Where Do You Find Inspiration?

January 29, 2014

Paris - Vicki Archer


Yesterday I started thinking… trying to at any rate… the haze of changing time zones has yet to leave my body…

About inspiration and resonation.


Why certain elements appeal to us… Why they trigger and stimulate our creative souls.

For each person, the components are different… that’s why artists see their worlds differently and writers can conjure up phrases with such depth and cleverness.

I often ponder what pulls the triggers and ignites such brilliance in designers, in architects… in poets and musicians… in photographers.

I am constantly amazed at how we can view the world with the same eyes and yet our visions can be far apart.

Each and every creative has an altered viewpoint, a definite perception to stimulate their talent.


Beauty energises my creative side…  in the ordinary and in the extraordinary.

The simplest of elements in nature can have me running at a million miles an hour… as can a striking urban scene, an ingenious exhibition, the brilliance of a fashion show, the elegance of words or simply a click through an engaging website.

There are no limits to finding beauty… it is not only the physical manifestation of beauty but also the intangible that leaves a trace.

Understanding the connections between inspiration and creative output is a fascination… it is the way to enhance our originality.


Tell me, where do you find your inspiration? What resonates… gives you that added energy, that extra buzz to do what you do best? How do you find that edge when you need it? xv


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  • Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning dearest Vicki.

    You pose a very important question here, and one that I think about A LOT.

    My previous post to the one I have up now, asks this very question. I added a quote by one of our most famous artists know to Minneapolis, Claes Oldenberg, who created the famous cherry and spoon sculpture that sits in the gardens next to the Walker Art Center. He says, “Look for beauty where it is NOT supposed to be found.” This is where I feel BRILLIANT artists, poets and other creators push the envelope in delivering to us the unexpected.

    On my current post, I share another local artist (local in that she is American) and how in the middle of the world’s problems, she has her own agenda…..

    Come and see both of my posts if you have a chance.

    WELCOME BACK and I so hope you enjoy getting your groove back with lots of pampering! Anita

  • Vicki says:

    That is the incredible thing about beauty… it is always where you least expect it… :)
    I will be over very shortly… xv

  • Cathy says:

    Great post to contemplate on—thanks!

  • Loved Anita’s answer…well said. Finding beauty and inspiration where it is least expected. Getting away for a few days always stimulates my creative energy and kicks in fresh ideas. :)

  • Gale Welden says:

    Book suggestion: Beauty The Invisible Embrace by John O’Donohue

    Have a beautiful day!

  • suzanna says:

    now this is a good one, inspiration, colors, in nature, shades, positive and negative areas, I get it from hearing colors and seeing music, the way the light changes, architects, old wood pieces, women working who have found their passion (s), others that reach out and back to each other in support, brocante, the way little sandpipers scurry along the sand in the pink lavender and robin’s egg blue skies, I love colors and the play on colors, fashion, makeup in theatre’s, and the list is endless for me of an artistic soul ~ xo

  • lisa thomson says:

    A great question, Vicki. I definitely find inspiration in nature. I find it here at French Essence! I also find it in my own disappointments and sadness which can spark writing and poetry. Of course, there’s nothing compares to seeing masters at galleries.

    Thanks for this post today. It’s interesting to read where others find their inspiration.

  • Vicki,
    This topic has been on my mind a lot lately. I marvel at what simple beauty can thrill us stimulate creativity, and be something entirely different the next time we feel that energy.
    Great post, Vicki.

  • What a beautiful photograph, Vicki! An inspirational photograph.

  • inspiration! + hmmm + in everything + anything. Great post xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  • Sue M. says:

    Definitely from nature…living in the country I get inspirations from the colors of the hills and trees(next month the blossoms will abound) that surround our valley… and the sky; oh, the sunsets I see from my kitchen window are so beautiful. One just has to stop and take it in. But also from you Vicki, seriously! You post the most beautiful, thought provoking pictures and ideas that inspire me daily. :-)

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Sue… I particularly love this shot. I took it in Paris and I loved the depth of colour but also the reflections… I could stand in front of Costes Roses for hours… One day they will shoo me away… ;)

      • Pamela says:

        Love that spot too Vicki – have also taken many photos looking in at their fabulously beautiful arrangements! One day maybe we’ll meet up there. I first met Faux Fuchsia last year in Le Bon Marche, quite by chance. Cheers, Pamela

  • I never run out of inspiration nor subject matters to paint. My mind is constantly in motion, sometimes difficult to shut off. It’s been my life, my entire life so it’s become first nature to me. Beautiful post Vicki.

  • Dolores Veshka says:

    I too was thinking that I get great inspiration from the subtle hues, and shades I find in nature. For instance the color of a David Austin rose with its understated, delicate, and nuanced hues.

    The gradations of hues in silk fabrics or in silk ribbons inspire me. ( I try to apply this to my drawing.)

    One more thing. I can’t leave out how fragrance, both natural and created, inspires. It helps me to relive experiences I have had, places I have been to. I love to walk by my Fragonard diffuser. It helps me feel as if I am still in Paris.

  • Celia Becker says:

    Frankly Vicki I draw inspiration from you. I especially love your Facebook posts each day that bring a little touch of beauty into my life. Thanks for sharing!

  • Elizabeth says:

    Although I am not an artist, a writer or anything creative, sadly that side of my brain is underdeveloped, I find beauty and inspiration for life in books, words, color, nature, art, people, animals and more.

    Welcome back! Thank you for posing this question and helping me to ponder an answer.

    • Vicki says:

      We don’t have to be a creative to create… :) I am happy to be back… I am a real homebody so there is nothing better for me than being here and with my family… :)

  • Great post Vicki, thought provoking as are the other replies.
    Finding inspiration can come from a myriad of places and yes often unexpected sources. I find you need to be receptive to find or recognise it. If life is too busy and you are rushing that is when you miss those moments.

    • Vicki says:

      Rushing, tiredness and stress certainly make creativity difficult. I also believe that the more creative we are, the easier it becomes… like anything… practice makes perfect…

  • Lorraine says:

    Thanks for this post Vicki! I find inspiration in many things. Colour creates a feeling for me, also texture in anything. It could be a rusty rail or a whole wall of metal, the colour as well as the texture. People watching is one of my favourite past times and I find so much inspiration in this too. I live in a beautiful part of Australia and standing at a local lookout on a beautiful Summer day inspires me also. I think opening your mind to all that is around you can give you inspiration when you least expect it!

  • I am inspired by so much…the majesty of creation around me, the depth and color in paintings, the words of great writers, the joy of the teens I teach…I am constantly inspired. But, I do look for it…inspiration is part of what makes each day joyful and challenging and way too short!

  • It’s a beautiful question Vicki.

    I head to the quiet places. The corners where no-one else is looking. x

  • Carolyn says:

    Dear Vicki, I think the jet lag haze is lifting because that was beautifully expressed by you. I’ve never considered myself to be particularly creative, but I remember many years ago staying in the hills outside Florence and looking down on that beautiful jewel and feeling instantly that I could write poetry there or even paint! I also find inspiration in nature – roses in particular – and once was almost moved to tears by the beauty of a Pierre de Ronsard rose.

    • Vicki says:

      Lovely to have you here, Carolyn… :)
      Pierre de Ronsard are the most magnificent blooms… I completely understand your feelings for them…

  • Learning about the tenacity of other women farmers really inspires me, especially when I start feeling sorry for or questioning myself and my dreams.
    Also, Mother Nature, herself, never ceases to amaze and inspire me, in spite of how she gets a facelift every year and nothing she does is predictable; a woman’s prerogative?…absolutely!

  • Pamela says:

    Children, family, friends, gardens, the sky, the sea, water, the countryside, art, books, music, movies, so many things. It’s all around us if we’re tuned in and live in and appreciate the moment.
    Recently saw the latest Italian movie “The Great Beauty” – wonderful cinematography, achingly beautiful depiction of the city of Rome and its interaction with the main character, Jeb, and others. Fabulous soundtrack. Haunting, nostalgic, elegiac, sad, kaleidoscopic, disturbing, beautiful. Best wishes, Pamela

  • Gina Diamond says:

    I find inspiration in many ways.

    Making my home pretty and inviting inspires me to always keep improving and changing it.

    One of my God given abilities is working with flowers. I find the combinations of colors to be the most inspiring aspect. I love searching arrangements either in magazines or blogs or Pinterest…this gets my creative juices going.

    I love home decor and find inspiration from the many blogs that feature some of the most beautiful rooms I have ever seen. I am also addicted to home decor magazines for the very reason.

    A mere photo of a dish can inspire me to cook an entire meal. Just going to the grocery store inspires me to want to prepare something wonderful.

    Scented candles transform me to a different place or season…I find them inspiring for that reason.

    Setting a beautiful table inspires me to invite people over. The time spent with others over a great meal is an experience easily remembered.

    I WANT to be inspired each day. Your blog is one of the places I visit. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • The nature of the universe is a creative spiritual force, I think we are partners with that dynamic force that must be continually re-enlivened by feeding the eye and heart. I think it’s being aware of what you need and when…

    I went to design school…and had a career in a creative field surrounded by talent… But I learned the most from my mother…and Sister Cabrini my girl’s priory school art teacher. She had a simple rule…do your best at every smallest thing, even if it’s simply folding clothes, and let it all add up to beauty. I loved her and her ‘Golden Rule’ that still makes sense to me.

    Cheers, Vicki…

  • Sometimes in very unpredictable places! I agree nature is always hugely inspiring, of course by many blogs, Pinterset and other online sites, my many many design books that I love to go over and the many magazines I have saved over time. It is all around us really……I get so excited when I am truly inspired. I am motivated by beautiful things:)

  • Anita Rivera says:

    You dear, dear person. Thank you for taking time in the wee hours to come to visit me.

    It is for sure (at least for those of us who search) that beauty can be found just about anywhere….and we are the richer for it in the searching.

    Get some rest! I am now off to school (after being off two days in a row) in this outrageous cold. It’s been -40F. YES! I need that mink skirt now to wear to keep out the draft!


  • Jayne says:

    I try to summon my Muse but she/he refuses me when I hurry, every time. I have to seek her/him and it is in the seeking that the door finally opens!

  • I love inspiration most when I have absolutely no idea where it comes from…a mystery gift!

  • Gina Roberts says:

    Pyotr Tchaikovsky the Russian composer said of inspiration, “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” My inspiration comes from all aspects of this little life I live. There is not one thing I could point to and say that it inspires me more than another. One day it could be nature, another it could be fabric, one day it could be children and tomorrow it could be an image of a woman in a tribe in Africa. As an artist, I must consume the world in equal parts if not more than I spend producing…it is my source of creative nourishment. As Tchaikovsky noted, inspiration is not something that just comes to you, action is required. Just like the act of creating, you must find what inspires you…and like your art, it grows, changes and evolves as you do.

    Here’s a blog I came across you might find interesting talking about this very subject. The author gives a wonderful insight from a scene in the movie American Beauty as well as an extensive list of places to cultivate more inspiration.


    Hope you enjoy.

  • Vicki Dreste says:

    Inspiration can be found in so many places from the grand to the mundane. I find color inspiring and traveling, even a day trip is full of inspiration. One of the greatest sources of inspiration for me is conversations with like minded people. This is what I love about blogs and blogging. I am able to communicate with and be inspired by others from all over the world. That in itself is inspiring. French Essence is a wonderful place for me to visit for a daily dose of inspiration.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Vicki… and it’s the same for me… I find that reading all the comments and our dialogue that results from that inspires me for so many of the posts I write… :)

  • Esther George says:

    Hi Vick welcome home and I hope you are feeling much better. The moment I clicked on your blog I was met with this beautiful vision thank you for sharing this beauty. Now I want all those flowers in my garden, you inspire me, what a wonderful blog. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I want that orange coloured rose.

  • Sara says:

    Hi Vicki,
    In the early mornings I like to walk around my garden with the fields and woods with my two black labradors and think about what has gone before and how the day will shape up?
    I feel inspired by my friends and my work and always just want to ‘do my best’….that inspires me.
    I love your daily blog…keep up the good work! Sara.

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