When A Chandelier Is All You Need

February 21, 2013

Less is sometime more… at least when the less is totally and overwhelmingly fabulous. This room in Venice, photographed by Michael Eastman, is evidence of that. The proportions, the ornate ceiling, the panelling and the chandelier do it all…

Yesterday I mentioned that I found a chandelier for Le Petit Bijou that is probably out of scale… a little too large… a little over the top… and not so Provencal… It will be the statement piece in Le Petit Bijou… the feminine whim… It will not only throw light but also create ambience… I am excited to hang it… to see it in situ… Now that I have found it… my ‘star’ of the show… I can relax… the ‘chorus line‘ will easily follow…

What are your thoughts? Is less more when it comes to decorating? Is one statement piece enough to say what has to be said?

Let’s chat… xv


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  • Anita Rivera says:

    Oh Vicki,

    You always start up the best conversations in which I can easily engage!

    WELL….I agree with you that less is more. This photo for example. It is already decorated, this room. If I could, I would live in it with no furniture. The ceiling says it all, the chandelier is the punctuation and the ethereal window treatments need not say a word.

    I remember last summer when we emptied out my writing studio to paint it. Once the paint was dry and it was time to “move in again”, I didn’t even want to put the furniture back in. The airy feeling was what I desired. This photo is a prime example of what good structure to a room can do.

    I think that you are going to find a way to make your new chandy be the star attraction. I have no doubt. Sometimes, one permanent fixture is all you need to keep the room cloaked in elegance. I am even in the process at this moment of cleaning out certain rooms with unnecessary ornamentation and just keeping a few vintage ONLY pieces. The result is breathtaking. So to answer your question? – LESS IS MORE, for me.

    Have a splendid day! Anita

    • Vicki says:

      I have had that happen Anita… when painting a room… I almost always don’t want to put all my ‘junk’ back in… I love a yearly clean out and re-style… I invariably ‘hide’ certain buts and pieces… :)

  • I tend to go for the drama of an overscale piece in almost every project, would it be a chandelier, a table, a painting or even a sofa. This room is spectacular. this post is very appropriate as I am sourcing for a very large antique chrystal chandelier to hang very low besides a bed…

  • Looks G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Just LOVE french interiors. The details they give to everything is beautiful!

  • Karen in CT says:

    I agree with you … and a statement piece is never better than a chandelier … before I went to Venice I didn’t realize how fantastic this piece could be; they are in almost every toilet there … I always planned to bring one back the next time I go .. isn’t it wonderful that you found your prize without a shipment.

    Karen in CT

  • Leeann says:

    Vicki I am not sure that a chandelier can ever be too big but this is coming from the girl that has a huge chandelier in her kitchen.

    Cannot wait to see a photo of your new tresor :-)

    amicalement from a very sunny Eymet,


    • Vicki says:

      I would have one in the kitchen too if I could have, Leeann… I love chandeliers anywhere. One reader just sent me a snap of a stunning bathroom with a chandelier hanging very low above the claw footed bath… heaven… :)

  • One statement piece… like a chandelier or a strong bistro lamp or a fabulous rug… is enough when there are many rooms. Provided I also had a snug reading room with a fireplace and scattered rugs and lamps and comfy chairs, I would leave a room like this Venetian room as it is… for dancing, thinking, the sheer beauty of it!! Less is more here. But in my 756 square ft., pared down as it is, everything has to do more than one thing… so I have a very small chorus line, myself!

    • Vicki says:

      Small areas… while harder to decorate (like my little house) are great challenges… and practical use of space is utmost… I have tried to do that but at the same time give a feeling of space… I often find that over scale works well… strange isn’t it…

  • Bo Tamaki says:

    It is perfectly elegant.


  • mary says:

    HI VICKI, Just read your prior post re: flea markets……your week-end was just what I would call heaven And you are absolutely right: if you buy what you are attracted to and what you love, everything seems to weave together to form the perfect tweed of design. (And a glimpse into the creator’s soul). I love your picks–can’t wait to see that chandelier in place at the petit bijou.
    Happy Hunting. xoxox

  • Like an artistic composition – one large feature works well with many accompaniments as long as they’re different sizes – and it’s obvious the statement piece was meant to stand out.
    The lead role looks like it has been cast Vicki – look forward to seeing it!

    • Vicki says:

      Decorating is much like a play , isn’t it?One part leads to another… and the star will only shine if the cast are simpatico… :)

  • Happy for you and a tiiiny bit jealous that you found your lustre so quickly! It took me months!!!

    And I am sure that it will be perfect…

    • Vicki says:

      We will see…
      I think I was lucky Heather… I was worried that after I bought it I would find another that I liked more… No… Just that one…:)

  • Barbara Lilian says:

    If you feel the chandelier you bought for Le Petit Bijou is right, I say ‘Go for it’
    I feel it goes with your character. ‘Making a statement’

  • Jean says:

    My first job out of college was working upstairs in the Ceralene China department of Baccarat Crystal, on E. 57th Street in NYC, and I just fell in love with the chandeliers! (and just about everything else as well!) And then I discovered Murano glass and their really over-the-top versions. Love to dream, still, about having one.

    • Vicki says:

      Then you must…:)
      I remember my first trip to Venice and seeing Murano glass… especially the chandeliers… They were magical…

  • Catherine says:

    Vicki, I think this chandelier says it all…exquisite!

  • manya says:

    I do believe less is more, but do also occassionally appreciate a well decored room or space. Just wanted to mention, I believe this room was used in the film The Tourist with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. They used it as a suite in a hotel and the space was the living room.

    • Vicki says:

      I shall have to watch again to see… I am going to Venice for a weekend soon so I will try to have a first hand look… :)

  • La Contessa says:

    Your timing is perfect as I’m mention in a BLOG today about MORE IS MORE!I love the old,crusty,iron,gold-gilded,velvet,European elegance stuff…………..so that would be hard for me to do!I too have a large chandelier in the kitchen!In fact I have three chandeliers in the kitchen!It is the biggest room in my home and well, we all live there!Even my grandmothers chaise lounge chair that I had slipcovered in a vibrant orange velvet.The dogs love it!Back to your question………YES, less is better especially if you are renting the Petite Jewel.

    • Vicki says:

      I suppose ‘less is more’ when the less is drop dead gorgeous… and ‘more is more’.. if it’s the more is all totally fabulous… which your kitchen sounds, Elizabeth… :)

  • Cynthia says:

    It is super elegant, love it!


  • I couldn’t agree more- I think a chandelier that is a bit over-scaled makes a huge, wonderful statement! Can’t wait to see yours Vicki! Love this room.
    I think less can be more, but not always, sometimes it just looks lonely. I think the key ingredient whether using less or using more is editing!

  • Cathy says:

    I suspect that your new chandelier will be amazing, not too bog, nor too small, just right. If you love it, it will make you happy. I have your books and every picture and in fact, every post picture you share is beautiful. I wish I had your eye!

  • Never too big and never over the top.Chandelier Power!!!!Richard from My Old Historic House.

  • I hate the cheap curtains in this beautiful room, would be better without them, look through them and see the beautiful detail that they muddle up.Richard from My Old Historic House, again

  • Isn’t it curious how a small room looks great with larger pieces + a room looks bigger with furniture in it than without. That has always facinated me in design and continues to do so. Can’t wait to see pictures of your chandelier + I know it will be wonderful. Love the photo above. xxpeggybrawelldesign.com

  • Mary says:

    Such a pretty room… and there’s nothing in it! Seriously, I believe you start with amazing light and a beautiful chandelier(for evening light)as your most important elements; the rest will follow. I did a blog post with a picture similar to this that I titled “start here,” referring to a pretty chandy & windows. Light and architectural elements are what truly makes a room and I’m sure everything you purchase next will look fabulous!

    • Vicki says:

      THanks Mary,
      I am working towards a mix of the old and the new… a few vintage finds and a little contemporary for comfort… :)

    • Vicki says:

      The starting point is always the hardest… once the first purchase is found… then as you say, Mary… the rest should follow…

  • Katherine says:

    I like it when a room has a statement piece {like an over sized chandelier} rather than lots of twee items. The room pictured makes me want to put on a great pair of heels, a floaty skirt and go dance away.

  • lisa thomson says:

    I agree! I love one statement piece! It tends to be a little less cluttered. Your chandelier will be fab.

    • Vicki says:

      Clutter is something I admire when done naturally… but I sometimes find it hard to get right… There is a fine line between good looking clutter and mess…:)

  • Pamela Terry says:

    I think I might need a pale pink ball gown as well.

  • I totally love the thought of your feminine whim!! She will be a beautiful shining star x

  • Elizabeth says:

    Vicki, I love the less is more look! I also love treasures and unique pieces, in my own place I strive for the “less is more”, collected look. Not too much but all pieces that mean something.

    I am looking forward to your beautiful chandelier and to the decorating of your little apartment.

    Take care and have a beautiful day!

    • Vicki says:

      I love to look about a room, Elizabeth and know the story of each piece… there is something so comforting in that… I know that Le Petit Bijou is a rental property but it still feels like my home… I really want my guests to feel as if they have their own little piece of Provence when they stay… :)

  • jeanetteann says:

    It probably is,but not in my case. I find it hard to stop at less :)
    I am a clutter bug, only organized clutter mind. :)

  • Rena says:

    A beautiful chandelier can never be overscaled for an apartment in France. He bring drama into the room and I can see him already
    between other chic deco and fabric.

  • Agree – the chandelier is the focal point that shows off the ceiling and draws the eyes upward; not much else is needed to add to this gorgeous setting.

  • Charlotte Des Fleurs says:

    Perhaps,a lovely chandelier is the only adornment one’s “little black dress” of a room may need. N’est pas?

  • your new chandelier could hang low on your dining table, or above your kitchen island benc depending of the size of the room, i beleive both make a statement

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