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Changing Colours

ann st studio - jamie beck /kevin burg

cinemagraph – jamie beck /kevin burg


It’s right about now that I start to get tired of my make-up look. It’s time for changing colours.

The season has kicked right in… the festivities are over… and spring seems a million miles away. Even though I am sweltering in this Australian heat my head is still very firmly in a cold state of mind.

I think we would all agree that there is nothing like a new lipstick for a pick me up. I don’t know what it is but a brand new lipstick is one of the best feel good moments of all. I go to girly heaven when I twist that fresh tube and experiment with an unknown colour… Even if the shade is close to ones I have used in the past… I still love the feeling.

Right now… I am playing with the berry shades… a small deviation from my traditional reds… but mid-season-itis calls for a splash out.


Tips and tricks to keep that lipstick lasting

* Ensure that lips are not dry and cracked.  For smooth and well nourished lips gently exfoliate using a damp flannel cloth and apply a little bit of lip balm…not too much as this means the lipstick will not stay put.

Lucas Paw Paw ointment is brilliant… 


*Once lips are smooth and soft,  line and colour the entire lip with a lip pencil in a similar shade to the lipstick.

This will ensure the lipstick has an even base to adhere to…


*Using a lip brush, apply the lipstick. Move the brush across the lip in long sweeping motions as this will give a smooth line. Apply one layer, blot the lips with a tissue… then re apply.


* To make cream lipsticks appear more matte, separate the layers of a tissue, and hold one layer over the lips. Gently dust over the tissue with translucent powder, using a powder brush.

This technique will also help to make lipstick last longer. *Not to be used with a sheer lipstick.

Changing colours… it’s easy… xv


Very Berry Colours

bobbi brown creamy matte lip colour in ‘jenna

mac sheen supreme lipstick in ‘good to be bad

mac lipstick in ‘odyssey


The Extras

lucas paw paw ointment… available at amazon

mac lip pencils… ‘absolutely it‘ and ‘fashion boost

the mac lip brush

13 Responses to “Changing Colours”

  1. suzanna says:

    I love that too, new lipstick, as I move, I realize I have so many tubes scattered I put them in a great shoe box, labeled it, and now they are in one box, I couldn’t believe how many were scattered in drawers, guess it best I use the good ones ~ love and mandatory a lip pencil, I am never without one……Hot over there hey! will be here too before long ~ xo

  2. Ivy Lane says:

    I wish I had her eyebrows! I have the worst “arches”….. and YES to a new shade of lipstick to get from now to Spring!

  3. Anita Rivera says:

    I just love animate photos and this one is perfect for your message! I love the berry tones and I’ve been using a plum/wine pencil and lipstick for years. I’ve just been thinking lately about the OPPOSITE of what you are thinking. I need some RED now! But either way, a good and new lipstick has a way of making you feel so fresh and beautiful. We have had such high winds and terribly cold days that my hair is full of static electricity and my skin is rather a trouper; it’s hanging in there because I exfoliate regularly and moisturize. I wish there was a way to exfoliate your hair!!!!!!

    Happy day sweet Vicki! Anita

  4. Oooh pretty! And thank you for making me remember how much I like Bobbi Brown lipsticks. Isn’t it weird when we forget certain brands for awhile? Or maybe I am just getting ooooold. ;) Won’t look it though with some pretty lips…

  5. So timely. I’m in the throws of Colorado winter and each morning I think “I need a bright pink lipstick.” This weekend I head to the big city and will be picking one up.

  6. I too love a new lipstick + adore red + wear the berry colors.

  7. Penelope says:

    I love a beautiful lipstick too! One of my daughters gave me a set of lipsticks I love!!! Bobbi Brown is a favorite also of mine, but this gift is giving me more than one favorite! The creator is from Melbourne. The packaging and graphics are so modern! The colours are marvelous also. Have you tried this?

  8. Lucille says:

    LOVE yr shopping laundry lists!
    If Only I had such pockets as u do…le sigh

  9. hopflower says:

    You are so right: there is nothing like a brand new lipstick to look forward to. However,if you use a lipliner pencil you don’t need a brush; and vice versa. The brush is the old fashioned way to line your lips and fill in. Personally, I prefer a brush.

  10. Gina Diamond says:

    For years, I have worn a more neutral color and have really loved that look. That seemed to be the trend. I have been seeing bright pinky reds that look so appealing but I have been neutral for so long that I can’t seem to make the switch. Also, perhaps it is a bad thing that I put my lipstick on in the car. SOS

  11. I’ve been using the same color forever. Need to rethink that, thanks for the prompt.

  12. Gwendolyn Skinner says:

    Bonjour Vicki:

    Your blog has evolved almost into a magazine this last year! I’m so excited to read your posts and adventures. Well done, mon ami! Gwendolyn

  13. Mitzi says:

    Does anyone know the make and colour of the pencil??

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