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Gorgeous and Glamorous… How To Be Party Ready… Holiday Make -Up… The Easy Way…

A simple make-up, easy to apply with great impact is we all want for the holidays… Making that effort but not over tiring ourselves in the process.

The look I like and that has been featured on the runway over and over is the less is more face + red lips

It’s amazing how a slick of red can make it all ramp up a notch or two.

What sets the strong lips apart is healthy skin… well nourished and glowing… the I-have-just-returned-from-ten-days-on-a-tropical-island look.

Who has time for that… at least at this time of year?

Here are a few tips and tricks to create that dewy base and become party ready for the holidays.

Party Ready - Google Images

The Face

 5 minutes before you apply foundation, moisturise the face and apply the Laura Mercier radiance primer.


The Giorgio Armani silk foundation is truly amazing… especially for the evenings.

Foundation should be a perfect colour match to the skin. As applied it should appear to disappear.

(if you wish to buy online there is a ‘live chat‘ advisor on hand to help you match your skin colour)

**Always foundation before concealer, sometimes a dab of foundation may be enough, but if not, it will be clear where to apply the concealer once the foundation is applied.

 Using the fingertips, apply the foundation to the centre of the face, working out towards the hairline.

Start with a small amount… Blend as you go… Don’t dot onto the face and blend later, as the product will begin to dry and won’t blend easily.

 For oily/combination skin, apply a light dusting of translucent powder over the  T-zone to set the foundation.


Add a touch of Highlighter for that extra illumination


The Eyes

The Shiseido palette is perfect to get some depth into the eye socket while retaining a natural look.

Blend the lighter colour all over the eyelid and add a touch of the darker shade in the crease…


The Lashes

** for extra impact… party perfect… add some individual lashes to your own

Apply the mascara before the individual false lashes.

Allow 4 of the Mac individual lashes for each eye.

Squeeze the eyelash glue onto the back of your hand, and using a pair of tweezers, pick up the first of the lashes.  Dab the root of the lash into the glue and wait for about 30 seconds.

Using the tweezers, stick the lashes down where you’d like your own lashes to look fuller and thicker… starting from the middle and working towards the outer eye. To make sure they stick down correctly, use a cotton bud/ Q tip to ensure they are in the correct place.

  Apply a little extra Dior Show mascara to help the false lashes blend into your own.


And for the lips a dash of Ruby Woo… and you are done… Party Ready… xv


Party Ready

laura mercier primer  //  giorgio armani luminous silk foundation  //  nars illuminator  //  laura mercier blush

shiseido luminizing satin eye colour trio  //  diorshow mascara  //  mac 30 lash individuals

mac ruby woo


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12 Responses to Gorgeous and Glamorous… How To Be Party Ready… Holiday Make -Up… The Easy Way…

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    You have confirmed here what has been working for me for years now. At this lovely age of 55 (yes, I’m not ashamed to say my age!) I love what I wear. Exactly what you are describing here for the eyes and lips, though I have never worn a foundation. I have pretty healthy skin (except for a strange period last summer with roseacea due to good old menopause!) but I am seriously going to look into this foundation of which you speak. I believe in the HEALTHY look but also the look that red lips bring. Oh Vicki, you know exactly what to share!

    Gentle hugs to you on this FREEZING morning here in Minneapolis! Anita

    • Vicki says:

      I just bought myself a new tube of ‘ruby woo’ for Christmas Anita… and I will be wearing it every day! The foundation is fabulous… and I think you should give it a whirl… :)

  2. Nancy says:

    I love your site Vicki, and all your IG pictures kill me! Your Christmas in London pictures are like a fairytale, so beautiful! I love good products and your suggestions are spot on. I use Touche Eclat for highlighter ( YSL) and MAC and love it, but will love to try the GA silk foundation! I love sheer but coverage over a few #%$^ age spots! Have a great week! xo Nancy

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Nancy… I am so glad you are enjoying my Instagram… I do love taking the photos and it’s great because it has made me take many more for the blog… :)

  3. I recently purchased Bobbi Brown’s holiday eye palette and I love it!! I highly recommend it. I also tried the Armani foundation and agree with you…it is beautiful!

    • Vicki says:

      Isn’t it fun when you have a new make-up… Sometimes I think a new eyeshadow or a lipstick is as much fun as anything… :)

  4. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Wonderful! And you are so right…nothing like red lips and lashes to there to get the party started! PS Tom Ford’s “Cherry Lush” is a gorgeous red, and I have found his lipsticks are not just beautifully pigmented, but that perfect blend between moist feeling on the lips (I find MAC dry) but dry enough to stay put…

    • Vicki says:

      I do like his lipsticks too… I must admit there is not much about Tom Ford that I don’t like… :) he must be one of the most stylish men ever…

  5. I think that you know of my fondness for red lips and nails. Just like a splash of leopard or a plain white shirt, it is something that I never let go of, whether it is technically “in fashion” or not. Because for me there is no quicker way to be “dressed.”

    I think that this post is a lovely post to your previous one!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Heather… I did like the connection too…

      At Christmas we spend so much time thinking about our homes, our friends, our families… gifts… which is all as it should be … but… we can loose sight of ourselves… and a few minutes and a slick of red is good for the soul… :)

      ps and a touch of leopard…

  6. Bonnie says:

    Wonderful tips… thank you. I must say tho…. for some odd reason Chanel 5 smells horrid on my skin.

    • Vicki says:

      Perfume is so different on everybody’s skin type… I guess that’s where the magic lies… Sometimes my daughters wear something that smells delicious on them… I try it… and it’s not so great!

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