27 Feb 2013

Confessions Of A Shop-A-Holic

Are you a committed shopper… or do you flirt with fashion? Act like you are interested… but ultimately leave it standing alone… languishing on the racks…

Do you set out with good intentions only to come home empty handed… or can you conquer the confusion and find exactly what you want? For me… the answer is simple… I am dedicated… and always have been that way. I know exactly what I like, what I need and where to find it… I am lucky, it’s always been easy for me. I have a sort of inbuilt editor that steers me in the direction I want and fights any indecisions that I may have. But I do understand that it is not like that for everyone…

Sitting on the fence is the enemy of the shopper… you have to be either in or out. It either works or it doesn’t… Not being able to decide almost always means defeat… and no car crammed with shopping bags like the cute little one above…

When it comes to shopping… I prefer a planned attack… I don’t do well with forced shopping… You know the one… two hours to find a black tie dress for a cousin’s wedding… or thirty minutes to squeeze into a new suit for that important job interview. That is when I make mistakes… If I buy with doubts… the doubts are inevitably victorious…

I only shop when I can buy… a sort of don’t-need-it-don’t-do-it mentality… I am not a window shopper… even when it comes to the online sites… I prefer to shop with purpose or not at all… I use the websites that I know and trust… those with good buyers, a broad selection and an easy returns policy… for when I do get it wrong. Good shopping for me is when I don’t have to return a piece or exchange it… the going over the same ground twice is always dull.

Online shopping makes everything so accessible… it doesn’t matter where you live or what time it is… It takes the heat out of our whims… saving to the ‘basket’ can quench that impulse but also allow time for reflection… It does require dedication and it can be overwhelming… if we don’t take control… a little bit like shopping with friends… Don’t you find there are some friends who are fantastic to shop with? They give honest opinions, encouragement and deterrent when necessary… and then there are others that leave you covered in confusion. You end up with what they like, not what you want… or nothing at all…

To be a successful shopper in the real world or our cyber one is a skill… it means spending time to save time. It requires that not only do you know yourself but also that you know what is where.

It’s a commitment… xv


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That’s exactly what I was meaning about the ‘basket’… you get to ‘buy’ without the obligation… :)

Martine Alison

En ce qui me concerne, il est rare que je fasse des achats impulsifs !… Toutefois selon l’humeur ! on ne peut pas dire jamais…
Une très jolie publication.
Gros bisous


Oui, nous faisons tous des moments impulsifs … Mais nous sommes des femmes … il nous est permis… :)

The Enchanted Home

You and I would make great shopping partners. I look at shopping as a sport..lol. When I do shop I take it seriously and am nearly always on a mission, no window shopping for me thank you. I too like to have a purpose and am known amongst my friends as having a built in radar for being able to hone in on the “good stuff”. I dont’ shop as often as I did as when I was in my 30’s and was a bit of a shopaholic…now i am much more practical and buy when I need. Fun topic!


Yes the 30’s made for a different shopping experience… :)
There was recently a fundraiser auction organised by Net A Porter… the winner had 60 seconds to grab as much as they could from their warehouse in New Jersey!! I think I would have raced well… I would have known what to look for and what to grab… ;)

Anita Rivera

I agree 100%, Vicki. I am a dedicated shopper, true to my vision! I know where to go, what to get, and when there, I just go for it.

I do not sit on the fence for much. For BIGGER life decisions and challenges, of course; one must sit and weigh out all of the consequences, but for a pair of shoes, a jacket skirt or pair of pants, once I see it in the window and know I can use it, in I MARCH into the store, the fitting room, the CASHIER!



Heather in Arles

Well, I can’t afford to do any shopping at the moment! And when I do these days, I won’t take the risk to do so online. I am usually just looking for one specific thing and so want to see it and touch it to be sure before buying. That said, like you, I am glad that I definitely know what I like and what I don’t. You will never, ever see me fingering a fuschia silk blouse or a Liberty print.

And as for “forced shopping” I do my utmost to avoid it and prefer to work something differently in my closet if at all possible than to buy something questionable.

I do miss bargain hunting in NYC, I have to say–for me a really good buy was when I could knock a zero off the original price!


That sounds like true ‘shopping’… there is nothing better than a genuine bargain, Heather… :)
I am ok with not shopping if shopping is not meant to be… what I can’t do is shop… when I know I shouldn’t… there are so many other pastimes that work more happily…


I know what I like and tend to zero in on it – but I’m picky. And isn’t it fun to find the item you are looking for and yes, they do have it in the size/colour you want and it’s on sale?

Successful shopping is shopping without financial regret. I think that is where many people go wrong. They purchase to ease the pain of something else in their life or they purchase with reckless abandonment to the amount of spending they are generating.


A precarious issue…shopping. I’m not a random shopper and shop only specific. So I know where to go and what to buy. In the course of years I also developed a confident style which make shopping easier.
But I have to admit that only 15 yrs ago I was addicted and bought nearly everything I liked and could afford. Crazy, I say to me nowadays but I owe this present habit to my change from a city girl to an island girl.


Oh Dear… “Forced Shopping” …… I admit I am guilty and to prove it I have 5 outfits in the closet. Bought for weddings, worn once.

La Contessa

I like you know what I want and love the search.I do not enjoy shopping with friends as they tend to slow me down!I haven’t gotten into shopping on line as of yet!I’m certain its just a matter of time for me………XXX


I think you will enjoy it… nothing better than parcels arriving at the door… even if you do sent them yourself… ;)

lisa thomson

I agree Vicki. There’s nothing worse than shopping because you ‘have to’. I always find the best stuff when I’m browsing for no particular purpose. If I’m on a short holiday in another city I may have more time to shop and I take advantage of that. I also adore perusing vintage shops just in case I find that one of a kind piece made for me. I often leave empty handed but the thrill is in the hunt. Online shopping I’ve mostly avoided mainly b/c it would be too convenient to spend $. I also love to try on and touch merchandise before investing.


I am finding I shop more and more online now… mainly because of time and selections… Although I do love a holiday browse… it’s the relaxed pace that makes shopping fun… and the different choices…


Shopping used to be a hobby for me. Now I shop for what I know will work, when I can spend the money. I would rather spend more on better quality and that keeps me from a lot of buying and returning. Online can be a slippery slope, but as you say, I can fill the basket then just close the window and think about things overnight.


I have found that the ‘big’ purchases tend to last so much longer… and besides if you love ‘it’ you wear ‘it’… :)

Peggy Braswell

Friends say, “I was born to shop” + love to go shopping with me. I adore shopping for clothes(not when I need something)+ furnishings. I zero in on something and the devil to pay if I don’t get it.(I always do, lucky that way) + Always love a grand sale price. Thank goodness I was blessed with a profession that gives me the right to shop for others! Make a decision and stick to it, that is my motto! The most expensive thing in your home + closet is the thing you keep trying to buy for & don’t ever quite make it. Thank you God for giving me the talent to shop! Love this post. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


I am usually overwhelemed by shopping. I set out with high hopes, and then spend countless hours trying to find something “perfect”. All to realize that once I get it home I have exactly the same thing hanging in my closet. It’s an ugly pattern with me. I don’t want to tell you how many black and white striped shirts I have hanging in my closet : ) I’m much better at window shopping!

Danielle Xoxo


It is easy to buy the same thing over and over… I tend to do that with black dresses and pants! still.. I always hope that the next one is better than the last… ;)

The Preppy Princess

What a stellar look at shopping, I very much enjoyed it. Fortunately I don’t have to spend as much time at it as I used, when I was doing the corporate dance. But I still like to look, and love grazing online. When push comes to shove comes to purchasing, especially for important functions, I want to see the piece in person, feel the fabric if it is apparel, see how it drapes or hangs, etc.

Lovely post!


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