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Paris Holiday Inspiration… How To Glam Up Your Lighting….

Paris knows how to decorate for the holidays… and when I saw these chandeliers I knew that I wanted to try and reproduce something of their effect…

Firstly I am going to pop a small shade on my lightbulbs… that makes all the difference… and then from the arms of the chandelier I will hang decorations… a few mirrored balls to catch the light and a few decorative onaments to add interest… I can’t decide if I will make them golden like the ones above… or ‘rouge’ as I seem to be favouring these holidays… I will show you once I finish, later this week… As I mentioned before… I am leaving the best fun until the last moment…

Once the decorations are tied on (with fishing line and hanging about 5-6 inches below the arms of the chandelier ) I will add dried oak leaves as my foliage.  It is easy to twist them through the branches of my light… In the photographs above, they have used a very fine painted fern… so pretty and romantic… a-midsummer’s-night-dream feel… I think any kind of foliage would work… it just depends on your decor… I may even add a few glittery flowers into the oak leaves…

Golden Reindeers here…  Mirrored decorations… here  Baby Lampshades… 1… here  2… here… 3… here

If you prefer to go ‘rouge’… Red shades… here

Golden Flowers… 1…here  2… here  3…here  4… here  5… here  6… here

Will you decorate your lighting this year? If you do… please send me photographs…  I would love to see and be inspired by your creations… Happy decorating… xv

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12 Responses to Paris Holiday Inspiration… How To Glam Up Your Lighting….

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    WOW WHAT FUN! That second photo in particular, with the flowers? MY GOODNESS that is stunning!

    I have hung mercury glass ornaments and silver satin ribbon from two of my chandeliers and what a change it has made! I do have some fine silk white roses that I just may try as well!

    Enjoy yourself dear Vicki! Anita

  2. That first photo! Le sigh.
    I just hung a few white pine cones from the end of mine–nothing fancy!

  3. Cynthia says:

    Just beautiful and elegant and also romantic.


  4. Goodness Vicki. I misread the first sentence, and for a short while, thought the second photo had been taken in your Provençal home. :-) I know it is lovely (from what I can see in the book My French Life,) but still… that foyer looks a bit like Versailles, or at least the Enchanted Forest… Amazing! Unfortunately, I will not have time to decorate any lighting this year, and I will count myself lucky if I manage to get the house ready by Thursday when la Parisienne MIL arrives in Seattle :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Leslie says:

    Great ideas! In the past I’ve put greens and a few small bulbs on my chandelier. Festive and very pretty!

  6. Amy Kortuem says:

    Beautiful, beautiful decorations! Some years I have added greenery, grapevine, sparkling ornaments and ribbons to my dining room light fixture (not really a chandelier, but a 6-light Craftsman-style hanging fixture with art glass shades). I loved dimming the light and seeing that extravagant gathering above it.

    This year, time got away from me!

  7. I love those small shades Vicki! Mine, in Vancouver, sit on a brass and blue cobalt chandelier and are black on the outside and gilded on the inside. I love their warm glow. This year there are sparkly glittered snowflakes. Similar to the reindeer. Yesterday, at Sudeley Castle, I saw a girl with the loveliest red nail polish with little gold sparkles in it.

  8. c woodyard says:

    Very wild and fun! Love it……Cynthia

  9. Karena says:

    Vicki, really one can be so creative and unique! Love a decorated chandelier at the Holidays!

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena

  10. Wow, fantastic inspiration. Beautiful, beautiful. Jennifer x

  11. Absolutely lovely – the flowers are a great idea and add a romantic touch.

  12. Ann says:

    These mini lampshades are so sweet — and a total revelation! It never even occurred to me that I could add them to my own chandelier. Thanks for a wonderful idea — lighting is so powerful — the right lustre can really change a whole room!

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