Paris… All Rouge

December 9, 2012

Does the eye see what the eye wants to see?

All I saw was ‘red’.

Parisian ‘red’.

Everywhere I walked, everywhere I looked… there was ‘red’.

Gorgeous, bold, striking, vibrant… glowing ‘red’.

Christmas ‘red’… the rouge of Noël.

The ‘red’ of Santa, of sleighs… of baubles and of amaryllis.

The ‘red’ of happiness… and of the holidays.

Paris… bright and beautiful… and blushing all over… xv



The best ‘red’ lipstick… not too blue… not too orange… just right … Mac Ruby Woo

and for the perfect holiday nails… Essie ‘Tomboy No More’

‘Night Before Christmas’ by Betty Lou Phillips… Mrs Claus does Paris

Nazareth ‘rouge’… Scented candle from Cire Trudon

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