Valentine’s Day… How Did You Meet?

February 14, 2013

I was thinking that I do most of the talking here… and that maybe… as today is Valentine’s Day… that we should chat together about love… I always want to hear a couple’s story… how they meet… the wheres and the hows… the small and the big moments… I guess it is a girly thing… but I do love a ‘boy meets girl’ scenario… So I will go first… and then pass it on to you…


 I was 20… he was 21

He was my best friend’s boyfriend’s friend… Are you with me so far?

I was reluctant… My friend thought she knew best

I said, “he is too young”… she said, ‘we’ll see..’

It took time… I didn’t want to meet… blind date and all that

The date came… it wasn’t a great success… I was not sparkling… I wasn’t enthused

Time passed

As coincidence would have it… a party was planned

I went… He went

We talked… He flirted…  He had my attention

Five days later… he arrived on my doorstep with tickets to a play

I accepted

Five years later… he rang my doorbell and made a proposal

I accepted

Some decisions in life are the right ones

My best friend did know best


Happy Valentine’s Day

Now your turn… Everyone has a story to remember… Do tell… xv


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  • Jayne says:

    Best friends sometimes do get it right, and are very happy when they do.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your gorgeous husband.
    Jayne xx

  • Anita Rivera says:


    Well, TODAY, Valentine’s Day, is the day that my husband and I met, 33 years ago! I cannot….no, I REFUSE to believe that we are that….(old!)

    We met at a church where all the action was happening. Young people were the pastors, music leaders and main attraction there, and he was part of a singing group that was performing that night on Valentine’s Day in 1980. I was there with my best friend, who turned heads EVERYWHERE we went. I couldn’t go to a dance club with her IF I wanted to dance with anyone; she used to get all the guys to come up to her, leaving me with no choice other than to go out on the dance floor alone!!! I was determined!

    However on this night, we were standing there together after the show at the church, and I happened to turn around and Ruben was there next to the piano. We locked eyes, I asked him, “Do you play the piano?” and he said that he “feel in love.” WOW! That was the first time I had my gorgeous girlfriend with me and someone looked at ME! The rest is a history of almost 31 years of marriage that has been the best thing in my life. Cupid did strike that night and this time, didn’t miss.

    Happy day my dear. Anita

  • Pamela says:

    i love these stories! my husband and i met at a beach party on nantucket 23 years ago. we exchanged numbers on the ferry home. we’ve been married for 20 years and we have a wonderful life. :)

  • Bonjour chère amie,
    Nous nos somme rencontrés à Sainte-maxime dans le Var… Je logeais chez des amis pendant que j’exposais mon travail. Ces amis louaient également des studios de vacances… un étrange et mystérieux monsieur avait loué un de ces studios… Mystérieux car jamais nous le voyions… ni lui, ni sa voiture ! Mon amie pensait même qu’il avait quitté les lieux… Puis un soir qui devait être son dernier soir, il est venu payer son loyer !… et moi ce soir-là je suis rentrée plus tôt que d’habitude de la galerie…
    Il se trouvait dans l’atelier de mon ami à bavarder… En gesticulant il avait mis de la sciure sur son visage !!… Cela m’a fait sourire en le voyant. Il faut peu de chose pour être séduite, n’est-ce pas ?…
    Quelques mois plus tard, lors de l’un de mes vernissages nous nous sommes revus et plus quittés… Parfois en allant à la boulangerie il revient avec un peu de farine sur le visage et je souris toujours !…

    J’aime votre publication…
    Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Saint-Valentin… avec de gros bisous.

    • Vicki says:

      Ce sont toujours les petites choses qui rendent nos coeurs heureux … encore et encore …
      Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Saint-Valentin aussi.. :)

  • pve says:

    To keep is short. My then courter, now husband of 25 years invited me to have tea with him. It was then that I knew I was in love with his civilized ways in a world of absolute barbarians.
    We are still sharing pots of tea, only now we share tea with our children.

    • Vicki says:

      That is truly civilised Patricia… and who would ever suspect that the ritual of taking tea together could be so life changing… :)

  • pve says:

    Is that a photo of you and your true love?

  • Victoria says:

    I met my husband in a really tacky Southern California “cocktail lounge”. He was there alone and I was with a friend, I spotted him and it was love at first sight for me. It was really busy in there so I lost track of him but later in the night, I saw him again, standing by the wall. My friend I went and stood a few feet down from him until I got up enough nerve to talk to him, I asked him if he wanted to come and stand with us, he said sure and that was it…we spent every single weekend together, moved in together 6 months later and got married 3 years ago:) I’m even more in love with him now, he’s the most wonderful man and an amazing husband. Weird thing is he’s 15 years younger than me which is something I never, ever would have imagined for myself! I adore his whole family and they’ve taken me in as if I was their own:)

  • this is such a healthy love story.
    you were smart to be open minded and take it slowly.

    i love happy endings.


  • Barbara Lilian says:

    What a lovely story of how you met. I met my other half 53 yrs ago at my friends wedding, I was her bridesmaid and my now husband had only come to this wedding to kill time before he went to his friends wedding later in the afternoon. He tells everyone that after seeing me he decided to miss the other wedding. We saw each other everyday for 4 weeks, he was in the merchant navy and had to go back to his ship for his 3 month trip away. Long letters passed between us and as we had both waited for each other during that long three months we knew we loved each other & 2yrs to the day that we met we were married. Now after 51 yrs of marriage we both say that we love each other more now and that’s why I always refer to him as my other half. Today on St Valentines day, I have not been given flowers or chocolates, but as always he has kissed me as he pass’s by my chair, what more could I want.

    • Vicki says:

      Congratulations on a lifetime’s achievement… and who needs roses or chocolates when there is a kiss from the man you love… Have a wonderful day…:)

  • Patricia says:

    We met in college, living on opposite sides of the same dormitory. I was 19, he was 18. We became best friends. The college was hosting a Valentine’s dinner in the cafeteria and my friends and I decided to dress for it. My “best friend’s” suit was a bit large as he had lost weight, so I offered to alter the vest. I delivered the vest to him and as he tried it on, I was telling him a funny story that involved dancing to the Beatles’ “And I Love Her”. We started to dance and hum to the song. It seemed as though lightening went through me and everyone else in the room disappeared. After nearly 33 years of marriage, “And I Love Her” is still “our” song, and he is still my best friend.
    Oh, and he gave me a pair of purple Wellies for Valentine’s Day. He knows my heart so well!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Vicki.

    • Vicki says:

      Patricia… this is enchanting…as are the Wellies…
      It’s funny how a friendship can ‘turn’ like that… this happened to someone I know recently… we shall see where it leads…
      Happy Valentines and don’t forget to wear the Wellies tonight… :)

  • Gloria Shelton says:

    30 years ago…after a difficult separation from my now ex husband…I met Jack…He was wise enough to know that I was feeling very skeptical of getting involved so soon after our divorce had taken place so we dated for 3 years and then married….our family became the 2 of us plus my son and his daughter and son….family of 5 ….until one day when my son was killed in an auto accident…I was lost in grief and moved through life like a wounded baby bird…Jack proved his love in so many ways through that time..he has my heart forever…To this day….he will write cards at special occasions “from” Sean…to his Mother…How lovely a gesture….How sweet his soul…How blessed I am…Gloria

    • Vicki says:

      Gloria… how tragic to loose your son… I cannot begin to imagine the heartache… and how wonderful that Jack can understand and share your grief… and more importantly to know how and when to let you remember… I am sure he is very blessed also…

  • valentine says:

    We met on a city bus going to work…married on Valentine’s Day 43 years ago. He’s my best friend.

    • Vicki says:

      The best friend part of a partnership is the most important I think… Many things can be overcome if we have a ‘best friend’ by our side…

  • Rosalie Carmichael says:

    My flatmate and I were at a Cabaret dance in the days where we had live bands and quiet when they had their break for conversation. The waiter asked us if we were willing to share our table and I said just make sure ‘he is tall, dark and handsome’. He returned to the table with four 20 yrs old serviceman on their first posting after rookie training, different personalities, three chatty and one very quite one. This quiet one asked me to dance but when he got on the dance floor he came alive. I was impressed. He came to my window each night about 10pm when I got home and we called each other Romeo and Juliette. It wasn’t untill a week had passed that we discovered each other’s name. A month after we meet he gave me a card to celebrate our first anniversary, a male friend told me ‘this guy is serious’. Within six months of our meeting we were married and the rest has been 39 years of highs and lows and a love that has sustained us.

  • La Contessa says:

    This a long story but here goes!He was brought over from the factory in Florence.I asked how tall is he and is he GAY at a work meeting before he arrived!He arrived and was cute but too short!After asking to do something with me about 6 different times and I couldn’t as I was busy!(Doing what I don’t know!)I felt bad and said, my Mother is visiting!He said bring your MOM. So, I did and it was at his apartment underneath a lovely house in Berkeley,California that had no table, and two bean bag chairs and I thought to myself ,Oh ,No Mom willnot like this arrangement,but this is where the charm worked on my MOM.After a beautiful dinner he prepared ITALIAN all the way……..ending with fruit we departed.I hardly had my hand on the steering wheel when my Mother said to me,”WHATS wrong with him!!”He’s cute and charming and he can COOK!!!I told my MOM that he was shorter then me and well…………she said,”Give up the heels Elizabeth this is a keeper!”
    The factory was a well known brand still is in ITALY……………we worked for the distributor of the United States and Canada.Our friendship bloomed and the romance began a week before his ex-girlfriend arrived from Italy for a month long visit!I thought well, thats the end of that………….I was wrong and we best continue this another time as I’m certain I have “LOST” half of you!
    Seize the day!!I found two cards already and the DAY is YOUNG here!XOXOXOXOXOO

    • Vicki says:

      You haven’t lost us Elizabeth… tell us more… I am so loving all these stories… I keep meaning to go and do some jobs… but I can’t leave the computer…
      I am so happy that you listened to your mother… she was obviously spot on… :)

      • La Contessa says:

        ANother card in my handbag which was in my car.Went to the shop and had a lovely day with about two calls from him asking about my day then home to prepare for the luncheon Im giving today and there on the kitchen counter is his lunch pail(i make his lunch everyday)so I unzip to take out the orange peels etc and here wrapped in saran wrap,which I might adds looks like garbage is a white and gold bracelet!!!So, I did get something after all besides the new computer!To think I almost through it away!My day was complete……………..I know I’m very spoiled!Off to get the lunch ready for today!IT FEELS LIKE SPRING HERE!

  • Lynne says:

    We met at an engagement party in Seattle forty years ago!
    Happy St Valentines Day, Vicki!

  • denise8689 says:

    My husband and I were born on the same day…we were 55 on Monday. We were in the same 1st grade class together and on our birthday, our moms gave us a party together at school. We went all through school together then went to separate colleges. My husband was a bull rider and came to a rodeo in the town where I was in college. He was riding on our birthday and called to see if he could buy me supper. We were turning 20. Spring break of that year was our first official “date” and we married 2 years later after we both graduated from college. We will be married 33 years this May. We moved home to his family’s ranch and have lived there ever since. This morning I found a heart shaped box of chocolates beside the coffee pot, where he knows I go first thing in the morning. I’m so glad he is still my valentine. I thank God for the Godly man that I met when I was 6.

    • Vicki says:

      That is truly a life time of love… how amazing to have shared your lives from such an early age… and that you know everything about each other…
      Have a wonderful evening and lots and lots more Valentine’s celebrations together…

  • Tara says:

    I had been divorced 1 year, my friend and I (also divorced) decided to go to a club on a Friday night to end a stress filled week. It was quite crowded but she spotted him sitting by himself at a table and asked me what I thought. She thinking he was pretty nice looking, I was thinking ok but not my type. He noticed her and motioned for us to join him. Not wanting to intrude I chose to sit at the bar. Having come back from a dance I no longer had my seat and was asked to join them. He and I started talking, my friend went off to dance with someone else and that was it, we were married 9 months later, next month we will celebrate our 29th anniversary, apparently he was/is exactly my type!

  • Katherine says:

    Love Finally…..
    At 49 – yes, I found the love my heart had always waited for. I had been raising my children alone {completely alone} and had decided that on my own I would always stay. After a couple of terrible attempts I couldn’t be bothered dating.

    HE was my sound and light guy for all of the events I planned. HE was reliable, funny and always trying to find the yes answer to the problems. It was Film Festival time again and I hadn’t seen HIM in several months – HE came to do a site visit with me. HE looked great – had lost some weight, seemed more alive. HA – HE lost weight because HE found out he has diabetes. HE seemed more perky because the weight of a bad marriage had finally come to it’s end. Amazing how something that is actually sad can lift the fog and bring the light.
    HE called and asked me out for dinner – we hardly ate… we talked none stop. Five years this month is our anniversary together. HE took me to Paris for my 50th birthday – HE’s romantic.
    HE has made me laugh and be carefree like I’ve never been before.

    It feels so nice to do simple things like picking out a Valentine’s Day card for someone who has captured my heart. Yes, it is love finally and HE was worth the wait.

    • Vicki says:

      THis is the best Katherine… Dare I say but a big ‘merci’ for the diabetes… as you say, how a sadness and a life altering health crisis can work it’s own wonders…
      I wish you many, many more years of happiness together… :)

  • I was called in to audition for a radio jingle while studying in the south of france , then given my own show. He had a jazz programme .
    We talked, our paths crossed at the radio station, but it was the first time that our hands brushed that I felt the electric shock …
    the rest is history


    love your picture!

    • Vicki says:

      Maybe you should be doing some pod casts for us Sharon… you do have a lovely voice..:)
      How one small tingle can change a life… and our destinations.. Gorgeous story…

  • Isa says:

    Aww! Okay, let me see:

    We had gone to the same university in Louisiana in different years but never spoken, and 2 years after he graduated and a year before I did, I was home in NYC and taking a friend around the city. We went for a quick evening stroll through Times Square and we passed this guy that looked super-familiar… and we realized he had gone to our university! So we ran after him yelling the name of our school until he turned around, and then we chatted for a while, and then a week later we got dinner, and then voilà!

  • Hallie says:

    We met on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. My friend was attending this wedding I had heard all about for months, and one day she said, my boyfriend has a friend who needs a date, would you go? I was hesitant but said yes and bought a strapless dark green taffeta party dress, a gold and green stone choker and a green cape. As we approached the cathedral he spotted me and as a good usher, walked me to my seat.
    There is a photo of me from the reception with a giraffe’s neck, straining to see him up front. He asked me to dance. Ten days later we went on our first date. We are now 25 years married with two lovely daughters.
    Feels like many lifetimes ago. It was sweet, yes.

  • Hallie says:

    PS I didn’t say how handsome, kind and warm he was – and after writing that I realize that I should pay more attention to how I put myself together and not be in such a rush and always thinking of the family first. It’s not so bad to take care of oneself, (I don’t mean health-wise, I do that) actually it is imperative to mind one’s hair and skin and clothing. Outside does matter! It seems so obvious but it’s rather easy to “just run out the door.” That’s one of the many reasons I love the French. “Just out the door” still means pulled together and elegant.

    • Vicki says:

      This is so wise Hallie… My mother always said those exact sentiments… and I always try and take those lessons to heart… but sometimes life is so busy it is easy to neglect ourselves… Perhaps this is a topic to explore in our year of ‘beauty’…

  • Elizabeth says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for sharing the beauty in your life, your spirit and the fabulous adventures that you have. Enjoy your day!

  • Lissy Parker says:

    We met at a training conference. We were playing volley ball and he spiked the ball into the back of my head … I passed out and had to to go to the hospital. He was there when I woke up and has been there ever since that day.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!
    xo, Lissy

  • Janet Doane says:

    What fun stories to read, Vicki – thanks for asking us to share!

    It was April 27th, 1968. I was all of nineteen, and had just sworn off men. I shouted out to the universe, “If there’s a man for me, GOD is going to bring him to me!” Six hours later there was a knock on the door. I opened it, and there, draped in the doorway, was a tall, long drink of water, with brown hair tumbling over one eye, and a gold nimbus around his head! He came to see my roommate. She wasn’t there. I asked him in. We ate, we sat on the floor in the living room listening to music. We talked for hours. An invisible “checklist” was covered of what we were looking for in each other. One point after another after another. We weren’t trying to do it – it was just happening, an electric resonance. He knew, I knew, we were going to be compatible, totally, on all levels. We became inseparable, didn’t come up for air for six weeks! We married on August 1st, forty-four years ago.

    • Vicki says:

      Janet… your story is making me tingle too…

      I am so enjoying reading these wonderful stories… so much better than any movie I could be watching or any novel that I could be reading… because they are real… And they are the moments to remember, to focus on… and to luxuriate in… I know that not every romance has a happy ending and that some are luckier in love than others.. but even so… I defy the most cynics of cynics not to treasure these beautiful beginnings…

      • Janet Doane says:

        So true, Vicki… these are “beautiful beginnings” no matter what the endings. I think we came into life, hard wired for love! On all levels of our being. And I agree, to read real life stories of love is inspiring and delicious! Just writing my story made me want to shower so much love on my husband for being such an awesome partner. Like your story, timing is everything! My husband and I learned after we met that we just missed meeting each several times at gatherings. He’d be leaving as I was coming. Then, that perfect moment came, when the stars line up!

  • Hallie says:

    I second Elizabeth…thank you for sharing your beautiful spirit … you make a difference in our lives. Happy Valentine’s Day to us all.

  • Rita says:

    I love the romance that is the story of how I met my husband – it was through ballroom dancing! In 1996, I was a member of our regional ballet company, and we were learning a samba to be incorporated into choreography of an original piece. Our artistic ballet director asked us to go to the local amateur ballroom association’s monthly open session, that they would be offering a lesson for us in samba.

    Though I was married at the time to someone else, my now husband helped me through the elementary steps of samba in that open session. He was a good student of ballroom dance himself for several years prior to that session, and had a knack for teaching – he was Professor of Economics in our area graduate college. In fact, I had had him for class in 1992 while pursuing my MBA!

    As I later transitioned through life, through my divorce, through my earned MBA and job promotion that followed, along with my retirement from ballet, I very easily stepped into a world of ballroom dancing, where my [now] husband of ten years literally swept me off my feet! My heart is full and my feet are happy, and he is truly my partner for life!

    • Vicki says:

      Meant to be…:)
      What an incredible story, Rita… how your lives intertwined both in your dancing and your profession…
      To be swept of your feet… Pure romance…

  • cecile says:

    Love it!

  • Marilyn Leslie says:

    My husband and I met in junior high and we heartily disliked each other. I thought he was too simplistic and he thought I was obnoxiuous(he was right.) I moved back homwe after graduating from college and we became good friends. I admired him for his ability to see things clearly and his kind heart. We started dating about six months after my return and have now been married for 32 years. For our thirthieth wedding anniversary we went to Paris. I had been there as a student and had always promised myself that I would go back with the man I love! I am so thankful for my sweetheart.

    • Vicki says:

      He obviously could see very clearly…:) Paris is the best city to celebrate romance… and how perfect that you went there together…

  • Our meeting was something like yours, but a little more convoluted.
    Je vous souhaite une très joyeuse Saint-Valentin aussi.

  • Vicki,
    We were both working at Disneyland. A person I knew, but didn’t think liked me much, asked if I would be interested in going on a blind date with someone working with her on Pirates of the Caribbean ride…I didn’t believe in blind dates so I agreed that if we could meet in the employee cafeteria I’d let her know. After lunch I gave her the thumbs up sign (discretely)…we started dating and 6 months later were married…that will be 40 years ago Feb. 24th!

  • Elizabeth says:

    The image is the poster from the movie Angel with Ramola Garai and Michael Fassbender:

    Lovely image!

  • Kathy says:

    It is wonderful reading all these beautiful love stories!

    He was my best friends hairdresser. I was 18, he was 24. He cut my hair like no other. He asked me out for dinner, we laughed and talked for hours. We married two years later. Twenty seven years later, we are still laughing and talking for hours. He is my soul mate and I cannot imagine walking through the trials and tribulations of life without him.

  • Britt says:

    I was his waitress for his 21st birthday dinner…his father insisted that he get my name, though I thought nothing of it at the time. A month later, he walked by my Russian history class and waited on a bench for the class to end so he could walk me home.

    Six years later, we have survived engineering school, law school, multiple moves, and world travels together.

    You never know who will walk in, who will be willing to wait, and who will stick by your side in challenges and successes.

  • Pamela Terry says:

    We’re on the same wavelength today, Vicki.
    Come on over and read the story of our meeting!
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!

  • Jill says:

    This is my favorite post thus far. I’ve had to stop after a few replies…tears messing with my vision.

    I met my husband at a doughnut shop at 1:30 in the morning. The girl he was with knew the guy I was with. As they were chatting, we were chatting. He was everything I vowed never to date (a southern, University of Virginia student &&& I knew the girl he was with). As soon as I got home, I combed the phonebook for his name but came up empty.

    Two weeks later I started work at a bookstore and there he was. We eloped six months later…22 years ago.

    May you and your love have a very happy Valentine’s.

    • Vicki says:

      You eloped?? Fantastic… there must be much more to this romantic tale Jill…:)
      It sounds as if fate stepped in… to be in the same place a second time… what luck and what chance…

  • Elizabeth says:

    I met my husband in Wales in 1984 when we were both in the US Navy. He worked for me and we could not date until one of us changed jobs. I moved away to California and he inundated me with mail… a letter or card every single day for a year. This was long before email, I still have a shoebox full of correspondence. We will celebrate our 27th anniv this June and the most romantic thing he does is to make my lunch for me every single work day. Amazing how two people so different from each could find a way to make it work–there’s a lid for every pot!

    • Vicki says:

      I hope you re-read those letters from time to time Elizabeth… how wonderful to have a courtship by snail mail… truly romantic…

  • AnneHH says:

    We met at 21 during orientation for law school. We were both so happy to be there and so serious about making a difference in the world. But, what we really did was make a difference for each other. Neither of us had had the happiest of childhoods but we have truly had the happiest of lives together–three gorgeous, delicious, cherished children, wonderful friends and terrific adventures. It will be 33 years this summer!!

    • Vicki says:

      Congratulations… That’s the beauty when we start off on these romantic adventures… the stories are ours to write…

  • Kathy says:

    I got divorced and moved to a new house. HE was my next door neighbor. We met over a fallen tree in my yard. We were the best of friends for 18 years and I raised my kids, got married, got divorced (again) and finally moved back into town. HE said, ” I won’t lose you again!” And we have finally become a couple. 25 years later and I have moved in next door to my old house. He calls me his beloved and I am truly blessed.

  • Hi Vicki! So glad you stopped by this week and thank you for your sweet comment … loved your love story here! I too am a sucker for a love story. Mine was: I was sitting at a bakeshop with my best friend when he walked in and sat across the room. Eyes met over and over again but he was with friends as was I. When it was time to go, I glanced over my shoulder back at him and he was watching. I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again. That was August. For the next two months we kept running into each other, but always in passing. I’d be pulling into a parking lot as he was pulling out and our eyes would fleetingly meet. Then one day my same friend (bff) and I went back to the same bakeshop for a cup of coffee and girl chat in the evening. We were both standing in line and he walked in behind us. He walked over to my friend who had made it through the line first and was on the way to a table and said, “save me a seat.” That was a Tuesday night. He asked during the conversation if I had ever been on a motorcycle and if I’d like to go to a cidermill on Saturday. I said I’d love to. He called the next night and asked what it would take to get me to meet him for a cup of coffee. We met and went for a walk. Then on Friday night, we went to dinner and a movie. Then on Saturday, the cidermill. The rest was history. He proposed to me just a few months later and we were married the following September. It’s fun to relive the story … hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  • Melanie says:

    I too love hearing tales of “how we met” ….every story is different just as every relationship is different.
    I met my partner at an apartment complex annual barbecue get-togther I was supposed to have gone home early as I had an early start in the orning and he was running late. We met as I was leaving and he was arriving, I can honestly say it was love at first sight, I knew he was the one…and no I didn’t go home early. The rest is history. Every year we go to our apartment bbq and celebrate the way we met. And on Valentines Day…it doesn’t replace the every day gestures of love and appreciation but it sure is fun and while I know my partner really couldn’t care about it – he indulges me simply because it makes me so happy and he loves seeing me happy. Just as I indulge him by watching sport with him from time to time…I love to see him happy.

  • We met New Years eve at a party in Melbourne. It was to celebrate the final year of a photography course we were both doing. I went with a special male friend and ended up going home with Sam and the rest is history…together seventeen years and three children later we are still going strong even though nobody thought it would last.

    Thanks for reminding me of my own very special valentine and why I love him so xxx

  • Ness says:

    That is so much like our story except we were 19. He was my best friends, boyfriends, best friend. We never went to this place and the night we were dragged there was when we met. I wasn’t fussed, he was and about a week later he phoned and we went on a date. After that we never had a day apart until our first child was born when we were 28! Ain’t love grand?
    Ness xx

  • Jill says:

    mmm… this is fun reminiscing… I had sworn off men at the time, just went out with a girlfriend to see a band..There was a couple there that I couldnt take my eyes off! They were clones of another couple I knew. It was uncanny! I kept staring..then the guy that was with them came over for a ‘chat’…he must have thought I was staring at him. We danced, we decided to meet at same club the following week..I found him there showing someone his licence..I checked it out..we had the same birthday…I can remember thinking ..this is it! We were engaged 6 months later, married six months after that..after 2 babies, some highs and lows, some scarey health probs, we have just celebrated our 28th anniversary and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • I was a widow moving to France, so my best girlfriend arranged a brief introduction to a Frenchman as a setup for a blind date – we married one year later and the timing of everything delayed my (our) move to France by one year. All’s well that end’s well! I talk about my journey in the book, “Solitary Desire” and here’s the book trailer video link

  • Cathy says:

    I had had a terrible day at work and then had to commute 70 miles home. I begged my girlfriend to let me out of our “happy hour” plans, but she refused knowing that I needed to relax and have some fun. I stepped into the restaurant and spied a man from high school I hadn’t seen in 15 years. I tried to avoid running into him; he was wildly popular in high school and didn’t want to have to awkwardly re-introduce myself all there years later. Turns out I didn’t need to. He came over, politely asked if I remembered him and we spent the next few minutes chatting. He asked me out for the next day, and we have been together since. In the 15 years since that night I can count the days we’ve been apart on one hand.

  • Ivy Clad says:

    I love a real love story. How beautiful.

  • Katrine says:

    Just lovely inspiring stories. Thanks for this dialogue. Love is alive and well and we should be very encouraged that it’s “out there” for all of us, no? My Boy Next Door is 73 – how about that, huh?
    again, thanks for this.

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