February 24, 2014

Paris Bistro Chairs - Vicki Archer

Don’t you just love these Parisian café chairs?

I must have a crush considering the amount of pics I take of them…

For me… they always spell, Paris.



relax, enjoy… and take a seat…  links to browse if you feel so inclined…


Frenchify  with a Parisian bistro chair

the all weather wicker // padma’s paris bistro // plantation yellow


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On Instagram I’ve started following @linda_lomelino… Swedish photographer extraordinaire


I just ordered a new Polaroid camera… for my inspiration board… I’m feeling old fashioned… wait… I am old fashioned


Have a spectacular weekend… xv

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  • I agree about bistro chairs. I bought a set of four in blue and cream for my kitchen, and I smile whenever I see them.

  • Anita Rivera says:

    Hallelujah, c’est le weekend! Merci Vicki, for leaving some fun and relaxing reads for us to consider. This weekend will be a blog composition, some Pinterest and Tumblr stalking (hahaha) and some Paris dreamin’. Enjoy your weekend too! Anita

  • Hallie says:

    Yes I love them and a nice selection of colors above too! That bench in the upper right corner is amazing.

  • love them! They were one of my big first splurges when we lived in the city a young newlyweds, boy they made me happy:) Always so chic and stylish.

  • Would love to be sitting in a bistro this weekend? I also like looking at little things like the chairs!

  • Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning beautiful “angel”…yes, YOU. How many times have I come to visit your posts and have needed a LIFT to just feel good…and I do.

    Thank you for visiting me my dear. Enjoy the lushness of a Provençal winter. We sure are getting our share of SNOW here!


  • Have a nice weekend Vicki. I love the Parisian bistro chairs!

  • miss b says:

    Oh yes I love Parisian café chairs and whenever I visit Paris I constantly take photos of them whether they are the traditional red or green or the more modern colours. I remember some pink ones caught my eye last year. I remember having a Polaroid camera many years ago. I think I could have some fun with one again. I’m tempted to treat myself!

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