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French Essence… Holiday Gift Ideas… Part One…

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about the ‘what’ for ‘who’… The giving season is fast upon us and if you are anything like me, you may have left it to the last minute… well not exactly to the last minute… but it’s getting close…


A mix of books… my floral favourites… Flowers, Flowers and One Hundred Flowers

Together or as individual gifts… wrapped in red with a silver bow and a fresh bloom…

Or simply a marvellous read… The Language of Flowers

Pretty on any wrist… A Floral Bracelet

Gorgeous around any neck… Lavender and Roses Silk Scarf

The Delicious Scent of Orange Blossom… Fleur d’Oranger


Be transported… Gardens in Time by Jacques Bosser and Alain Le Toquin

 Pruning Shears and Tool Set

Make sure to wear Gloves

Seed your own Herb Garden

 Antique Style Watering Can

Looking cute in the garden… Wear a Plaid Shirt


Be inspired with Ann Getty Interior Style by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Learn how to be, A Great Lady Decorator with Rose Cumming

Make your own Victorian Dollhouse

A Subscription to… A World of Interiors

Decorate with Stencils

There can never be too many Teapots

Think Goldilocks and The Three Bears… One, Two, Three or Four Bowls from Anthropologie…


If you love Christmas decorations… click here

To read more form French Essence click here 

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23 Responses to French Essence… Holiday Gift Ideas… Part One…

  1. I may have to forward your list to a few friends as a hint…. my tree is up, shopping list drawn, shopping started, guest list for Christmas lunch keeps needs to be pushed…and i still love the Holidays!!

  2. Anita Rivera says:

    OH MY….that first photo Vicki, DID YOU TAKE THAT?

    And what an array of ideas for the Francophile and beyond! MERCI! Anita

  3. Cynthia says:

    Great ideas, I love all your pictures.


  4. Christmas shopping is on everyone’s mind, including toi et moi, Vicki :-) Beating myself up for not buying the Serge Lutens Fleur d’Oranger fragrance when I stopped by the Palais Royal boutique last summer. Should I get it from Amazon? It does not seem quite as magical and the packaging won’t be the same… Decisions, decisions… Some great ideas in your post. Merci beaucoup. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Susan says:

    Beautiful List. I love The Gardens in Time book. I romanticise heavily of being “a gardener” and continue to purchase many gloves, tools, books etc. Sadly the reality seems far away as it is continually defined by the constraints of tank water, heat, and lack of consistency. I am sure a few items off your list would sort his out in no time ;-)

  6. lylah ledner says:

    I am loving your holiday gift selections….

    xo lylah

  7. Although I have read “French Essence” I don’t have my own copy of your fabulous book, but a fairy has whispered in my ear that “French Essence”is the present that Mr R has already bought, wrapped, and is now sitting under our Christmas tree! Parfait.
    Warm regards

  8. Mary-Jill says:

    Hi Vicki, Having a daughter, Brooke, living in Toronto Canada, I now opt to send a hamper at Christmas – this year, because she has loved cheese all her life, I have sourced a cheese hamper from in Canada. They are sending 5year, 4year, 2year, 1year, maple, Edwardsburg, onion and parsley Black River cheeses plus choc. bars, maple candies, fudge, and candy. Just another suggestion for your book where you’re hopefully going to put all your marvellous ideas together for us in the future !!!!

  9. Thank you Vicki for the tremendous ideas. Gift buying seems to get harder every year so the ideas are greatly appreciated. Magazine subscriptions are among my favourites!

    Have a lovely week ahead. xx

  10. Pauline from Phillip Island says:

    What a wonderful list, Vicki. There are quite a few things I would love to receive as well. Most of all I would love to go back to Paris. I am going out to do some Christmas shopping today. Summer has really arrived – sunny and 30 degrees. I guess the weather is a little different for you!

  11. Annie Curtin says:

    How do you do it ???? Such a brilliant site …its a delight to be on your daily clicks …thank you so much for the inspiration. When are you starting your tours…????
    Best wishes !

  12. Pauline from Phillip Island says:

    What a great idea from Annie above! How wonderful it would be to go on a tour with you, Vicki. I can’t imagine anyone else who could show us Paris and France the way you could. To see it all through your eyes would be so magical. Maybe one day?

  13. Sally Morrison says:

    I love to see my email every day with your beautiful pictures when I try to be uplifted. I used to travel with my retired dentist husband and then he began to be confused. Thank you so much.

  14. Irina says:

    Stunning photo, dear Vicki!
    I am obsessed with flowers…and these are some magnifique ideas…
    Merci…enjoy this beautiful season!
    - Irina

  15. Cathy says:

    As always, you have great ideas—I love that you link to them too! Have to admit I bought a couple things for myself off your list! But also a gift for my gardening sis-in-law…Thanks again—between these lists and your beauty products list I feel like I am on the cutting edge!

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