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If You Are In Paris…

To be in Paris is the best feeling in the world… to be photographed by Carla in this beautiful city is something to remember… I have had the pleasure… she has taken several portraits of me for the books… There is something so girly about dressing up and playing in front of the camera…

Carla has a competition on her blog right now… you can win a portrait shoot for two with her… with professional hair and make-up… in Paris… in a beautiful hotel… This is an amazing opportunity … so if you are going to be in Paris in the next six months please enter… you will love Carla… and I guarantee you will adore your photographs… I have been friends with Carla forever and I have worked with her for many years… some of my happiest days have been those that we have spent together… taking pics and talking photography… She is an artist with the lens and she knows how to make women look completely beautiful… She has that ability to bring out all the loveliness, the femininity, the laughter… and to shake off any inhibitions that we might feel in front of a camera…

What better than a personal memento… looking gorgeous… looking glamorous … in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… xv

 Read Carla’s inspirational story… here

Enter the competition… here


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13 Responses to If You Are In Paris…

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    Oh no….of all times…your photo won’t load up for me! AND also, we may not be in a position to travel this summer if my husband gets laid off! NO PARIS FOR ME. Oh Vicki, what a great offer Carla has going on! And thank you for always showcasing the most wonderful ideas for a French-filled life. Bisous, Anita

  2. Hello,dear Vicki!

    You makes me really corious:-)))*
    I want to do it very much,Paris is for me one of the mostly inspirational places ever…..

    Woooow…I can only dream about professional photoshot with a bog master!

    Thank you for your post!

    Sending to you warm wishes for a wonderful Thursday:-)*


  3. La Contessa says:

    Fingers crossed!I have entered my dear Melbourne friend JANE DAVEY to WIN!We desperately need a trip to PARIS!I of course would have to be a fly on the wall!This is all so exciting!I have the 27th marked on my calendar to see who the lucky person will be!WHAT A GENEROUS SOUL CARLA IS TO DO THIS!

  4. Wonderful competition and prize – Paris is indeed a magical, glamorous and gorgeous city!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photo. Brilliant idea that Carla has and congratulations to the lucky winner.
    Thank you for writing about it.

  6. Hallie says:

    Vicki Vicki Vicki – goodness gracious and a thousand other words – when I opened the email I thought to myself “who is this, wow” and then I realized it is you. Stunning and truly beautiful I thought the photo was of an actress or model I hadn’t know of. And all this time you’ve teased us with a tiny, passport sized (not even) little cube of a photo.

    I’m entering Carla’s contest.
    Guess what? Someone walked off with my copy of “My French Life” – perhaps they borrowed it and took advantage of me when I was a little too happy with champagne. One can’t exactly slip it into a handbag.

    I love what you expressed above. Must run or I’d say it better.

  7. She left the nicest comment for me the other day. I was beyond thrilled. And, isn’t this the best giveaway ever?

  8. Hallie says:

    Well now that I finished my comment and I checked out Carla’s link I realize what an “erreur” I’ve made. I still think you are beautiful. So there we have it!

    • Vicki says:

      Sadly it’s not me but the very gorgeous Felicity… More photographs of her and her beautiful mother are on Carla’s blog… :)

  9. classiq says:

    If only I were planning a trip to Paris! That will be one lucky person who wins Carla’s competition.

  10. Pamela Terry says:

    This would be magical, wouldn’t it?

  11. Neal's says:

    Beautiful photo…gorgeous décolletage

  12. Sophia Home says:

    Dear Vicki,

    Thank you so much for letting everyone know about this very generous and exciting opportunity from Carla Coulson! Having been proposed to by my lovely husband 25 years ago on the steps of Sacre Coeur, Paris is very special to me. To have the opportunity to be photographed by Carla with my gorgeous daughter, would be a dream…..

    Have a lovely weekend.


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