The Pump Is Back… Stilettos Here We Come

February 16, 2013

The ‘Pump’ is back…

I don’t know that this shoe ever went away… but every fashion snap, front row beauty or stylista I see features this very classic shoe.

This is great news because ‘pumps’ go with everything… They elongate the legs, slim the ankles and hopefully don’t pinch the toes too much

This year the classic has gone colour crazy… yellow, orange, red, pink.. pale and bright… turquoise and cobalt.

My black pair are my staples… my travelling companions

Wear them with denim and wear them with lace…

The best news… they don’t have to be skyscraper height.

1.. J. Crew Evelyn suede pumps  2.. Jimmy Choo patent leather pumps  3.. Rossi print pumps

For all the colours and styles in between… click here and if you can’t choose… go golden… here


These are probably my favourite shoes of all… xv


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