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Biker Chic

Do you remember last year when I talked about … ‘Packing for Paris‘?  One of my stand by, can’t-live-without items is a short leather ‘biker style’ jacket. Less biker and more simple in detail… it is the perfect jacket for so many reasons… It works with just about everything, it adds a little glam to an outfit… and it is a perfect mid season cover up… I think it is one of the French woman’s most important essentials.

The trick with the leather jacket is to find one that is not too embellished… I don’t want to look as if I just stepped off a Harley Davidson or that I am auditioning for a role in , ‘Sons of Anarchy’… I want the ‘chic’ without the fuss.

And I found one this morning… just like mine… and if you don’t have one.. it’s on sale at the Outnet… and still available in all sizes… here

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  1. Anita Rivera says:


    We discussed yesterday about wearing younger womens’styles. Well, as “seasoned” ladies here, we CAN wear all of these things, but with the finesse of let’s just say it….AGE….or rather, that “patina.” I think a jacket as such is best worn without all the YOUNG paraphanalia hanging from it. Just give us the leather and the design and we can wear it forever. I had a great black biker jacket that I wore until one of the sleeves was so torn at the shoulder, I finally had to get rid of it.

    Oh Vicki, this is so fun. Like with any other discussions, you learn more about YOURSELF. Simplicity but CLASS and style are for anyone who can handle it with poise.

    Have a lovely day my dear. Anita

    • Vicki says:

      I think I need to start saving all these brilliant comments and put them together in a post for us to discuss… I agree, I do love our chats … and it is always welcome to reinforce these female musings… :)

  2. Alexa says:

    love these pics ! totally agree ! I wear my leather jacket so often !! even under my winter coat ;)

    • Vicki says:

      What a great idea… I want to wear mine today but it’s a little too cold… shall see if I can wear them both… :)

  3. Nancie B says:

    I love my leather jacket-very similar to the one in the bottom right corner. Have had it and worn it for over ten years. Perfect for our Texas winters.
    And your “Packing for Paris” list I sent to a friend who was going with her new, wealthy boyfriend to Paris for the first time. Her clothes are bohemian and funky on a regular basis-very “her” and appropriate as she lives on a small island. BUT having been to Paris a few times I knew she would feel awkward in her usual garb and she was fretting about what to take…so you SAVED the day. She LOVED the list, bought a version of everything on it and had a fabulous time at the Ritz. She has since told me MANY times how that wardrobe saved the day.
    Don’t you love stories with happy ending?!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you so much Nancie… I love that story and I am so happy to have helped your friend… You and I must have a similar jacket.. that’s me in the bottom right hand corner… :)

  4. I have several leather jackets in different colors – they are a great wardrobe accessory and very chic!

  5. Ooh, that is a lovely photo of you, I only wish it was a bit bigger! And that is quite a steal on the Outnet…something tells me that they will sell out soon…

    Leopard prints, leather jackets and red lips…things that I will always, always love…

    Now if only one of these days I could finally afford a Rick Owens! ;)

  6. Ciao Vicki : ) this post helped me a lot as I was in search of one simple black one ( i had a few in some other colors ) and so I headed to outnet right away and got one, liked the leopard touch on the lining as well. thanks for this help :) and I liked the collage very much :) if I make an outfit post with it one day, I will let you know :) have a lovely week :)

    • Vicki says:

      SO glad you got one… I was worried that by the time I got the post up they would sell out… I think it is a fantastic buy… and you will love it…

  7. Amy Kortuem says:

    I’m really glad you distracted me with thoughts of leather jackets. For a couple of months, I’ve been telling myself I really, really, really need some…cowboy boots.

    Can you see it – a harpist in a black dress wearing cowboy boots at the harp????

  8. Pamela says:

    bonjour vicki! i loved your packing for paris post..and now i’m in paris packing for london! i’m taking the train all by myself (no husband or kids) to london for the weekend! what to pack?? :)

    • Vicki says:

      Pack the same .. but bring a warm coat… it’s freezing… and I hate to say… a little damp…:( Have a wonderful time…

  9. Just bought one this winter finally, as you know I had a brown one which I love but the black is great too. I love it with jeans, such a simple and stylish look but I wore it on the weekend more dressed up. Ant there sure is something to the men loving leather isn’t there? Much love and having seen your jacket, readers should run to buy it. Chat soon gorgeous. xx

  10. Jennifer says:

    Yes, you’re right, simple is the key!! I adore the motorcycle Jacket in black, only.
    Sadly my complexion now needs softer fabrications so I’ve moved on to suede. Somehow a Motorcycle Jacket in suede needs fringe a la “Easy Rider” and I’m just not going there.

  11. La Contessa says:

    How did I miss your photo………….reading the comments you are THERE!I must scroll back up!The BIKER jacket I think is tres chic but have felt I could NEVER pull it off………..I love how you describe wearing it VICKI.

  12. Leslie says:

    An relaxed, worn style ~ or this fitted biker style jacket is so appealing. I like to pair the leather with something more conservative or tailored. Madonna is wearing her jacket with a lovely pencil skirt ~ great look! Beautiful jacket you’ve featured here and the sale price makes it a worth while purchase.


  13. Here here for larger format Vicki…a lovely photo of you. I have never owned a black leather jacket and have always secretly coveted one. You have me thinking…next move, if back to a cooler climate, I will treat myself. But of course…it has to be purchased in London or Paris… ;)

    • Vicki says:

      I will gladly help with that purchase Jeanne…
      You know I don’t like pictures of myself… much rather do the snapping…:)

  14. Marsi says:

    I love that jacket, especially the slim silhouette and asymetric zipper.

    My black leather jacket is the most buttery lambskin. It is cut to the top of my hipbones, has French cuffs (!) and a black sheared beaver collar that’s detachable. I bought it on sale about 12 years ago and wear it three seasons of the year. It was breathtakingly expensive for me at the time — even on sale — but it’s absolutely timeless and I’ve never regretted the purchase. One of my favorite garments for sure.

    • Vicki says:

      I have had mine for about 4 years now.. and like you, I wear it all the time… When I don’t know what to put on… I inevitably rely on that jacket…

  15. déjà pseu says:

    Love that Sara Berman jacket! Alas, it’s sold out! But I will keep this designer on my radar, and thanks for the tip.

  16. juliet says:

    Went straight online … hhmm…wondering if I could get away with ‘Ruffled leather biker jacket’ from Love Moschino!? or does that become too fussy? Either way you have nailed my ‘what to wear with skirts’ dilemma and the search is on. xx

  17. Hallie says:

    I love the outfit you put together, I prefer it over the other images, very elegant with a twist of cool.
    You look very pretty.
    I also have two daughters (21 and 23) and I think we can wear some of the same things but with adjustments. They are astute with fashion policing.

  18. Gina says:

    I wear my biker boots with everything! I love love love them!

  19. What a great find Vicki although I must have arrived at outnet just as they had sold out. One minute too late procrastinating I’m afraid. If you discover any more please share. Loving your posts on fashion Vicki and after many years drooling over interiors I have rediscovered my love of fashion. Perhaps my daughter’s influence also.

    • Vicki says:

      Sorry you missed out..:( Do look though all the coats.. you may find another that you like… There were a couple of Rick Owens that are gorgeous… more expensive but still great buys…)

  20. trish Murphy says:

    Vicki I so love the biker jackets in the photos.I noticed you in the previous photo in the I thought leather jacket and dress. They are a staple in the wardrobe.I mentioned before that I bought a cream jacket in Florence a few years ago and have worn it to death with so many combinations.Dress, jeans, evening, day etc etc. I would love a black jacket and jumped online immediately and fell in love with the jacket also to see it had gone.I am certainly getting one this year.
    My denim jacket has been missing for a year my 23 year old daughter has claimed it. A Sass and Bide (Australia) for other bloggers.
    We are going to UK and Paris at long last in March after several hiccups last year to see out son and his girlfriend.I may look in UK while I am there to have for Sydney winter.Well Vicki you do look tres chic in your jacket.Thank you for great post just love the fashion tips.I wonder if the traditional leather jackets of the nineties will come back into fashion I still have my black one in the wardrobe it does look so dated now after these biker jackets.It was so cool then.We await the next fashion installment.xx Trish

    • Vicki says:

      I hope those leather blazers make a re-run too Trish… Actually i would wear mine… but it is just a little too tight..;)
      Wrestle that denim one back.. because they are really popping up this season…

  21. yvonnne says:

    This is so Kool looking. I have always loved the look.
    It says something when it’s sold out. What a great jacket for travel.


  22. Karena says:

    Vicki, your style is perfect; a nicely fitted jacket with the right amount of detail to make it interesting!

    2013 Artists Series

  23. I love my leather jacket ( no embellishments at all) because its so classic and it goes with everything!!

    • Vicki says:

      It’s the embellishments or the ‘too much’ that cause all the problems… the classic ones work with everything…

  24. Jennifer says:

    I agree,e it needs to have clean lines, nothing too fussy. I love my jackets but sometimes I feel like the black is too harsh on me. My daughter just got a really cute brown leather bomber jacket for Christmas. I tried it on and now I want one too! It might be too young for me but I don’t care! Thanks for reminding me!

  25. Chose this for my daughter’s year abroad in Denmark- seems like it will keep her warm and dry, and it looks great too!

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