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These Boots Are Made For Walking…

I needed a new pair of walking boots..

My old favourites … the Acne Pistols ( don’t you love the name) have done me proud…

They have walked for miles and miles and miles…

Now it’s time for a change…

I found these velvet boots… and I am so happy I did…

They arrived Monday and they have been on my feet ever since…

Not too high… not too low… not too hard.. not too soft…

They are perfect… true to size and so comfortable… They work with jeans, with skirts and with the dressed-up…

This weekend… I’m walking… xv



Penelope Chilvers Black Velvets… here

Penelope Chilvers Green Velvets… here

Acne Pistol Boots… here


To read more from French Essence click here

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44 Responses to These Boots Are Made For Walking…

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Vicki,
    Well, I have my Chelsea boots ready and waiting to be worn……although mine are not as beautiful as yours !! We are off to Rome on Sunday which is my final salute to Summer as the temperatures seem to be in the mid 70′s, and when we return, boots, coats and jackets will be the order of the day and the Chelsea boots will come into their own.
    Hope you and your family are well Vicki. Much love. XXXX

  2. I hope you bought them in both colours Vicki…they are beautiful. Wish I was in London to check them out! :) xx

  3. I LOVE those!! And they are going to get even more beautiful once they are a little worn too. Yep, I would wear them everyday as well. Why not? ;)
    Bon Weekend,

  4. Anita Rivera says:

    OH YES, YES! I have about 4 pairs of boots and that is all I wear during our freezing winter months, but I wear them in STYLE even though we could have MANY feet of snow!

    Have a great day and WORK THOSE BOOTS!! Anita

  5. Love them in both colors! They look very comfortable.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Mary says:

    Casual elegance at its best!!! Have you waterproofed them Vicki – yes, so practical am I – just in case you get caught in a storm!

    Returning to your recent words on current footwear – namely, Oxfords/Brogues – I just received the pair I wanted desperately – Frye’s ‘Erin’ woven vintage leather Oxford ( in grey (which is actually ‘greige’ and quite lovely). They are so comfy, sized down 1/2 size and are perfect, and I’m taking them to Venice and beyond tomorrow!! I did waterproof them……….’acqua alta’ already arrived in St. Mark’s Square this week! May be shopping for the perfect Italian boots while there.

    Enjoy your feet encased in beauty.
    Hugs – Mary

  7. Kathy Peck Leeds says:

    I do buy Penelope Chilvers boots at times, and also wear Acne pistols as everyday boots. I love the velvet, but what about rain, or puddles? Both the black and green are beautiful.

    • Vicki says:

      So far the rain seems to be fine… I have walked and walked in them… and in the rain… have to say, i am impressed with them…:)

  8. Ok. I have to ask. When you say “walking,” you mean “city walking,” right? I just took a peek at these gorgeous boots you show here and there is no way I could wear them here when I walk the trails around my house! These babies look VERY dressy! Most women around here to their walking with big, fat sneakers, the GORETEX kind… and that, of course, makes it difficult to look stylish :-) The rest of the time, everybody drives – this being American suburbia and all – so I guess I could get the boots and rename them my “driving boots?” :-) What do you think? Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Cynthia says:

    I love boots I must five pair.


  10. Sandy says:

    Those are the prettiest boots – I am trying not to spend money this fall, but I am SO SO tempted to order them. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!!!

  11. Nice. They do look comfy. Do you wear your favorites to death? I do.

  12. Karena says:

    Vicki so gorgeous!! I wish the velvet was waterproofed. I have some from Aquatalia which I adore however the heel is just too high now, this heel would be perfect. So Luxurious!

    2012 Artists Series

  13. Leslie says:

    Gorgeous boots Vicki.. I call those investment pieces! You will get lots of wear out of them (justifying the price). As I’ve gotten older I allow myself several pairs of high end shoes. Most often you get what you pay for and if I’m going to wear a dressy shoe to the office it must be comfortable AND look attractive.


  14. La Contessa says:

    LOVE THEM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!VELVET my favorite fabric.Will they hold up in the wet weather?Guess you will find out!
    I did watch the video of whats his name for CHANEL after I commented and WASNOT IMPRESSED!The tuxedo shot is good……..but they lost something when he opened his mouth!

  15. So chic, Vicki! I would wear them every day, too! Just ordered a pair of short black boots, but the velvet just takes your’s to a whole other level. Love! XO

  16. These are so beautiful + the green!be still my racing heart.

  17. Hallie says:

    They are adorable and they are perfect. I was afraid when I clicked on the link that they would be $750 USD but they aren’t! Yay!

    Thanks Vicki and Happy Walking. Happy Feet! or, the other way around.

  18. Karen in CT says:

    .. they are pretty fabulous, I agree. I think the green would be tempting too. Those boots were made for walkin’ …. happy weekend.

  19. I must confess, my walking boots are actually tennis shoes. My “boots” have a high heel and platform. They’re BCBG and I’m totally in love with them. Comfortable? Not necessarily. But comfort I must confess is not always my main aim. Have a great day, er walk. Shiree’

  20. Pauline from Phillip Island says:

    Hi Vicki,
    I am a long time reader of your glorious blog and this is the first time I have sent a comment. Your books initially sparked my love of all things French and now I have finally returned from my first trip to France. What an amazing experience, so unlike my life on a small island in Australia.

    As for those boots – I have never seen anything like them. They would be wonderful to wear during our chilly winters here. I havent bought much online. Would they send them to Australia?

    Thank you for the delight you bring into my life. I look for your blog first thing every morning and now I have “lived the French life” for the past month I feel like I know what everyone is talking about.

    Grosses Bisous,


  21. WEar them in good health Vicki

    They are beautiful.

    I wore my leather riding boots tonight (Gucci – leather and suede black) I can walk in them quite comfortably in the city.

    Have a glorious weekend

  22. Oh, I really like those!

  23. Pamela Terry says:

    Those green ones!

  24. Casually elegant – I lived in my riding boots when I was younger. So comfortable and practical, The suede and heel of the Penelope Chilver’s boots makes them more desirable. I’ll pop them on my Christmas list. Bisous

  25. Irina says:

    These are splendid…love the velvet!! Enjoy! :)
    I need some boots…plain leather for me…we are all slush and snow in a few weeks!
    - Irina

  26. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning, Vicki! Thank you so much for leaving a comment this morning! And I am on the hunt for yet another pair of boots, I might add, thanks to YOUR inspiration here! I also look forward to that CHEMISE in the mail!!

    Bisous, Anita

  27. Leisa Latham says:

    Mmm the green are stand out… How to get them sent to Melbourne…?

  28. Gigi says:

    Vicki…Vicki… I dare you to get the green pair as well! You love them, they are comfortable, not too high, not too low..perfect for when you want all that plus to feel a little bit ‘out there’! Jill

  29. Catherine says:

    Living in the south, the weather is so warm. These look so lovely, but am just not sure i would get much wear out of them. Also, im a bit insecure about wearing boots….cant figure what that is all about. Guess i dont like much attention….i need to work on that. But i do love these.

  30. slim paley says:

    J’aime! The green ones should definitely be under your Christmas tree!!

    love from your Boot-a-holic Buddy in Santa Barbara :-)

  31. miss b says:

    These look like a very versatile pair of boots and obviously you can’t go wrong with black. (The green would be a lovely change – no wonder you were tempted!)

  32. classiq says:

    They are beautiful! Other favourites of mine are the Isabel Marant Dicker boots.

  33. Cathy Wong says:

    Hello Vicki,
    I just ordered a pair of the black boots!…been thinking about them since the original post…should I shouldn’t I ? (The pressure was on when I saw the free shipping – even to here in Canada!)
    These are an investment purchase for me.I already bought a lovely leather bag this Fall and that was supposed to be it for “investments” this season, but don’t you find that sometimes (if you can manage the finances at all) you just have to go with your heart? Especially when something unique and lovely comes up unexpectedly? I am the worst for resolutely saying no and then next Fall, looking endlessly for the same thing which I should have just gotten and had it over with. Been looking at Chelsea Boots for a year or two, but there’s just something about these-they look so easy, wearable, but so chic.
    So thanks for the inspiration…on the boots, Daily Click and your lovely blog! I enjoy it all so much.
    Cathy (Nova Scotia, Canada)

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