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Paris Inspiration… For The Boys…

The boys are the tough ones… when it comes to gifting… so I don’t try and be too clever… I give them what they like…

Mine like ties.. and bow ties…

Like us girls when it comes to shoes and bags… there can never be too many…

Bow Ties are a little luxury for the boys… they don’t wear them often, but when they do… they wear them well…

In Paris there is a shop called Charvet and they sell the most exquisite silk ties and pocket squares for our men…

Charvet also sell pyjamas and dressing gowns… and all things manly… but my favourites are the silks…

Beautiful quality, glorious colours and totally luxurious… a classic but spoiling gift for the men in our lives…

Even if they don’t wear ties often… it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like them in the wardrobe. A little like my highest heels… their outings are all too brief… but I still like knowing they are there…

I know we can’t all be in Paris and shop at Charvet (I wish we could… together…) but if you want to totally treat your boys… it is possible…

They deserve it… and there is still time… xv

Charvet ‘rouge’… here

Charvet classic… here

Charvet paisley… here


Charvet pocket square… here and here


 Bow Ties… classic and oversized… here,

Striped and cute… here

Paisley and chic… here


Gift ideas for the girls… HERE

For the Stockings… HERE

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16 Responses to Paris Inspiration… For The Boys…

  1. Love a man in a bow tie…so classic! I love these, and agree men and boys are not easy to buy for…so predictable. I bet Charvet is a fun store to viist during the holidays!

  2. Anita Rivera says:

    My “boy” is easy to shop for: DVDS. Period!!!!!!

    Have a great week, Vicki!

  3. Catherine says:

    I thought i was finished with my gift shopping but i think, now, I’ll make one more trip. I think my boys would love a bowtie. What a fun suprise.

  4. yvonne says:

    Wish I still had a man to buy Jammies and ties for.
    Nice merchandice on your post.
    Sending warm wishes for a Happy , Healthy Christmas..
    yvonne and Renee

  5. Cute idea and classic look for the les garcons – tres chic!

  6. Amy Kortuem says:

    My Dad and brother are hunters, fishermen and carpenters, so they never wear ties…

    But I’ll always remember on my wedding day when they came into the room where I was getting dressed, each holding up their bowties and looking confused. So sweet!

  7. miss b says:

    Wonderful colours and prints. I think you are absolutely right – some men like adding to their tie collection as we do with our shoes and bags!

  8. Anything is helpful for gifting the boys. Thanks

  9. says:

    And if you have a little doggy or two, they look fabulous and gorgeus with a bwo tie on Christmas day..

  10. Sanne says:

    I’m selfish, I would like to have the bow ties for me. With a white blouse, I thik, they will look wonderful on a woman too.

  11. Great idea. Have most things sorted for our Christmas celebrations, but yes, need a little something that’s a little more special. And you are so right, the men (including the under 10s) in my life all just wanted what they want and nothing more…

    PS: love the store you suggest and has gone on the list for my next trip to Paris. Bingo!

    Jen x

  12. Anita Rivera says:

    Bonjour Vicki!

    Thank you for your visit and most kind comment! As a public school teacher myself, I had taught for nine years in a French immersion elementary school. This is my first year off, working only when I want, as a substitute. I have meet more children of various ages now with this freedom, and from very young to adolescent, they are all special but are increasingly becoming at risk for living in danger, in what I BELIEVE should be PALACES: OUR SCHOOLS. All any one of us can do is to continue to provide the safest environment we can for them.

    Thank you Vicki for your prayers and lovely friendship. ENJOY THAT PROVENÇAL CHRISTMAS!!! Anita

  13. Our private school just voted to allow the boys to wear bow ties…they are so excited. I am going to pass along your post! have a wonderful day!!

  14. Pamela RG says:

    Charvet must be a fun place to shop for the men in our lives.

  15. pve says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, just bought my dear darling husband a sweet bow tie.

  16. It sounds like Charvet is like our Talbot Ties here on the Central Coast. I wish my ‘boys” would wear bow ties…they look luscious!

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