do twitter, but have fun with it!! xxoo :)

  26. I Dream Of says:

    Hi Vicki, I haven't mastered Twitter yet, either — I'm actually new to the blogging thing, so I working on that first! BUT, since I'm in PR I've been a Twitter voyer and follow others. One I really like is Oscar de la Renta PR girl – I like her because she represents the elegance and glamor of the Oscar brand well, but is still herself. I guess that is what I would love to read from you — the beauty, culture and flavor of France with a slant that only you can give – your own personality! Good luck!

  27. I am a nit-twit. I don't tweet often and when I do it isn't substantive.

  28. oh I just dont know Vicki, I tweet for my business only but I have 63 artists to promote and its good that way. Everything takes time! I must admit, I dont read a lot of tweets, they are always cross-referring and that can be annoying. Also annoying when some people NON STOP TWEET! I have just become a "follower" of yours (ha ha)

  29. You are singing my song. I've been thinking about delving into "social media", but not sure of the value of twitter, in my humble opinion. I'll be interested to read what your other comments have to say. I may not follow you on twitter, but will always check your blog.

  30. I have not been bitten by the Twitter bug…please let me know how it goes. Facebook is a big enough time trap for me!

  31. AmyAnne says:

    Yes. I twitter. And I am now following you.

    Just hang out and observe, it'll come to you. Pretty soon you'll be thinking in 140 character snippets subconsciously and you'll even annoy yourself. Until then, enjoy the twitterverse!

    Amy ;-)

  32. Honestly, I don't tweet and don't care much about it. I run two blogs and a Facebook account: enough work and information-diffusion already. Then, I'm too…*writerly* to be satisfied with short, shallow little updates about my day. If something's important enough to tell the world about, I will do a more thorough and explanatory blog entry with the story, or at least a hearty paragraph on Facebook!

    One woman I know is a master of evocative tweets — scenes she sees on the streets, thoughts about the universe, moments of colorful angst. She posts them to her blog occasionally; that's how I see them. But…there's just that one person I've encountered, unfortunately.

  33. Millie says:

    I'm almost too embarassed to leave a comment Vicki, but here goes anyway. I love new techology – embrace it, work all day with it, make it my own except for one thing – I DON'T TWEET! So there, it's out for all to see, & actually I don't feel that bad. Sometimes silence is golden.
    Millie ^_^

  34. Di Overton says:

    My sentiments entirely Vicki. 140 characters just isn't enough for me to say anything and to do a a string of tweets to get it all off my chest is like I have a stutter.
    Having said all this I have found some interesting links on Twitter so I dip my toe in every now and again.
    MY MOTO – Life is too short to Twitter.

  35. Adrienne says:

    I draw the line at Twitter. And since I've acquired close to 1000 "friends" on Facebook – I've learned to rather hate going there.

    These things are turning us all in to a pack of dummies, rearranging our brain cells, and probably making us fat, too! ;-)

  36. sharon says:

    Oh Vicki, I was so glad to read this post – I thought I was the only one!! I've opened my titter account but not yet sent one single tweet. Partly because mobile phones annoy me but mostly because, like you, I can be inspired to post on my blog, but am affected by a dire case of tweeter's block.
    My French Country Home

  37. Ok so despite the fact that I was on Twitter, I sort of didn't really believe in it for a long time. That has all changed though as I have actually seen results for marketing the blog.

    Do you have iPhone or Blackberry. You should get a tweet application that makes it really easy to tweet when you have something to say or share. I actually love my twitter for sharing phone snaps that I could never put on the blog but I still want my followers to see.

    Tweet away darling and I will read them for sure :-) Just like I enjoy all the rest of the things you share!

    xoxo Haleigh

  38. Jojo says:

    Your new book is beautiful. My copy arrived yesterday and I'm looking forward to reading and turning pages this weekend.

  39. quintessence says:

    I must admit I recently started tweeting. It's really very easy – since you're obviously tech savvy enough to manage your wonderful blog, you'll have no trouble. And once you start, you'll discover you have plenty to say. It's actually fun – do it as much or little as you like. The biggest problem I must warn you is that it is very addictive!!

  40. mary says:

    Tweets…….I have an account; never use it. I consider the entire tweet-thing to be so superficial and fad-driven. There is too much technology hype and not enough substance. I LOVE YOUR BLOG JUST THE WAY IT IS!!!!

  41. david terry says:

    In response to "Helen"….

    I justchuckled at your posting: "At least you are not a 'twat' which is what I called myself once while explaining to my grandchildren why I didn't twitter."

    I hope your granchildren had the good grace to simply let that pass…

    Just a couple of months ago, my own 72 year old, happy-as-a-lark mother (who's almost a parody of her Southern class and background)was at a wedding reception where,at one point and in front of a dozen people, laughingly gave my father(they've been married 52 years) a playful slap on the wrist and declared "Oh, Tommy! you are SUCH a dildo!".

    My brother tells me folks just stared, at which point my mother simply laughed again and, somewhat more loudly, held my father's hand while announcing "Well, he IS!!! Sometimes he's just a BIG DILDO!…but he's MY dildo!!!".

    No one (including the 22 year old, just-married bride) knew quite what to say in response to THAT.

    Later, my brother told me "Maybe she's heard the word in the Target
    Store or somewhere. She probably thinks it's like 'Dumbo' or 'Doofus'.".

    In case you wonder?…none of us intends to make any remark whatsoever to her about this. All she would do is to tell us that we had dirty mouths and even dirtier minds.

    In any case, your account of your mistake me laugh this morning…so, thanks.

    As for "tweeting"? All too obviously I'm not the sort to willingly confine myself to 140 characters. You might as well (and just as futilely) expect Aretha Franklin to put herself on a 250 calorie-per-day diet.

    I do agree with the previous posters who mentioned that various people are "good" at various modes of communication. Tweeting certainly seems to suit Lindsay Lohan & Our Sarah Palin, for instance. I think it's interesting that "tweeting" is now one of the first things forbidden/taken-away from folks in rehab.


    David Terry

  42. Vicki Lane says:

    I don't have any desire to tweet nor to follow other. Blogging and Facebook already take up far too much of my life.

  43. vicki dreste says:

    I tweet a bit. I share information about my design blog and other news. Its a good way to reach people besides those who follow blogs and FB.

  44. I tweet and just followed you!

  45. Anonymous says:

    All of these are great points and I can see why people choose not to use Twitter. I used to be completely against it until I realized how it could be used to connect with others in my niche. It's not just about tweeting what you are up to – it's true, no one is too concerned if you head to the grocery store, pump gas in your car, or can't find your keys – but twitter isn't necessarily meant for that. It was created by PR people as a way to get information out there and has become a great way for individuals to spread news – about anything. I would be with all of you in that I just wouldn't care to tweet but I wanted to spread the news about my adventures in France and connect with others in this wonderful country as well. As it turns out, there are quite a few people out there blogging and tweeting who share the same interests. And we even plan "tweet-ups" every so often which is when we all get together over croissants or something. I would never have met these amazing people if it weren't for Twitter or social media.

  46. Roberta says:

    Well I think people who don't have blogs use twitter more than those of us who do…that would be because they have the time ;) I have an account but only use it to post my blog post links or for contests and giveaways when people ask you to. Otherwise I use facebook to connect with my family and friends because you can post photos easily, etc. There are just too many social site to maintain when you add twitter into the mix and my priorities are my BLOG first and foremost. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  47. Karen says:

    I have a twitter account tied to my blog site but I'm afraid I don't use it enough and when I do, like you, I wonder if it even matters. I'm trying to stay current but sometimes it's a challenge. :-)
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  48. Amy says:

    No, I don't twitter. I can't imagine anyone would want to know that much about me, all day long. I need my down-time, my illusion that I'm anonymous (though I can't go anywhere in the region without being recognized as "aren't you The Harpist?"), my separation from technology.

    Your blog is beautiful. It's more than enough beauty for me!

  49. Mr Lonely says:

    nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog…

  50. la la Lovely says:

    I started twittering even though I said I never would. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate. I like to see what other have to say… most of the time. I don't believing in tweeting like 10x a day. Once or twice is a plenty. And I'm kinda choosy about who I follow because I just don't have time to read everything..but I'd be sure to follow you!!!

  51. The name Twitter even has a name that is synonymous with shallowness, lacking depth and meaning. In my opinion, most of the information shared on Twitter is like the sound of tinkling glass and noisy chatter with little substance.
    However…for a marketing technique it may be worth joining, and I would have to say that you have quite an interesting life to share!


  52. Giulia says:

    I'm going straight to comment as I'm sure there will be plenty of "oh it's so dumb." Well, I'm sick of that obvious, banal moan. (I'm not saying that's you.)

    I work with people on the ground in dangerous places to work…Twitter gives us a lot of information in near-real time. And no, we can't get that via email as they can't send an email.

    So I wish many would untwist their knickers. There are as many reasons to tweet as there are blog. Sometimes many more.

  53. Simply Mel says:

    Daily glimpses of your life would be perfect tweets!

  54. No, I do not tweet or twitter. I just don't have time and I also don't think I would know what to say.
    I am so excited because I just ordered your book! So looking forward to it's arrival.
    Have a great day!

  55. Jacqueline says:

    Well Vicki,
    As it takes me long enough to get round to posting on my blog, I think that tweeting is out of the question for me. I actually don't get it. ….at all !!
    What with tweeting, blogging and Facebook, I'm suprised that anyone has time for living !!…..mind you, I shall probably go and read your tweets now ! XXXX

  56. Cathy says:

    I just can't make my mind up about whether it is a good idea to tweet on twitter or not.

  57. Thea says:

    A blog is a wonderful thing and more than enough for me. Where does it end?

  58. david terry says:


    I had dinner last night with a group that included the owner of what I gather is a successful cafe/club downtown. I should emphasize that this is Durham, NC, home of Duke University (with two other major universities within 25 or so minutes).

    In any case, the club owner was talking about how he and his former "competition" now use Twitter so that, actually, they benefit/complement/drive-up each other's business. It's a win-win situation. The "young crowd" (it's large in this region) wouldn't normally go driving all around 3 different towns on the off-chance that "something's happening" at another joint.

    Apparently (I don't exactly spend my nights in clubs and restaurants), folks can now tweet to their friends "The band's coming on in fifteen minutes", etcetera (I recall the boredom of paying a cover charge, just to wait around for an hour before anything happened). The venues make a point of staggering their schedules, and they all get a larger share of the customer-pie (which has increased).

    In any case, that arragement seems very interesting to me. Oh, the small, independent bookstores do the same nowadays in regard to author-readings and events.

    Now, that sounds genuinely helpful and useful to me. I can see why folks would be enthusiastic about it.

    —-david terry

  59. No, thank you. There are only so many hours in a day…I'll stick to blogging for now! :)

  60. Vicki, Your blog is so darn gorgeous. Thank you for inspiring us all with your beautiful graphics and content. I would be so honored if you would also add me to your blogroll. Your fan, Shiree'

  61. ursula says:

    That's funny! I can't get my head around it either so I don't even try. It's getting to be way too much!

  62. I have to laugh :)
    I am a twit at Twittering too
    And I see you haven't figured out those blasted $#%@ weird twittering links either.

  63. I have a Twitter account but forgot about it…maybe when I retire I will have time to tweet but for now, it's blogging and a little time for facebook.

  64. interesting post Vicki. I have contemplated tweeting as a lot in my industry do, however I wondered where I would find the time since I blog and have a page on Facebook for my business. But, it would link to my blog and be greater exposure so maybe I should find the time. Is it just one more thing that is a distraction? I don't know. But I guess I'll never know if I don't try either.

    I'm a very wordy girl so not sure I could do justice with only 140 characters!:)

  65. i have a lot of trouble with the one liners myself. i like twitter to share links of things that don't make it to the blog and i like saying 'hi' to other bloggers. other than that, tweeting is still a mystery to me.

  66. Slim Paley says:

    Snap! I mean, Tweet Tweet!

    Also twittering, albeit precariously and on a very fine branch,

    Slim Paley

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hi Vicki!
    Here's a tip from me.
    You are a great blogger, but I bet that sometimes there are thoughts that come to your mind that aren't enough to make a full blog post. Well, there you have it, tweet those thoughts!
    Think of twitter as a mini blog. Share whatever is on your mind. I know I'm one of your blog readers who would love to read your tweets.



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