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Paris Bistro Chairs - Vicki Archer

Don’t you just love these Parisian café chairs?

I must have a crush considering the amount of pics I take of them…

For me… they always spell, Paris.



relax, enjoy… and take a seat…  links to browse if you feel so inclined…


Frenchify  with a Parisian bistro chair

the all weather wicker // padma’s paris bistro // plantation yellow


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I went a bit crazy for bracelets at J. Crew… I mix them in with a real one or two…  jingle jangle all the way

the faceted cone // the crystal bracelet // the classic link


On Instagram I’ve started following @linda_lomelino… Swedish photographer extraordinaire


I just ordered a new Polaroid camera… for my inspiration board… I’m feeling old fashioned… wait… I am old fashioned


Have a spectacular weekend… See you next week… xv


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8 Responses to #itstheweekend

  1. I agree about bistro chairs. I bought a set of four in blue and cream for my kitchen, and I smile whenever I see them.

  2. Anita Rivera says:

    Hallelujah, c’est le weekend! Merci Vicki, for leaving some fun and relaxing reads for us to consider. This weekend will be a blog composition, some Pinterest and Tumblr stalking (hahaha) and some Paris dreamin’. Enjoy your weekend too! Anita

  3. Hallie says:

    Yes I love them and a nice selection of colors above too! That bench in the upper right corner is amazing.

  4. love them! They were one of my big first splurges when we lived in the city a young newlyweds, boy they made me happy:) Always so chic and stylish.

  5. Would love to be sitting in a bistro this weekend? I also like looking at little things like the chairs!

  6. Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning beautiful “angel”…yes, YOU. How many times have I come to visit your posts and have needed a LIFT to just feel good…and I do.

    Thank you for visiting me my dear. Enjoy the lushness of a Provençal winter. We sure are getting our share of SNOW here!


  7. Have a nice weekend Vicki. I love the Parisian bistro chairs!

  8. miss b says:

    Oh yes I love Parisian café chairs and whenever I visit Paris I constantly take photos of them whether they are the traditional red or green or the more modern colours. I remember some pink ones caught my eye last year. I remember having a Polaroid camera many years ago. I think I could have some fun with one again. I’m tempted to treat myself!

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