London In Grisaille

January 22, 2013

London in the snow… covered in snow… London, so quiet and so still… London in a monochrome mood… almost grisaille.

Noisy, busy and overcrowded London is bathed in beauty… A metropolis turned white… It is hard to imagine that a few months ago Olympians were playing beach volley ball on Horse Guards Parade.

Buckingham Palace… early this morning… The guards, always standing tall , always on duty.

 My camera played peek- a-boo with Big Ben and the London Eye… they popped in and out of my photos as I walked up the Mall… There was something other worldly about the light this morning… it was so calm… so flat, so still… and very peaceful… I felt as if I had the world to myself… I needed no reminder that nature is the master of beauty.

All roads lead to Piccadilly through Green Park.


The snow has stopped falling for now, I am back home and warm again.

After hours trudging around in the snow I am so happy to be inside… Snow in London, of this quantity, is rare… special.

It is the kind of snowfall that has strangers chatting in the street, looking out for each other and comparing snaps.

Magical in every way… xv


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  • Pamela RG says:

    Lovely pictures of London Vicki. The City looks melancholy. I hope you will enjoy wearing your Sorel Boots.

  • Magnificent photographs. Such a different view of London. All beauty and serenity. Thank you.

  • Debby says:

    Your photographs are beautiful. There is something so refreshing about walking around in the snow, huh? I hope I make it to London one of these days! xo

  • Chicatanyage says:

    I agree I love London in the snow and now the sun is shining which makes the scenery even more beautiful.

  • Nancie B says:

    These pictures are phenomenal.
    I’m headed to Colorado in a couple of weeks just to see snow. Everything always looks so gorgeous and i love the QUIET! especially out in the woods where I will be. Hope it hasn’t melted by the time we get there!!!
    Thanks for the visual feast.

  • Anita Rivera says:

    Give me Paris, London, Rome, NYC and even my own MINNEAPOLIS en grisaille and you have me in dream land.

    When we were out and about yesterday antiquing, we came across a fabulous shop with ALL SORTS of books from new to vintage, from foreign language to English…and there is was: FRENCH ESSENCE, in all it’s glory. I yelled out, “THAT’S MY FRIEND’S BOOK!” It was thrilling for me.

    Happy day my dear, Anita

  • Maxine says:

    Thank you from a Londoner living stateside. Your pictures are a balm to my soul. I just had to add that the J-Crew Sperry boots are amazing! They fitted a bit weirdly at first and I was going to return them but so glad I didn’t. The wool lining makes them unbelievably comfortable. They also look pristine after a morning spent sloshing through the woods and tramping in horse poo!

    • Vicki says:

      I really am thinking that they would be fantastic for the farm… hiking about… :) I’m good with finding excuses…

  • La Comtesse Lola says:

    Dear Vicki:

    I had to write and tell you how much I loved your photos this morning, they bring back such wonderful memories. London is such a special place, especially when it is so quiet, and cloaked in snow. To have spent a decade there was the finest part of my education, and changed my life.

    I smiled when I saw the two on horseback. “Keep calm, and ride on!” Wonderful!

    PS I couldn’t chose between the boots either, perhaps you should get both, just in case?!

  • Vicki,
    I love London and have been there only once when it snowed…nothing as beautiful as this. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs.
    I love the boots, the first pair seem like they would be more comfortable.

    • Vicki says:

      Apparently the J.Crews are brilliant… my daughter has those and so does another reader… I am so tempted… as long as it keeps snowing…;)

  • Katherine says:

    Paris – she is a beauty.

  • Snow makes everything look so beautiful (even though it’s a pain to drive in and get around) – these photos are great!

  • AnneHH says:

    Your photos are exquisite!! And I love your description of London in Grisaille. Perfect. What a treat it is to read your blog and see your gorgeous photos.

  • mary says:

    Hi Vicki,
    Beautiful and so chilly. Stay warm.

  • I have to have a little snigger here because I left England for positively balmy Vancouver and left Robert to deal with all the snow on his own. But it is beautiful in Oxfordshire and so I do miss it in a way.

  • You must have some Canadian blood in you Vicki…………you are a snow trooper as we say! Such lovely, lovely shots and happy to hear everyone is enjoying the snow in London and Paris. Judging the amount of photos tells me you were out wandering in the snow for quite a bit, hope you were bundled up nicely. Perfect that it fell on the weekend so you could all enjoy it unspoiled for the day. It is snowing here as I speak, a little surprise attack of white flurries but I don’t think it will amount to much. I did buy a fur trapper hat this year for my walks with Daisy. I look ridiculous but really warm and cosy. xx

  • Well, I have been missing London like crazy this winter, and now that I’ve looked at your lovely photos, I can barely stand it! I want to hop on the next plane to Heathrow. On the other hand, it is beautiful right where I am, and yesterday we took a long drive up the gorgeous snow-covered coast, so I should really count my blessings, shouldn’t I? :) Thank you for this wonderful peek at the London snow, Vicki! xo Gigi

  • Ahhh London, it has never been snowing when I have been there for work. Loved your pictures. J Crew has my vote + stay warm.

    • Vicki says:

      It is a rare occasion in London, Peggy.. there are often flurries but so infrequently a big snowfall like the last two days… I have been here on and off for the last 13 years and this is only the second time I have seen such snow…

  • Cathy says:

    It is true: A picture paints a thousand words. Thank you for these lovely pictures.

  • cindy says:

    Gorgeous pics – thanks for sharing :) You’ve made the perfect purchase – the Sorel boots win hands down on looks – so for me it’s a no contest! Also wanted to let you know that a friend and myself had the most magnificent trip to Paris and London in October last year – primarily to do a Cooks Tour in Charroux, and we also spoilt ourselves going to a Michelin star restaurant, but the highlight of our trip was a lunch @ Au Petit Fer A Cheval, as recommended by yourself in your blog – it ticked all the boxes! We had the most magnificent meal with a bottle of Chablis while we watched the world pass us by – Thank You so much for being responsible for creating a lifetime memory! x Cindy

    • Vicki says:

      I am so happy to hear this Cindy… I do get nervous making recommendations.. as it so so easy for things to change overnight… but I love that little place and I am so delighted that you were able to enjoy it…

  • Hello Vicki

    I love the griselle effect of your photos. London looks marvelous in this beautiful light. My post this week is primarily in griselle.
    Wishing you a week of joy


  • Christine Crawford says:


  • Jacqueline says:

    Oh Vicki,
    What wonderful images of London …….. I think that London always looks beautiful whatever the season but snow always makes every village, town or city so clean, sparkly and magical.
    I hope that you are snuggled up next to an open fire and drinking something delicious Vicki !!!! XXXX

  • Lissy Parker says:

    Enjoy the beautiful snow! The photographs are beautiful.
    xo, Lissy Parker

  • Andi says:

    My hubby and I keep joking about wanting to jump on a plane to capture Paris in the snow…wish I could really do it. Doesn’t surprise me that London is equally as beautiful!

  • Cathi says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos, Vicki! Enjoy your boots – I love both pairs! xxoo

  • Penelope says:

    Beautiful photographs of a beautiful city! I love the details of your photos and the branches just add to the detail in nature…..and then those magnicient landmarks! Perfect! Thank you for sharing your morning walk. I am captivated by them all!

  • Karena says:

    Vicki The photography is brilliant! I do like the Sperry very much! I would get a lot of use here in Kansas City!

    2013 Artists Series

  • Elizabeth says:


    Such beautiful photos of London on a snowy day! Everything looks magical.

    As for the boots, I have booth pairs and I love them booth. You cannot go wrong with either pair.

    Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing the beauty of your world.


  • elizabeth says:

    As an English ex-pat living in New York, I just loved your wonderful London shots –so very atmospheric and magical……now if it would only snow here!

  • simone says:

    Gorgeous photos Vicki, really wonderful. It’s not often that we get snow in London and it settles…and continues to settle. It’s been lovely.

    I love the boots you bought, am very tempted by those :)

    Bon voyage on your trip back to France XX

    • Vicki says:

      I know… it’s that the snow has lasted… that is what makes this past weekend so unusual… I have loved it… we keep looking out our windows and wondering where we are!

  • Oooh, are you sure that you aren’t a photographer, Madame Archer? Because these took my breath away and isn’t that what photography does?

  • Your Sorel boots should Keep your feet warm and dry. Great choice. It has been so dreadfully hot here in Australia, that the snow with its cold and the hard work it creates, is very appealing. I can remember heavy snow and pea soup fog in London when I was a young child and extremely heavy frosts that would last until lunchtime in Melbourne – all distant memories now as the Earth gets hotter. Warm regards

  • Niki Rose says:

    Those boots make me wish I lived somewhere cold but unfortunately not much call for them in an Australian summer. I agree with the many others and cannot choose between the two pairs!

    Thank you for sharing the totally different view of London.

  • Margaret says:

    Hi Vicki, the envy you envoke in me its HUGE, I am swealtering in 40+C degrees in Perth, Australia at the moment, I soooooooooooooo miss winter and the snow, having grown up in NZ by the mountains.
    Love the pictures. Margaret

  • Margaret says:

    Hi Vicki, the envy you envoke in me its HUGE, I am swealtering in 40+C degrees in Perth, Australia at the moment, I soooooooooooooo miss winter and the snow, having grown up in NZ by the mountains.
    Love the pictures. Margaret

  • Karen in CT says:

    … such lovely photos .. congrats .. capturing the lights among all that gray is magical …

    • Vicki says:

      I wished i was better with a video recorder… on my list of things to learn this year… then I could really show you…:)

  • déjà pseu says:

    How absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing these pictures.

    • Vicki says:

      I think it is my favourite pastime… trying to capture an extraordinary day… not easy and not really possible to show the true beauty… but it was fun trying…:)

  • Sweet Freak says:

    Spectacularly pretty… and/but it looks so cold!

  • Hi Vicky and Happy 2013. Your photos are absolutely stunning and so peaceful! Love London in the snow! When we lived in Hampshire in 1990 it snowed at Christmas time and apparantly it was the first snow they had had in 10 years or so.
    have a lovely week
    best wishes

    • Vicki says:

      Flying over England this morning, on my way to Provence… the English countryside looked so beautiful.. a patchwork of whites… It was a pretty heavy coverage so I am sure it will last there for a while…

  • Slim Paley says:

    Stunning photos Vicki! You must do…something with them! a new book? a set of cards?? Make wrapping paper??
    Makes me long to get back to London

    • Vicki says:

      I should … I am always looking for the new shot and often forget about the ones already taken… Come to London… I will be waiting.. :)

  • Sophia Home says:

    Your photos are stunning Vicki, thank you for sharing them. Also very beautiful here in rural Kent at the moment, but so unusual to see central London with settled snow. Haven’t made it up there in the last couple of days, but my sons who live in town say it looks stunning. I adore the boots!

  • Vicki…these pictures are simply BREATHTAKING. I could see an entire collage wall with these, they are so fabulous! Everything looks so much more beautiful in the snow and then you take the grandeur of a city like London and the combination is magical. Thanks for sharing…so enjoyed.

    PS love your boot choices too!

  • Astrid says:

    This is exactly how I like snow – in someone else’s pictures! And such lovely snaps, too! Thank you for sharing.

  • Kathy says:

    Oh my Vicki…what lovely pictures! I know that feeling that you expressed so eloquent where you said you felt as though you had the world to yourself and needed no reminders that nature is the master of beauty. So true, and to catch it in photography is just a beauty in itself! Loved your collages! Hope you are enjoying your boots…would like know if they worked well for you!

    • Vicki says:

      I am still awaiting their arrival… but I shall let you know…:) Hopefully they will be here for this weekend when there is more snow forecast….

  • Mary Jo says:

    Vicki, these are gorgeous shots–I was actually staying right next to Buckingham Palace. Sadly I missed the snow, but would’ve been completely unprepared shoe-wise. I think whichever pair of boots can keep your feet the dryest would be the way to go! Safe travels on your way home!

    xo Mary Jo

    • Vicki says:

      Of course I will have the boots by the time the snow has melted… but I shall be prepared for next time…;)
      You must have been staying right close by me Mary Jo…

  • Vicki,

    With your love of fashion, your two northern hemisphere places, and picture prowess….maybe the next book is one of your photos, ‘I love London, I love France, I love lacy underpants!’ Sorry, I’m 12 this morning… ;)

  • Your pictures are stunning, Vicki! How I would love to see them for myself…I feel as though I walked into a novel. So beautiful…though peaceful…your pictures spoke loudly!

  • Shell says:


    You have captured London beautifully. Thankyou for sharing.

  • stephanie says:

    I like what you wrote ” I needed no reminder nature is the master of beauty”. Thank you!

  • Susana Stevens says:

    I love all of your photos, Vicki, but these struck a special cord for me – making me homesick, but making me feel good, at the same time. They’re so lovely. Thank you!

  • Leslie in Portland, Oregon says:

    For eight years, I flew to London 1-4 times each month, usually for a weekend, and I never saw London under snow. Thank you so much for these beautiful photographs!

  • Dace says:

    Frozen peace within peaceful harmony!
    Great sense of the city!!!

  • Pamela Terry says:

    Lovely London.
    The boots are wonderful and perfect for wandering through those photographs.

  • Sally Morrison says:

    I love all your pictures and wish I could be there.

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