Crush On The Clutch

March 2, 2014

As I am not eating or drinking anything very exciting… so far so good

I am thinking about my other great loves… France and fashion.


I will be in France next week so for now I have to content myself with fashion… easy

Right now, I’m mad about the clutch.


The envelope, slightly over-sized version.

The clutch is practical and light to carry…it works well at night…


I need to have a phone, keys, a wallet and other bits.

I can’t go any more minimal than that… more about what’s in our handbags later


The clutch is a little more elegant than the cross body… especially in the evenings.

These are my crushes… especially the primary and the clare v


And as for ‘Nancy Gonzalez’… a girl can dream…


Clutch Crush


**1. clare v  //  2. oliveve queenie  //  3. victoria beckham two tone  //  4. miu miu matelassé  //  5. anya hindmarch valorie

6. victoria beckham  two tone  //  7. nancy gonzalez flap front  //  8. nancy gonzalez two tone

**9. primary, the nancy gonzalez  fabulous lookalike


Have a wonderful weekend… xv

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  • Anita Rivera says:

    You ALWAYS inspire, Vicki. Now why have I not thought of this? Especially for the lighter season HOPEFULLY to come, chez nous. Right now I have a lovely and light bag where I can carry my tablet and phone and make-up (all the essentials!) but I do not like having something over my shoulder while wearing a snow parka! A clutch is definitely on my shopping list next pay-period!!!!!

    • Vicki says:

      I am having areal love affair with them too, Anita! And I find that they are a reasonable option… there are many lesser known brands with beautiful bags that do the trick… :)

  • These are definitely better than the “killer” clutch I blogged about today!

  • Irina says:

    I love the idea of clutches, dear Vicki….that blush colored Clare…be mine! ;)
    A clutch is definitely on my shopping list, although I will tend to use it more for going out in the evning…but I love them…
    Have a marvelous weekend!!
    – Irina

  • They’re all so pretty. I might miss the shoulder strap though. I like Victoria Beckham’s. Makes me think of Spring (around the corner hopefully). Thanks Vicki.

  • Teddee Grace says:

    Beautiful but look to be so easy to forget, have stolen, hold little.

  • karen in va says:

    These are all so lovely. I have been looking for a clutch for so long. All of my current ones are just too small, even for the barest of essentials. I can get by, but have to have something additional left in the car, in case. The slimmest and most tiny wallet helps, but still too much. Lately I have just used a small zip cosmetic bag for a wallet which seems to work.

    I don’t know … I just need what I need. Phone, keys, wallet (or something like it), lipstick … that’s it!

    Great post … I see a couple that may work. Thanks for the post.

    Karen in VA

  • All so beautiful Vicki

    The Miu Miu model would work beautifully with my dress which I am wearing to our art showing opening this evening.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  • Love crush on the clutch. The clutch is easy for me. I carry it on its own or if I have a crazy day I can just pop it into my tote bag and take it out when I need it. This way I am not carrying my heavy tote all day. Clare V opened a store in NYC on Elizabeth Street and it is amazing. Enjoy your weekend.
    **great instagram photo today**

  • marina vadla says:

    you definitely need one in leopard print :)

  • yes, a clutch + quite fancy the one from Victoria Beckham + Must have that one, please.

  • miss b says:

    I can’t imagine ever being without a few beautiful clutches. The Victoria Beckham one is so simple and elegant. I would love to add it to my collection!

  • The clutch is my absolutely favourite type of bag! It’s so elegant and makes me feel so ladylike. I’m in charge of stocking the vintage bags for our online shop and I have to admit that I have never said no to a clutch as of yet. The only problem is I want to keep every single one of them :P Ooh, the dilemma!

  • Sarah says:

    A clutch is so classic! I fell in love with Sarah Oliver’s line of wool clutches. Love her business model, but the bags are gorgeous as well. Do you know them? She is a California girl.

  • Dolores Veshka says:

    Dear Vicki

    I just tried to comment on your March 3rd post about my favorite things to do when in Paris but I can’t find anything that will allow me to comment. I thought I would try to get to you from this previous post. Any help?


  • Elizabeth says:

    So many beautiful choices…which to choose? Thank you for sharing!

  • Clare says:

    Agreed. The Clare V is my fave!

    Clare x

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