30 Mar 2014

Going Nude

Cate Blanchett - Oscars 2014

Going nude??

Not these days… except in my make up… :)

The season trend for fresh faced beauty and neutral shades is one that I am ready to follow.

Cate Blanchett wore it beautifully at this year’s Oscars… not to mention her gown and those super fabulous earrings.

A couple of small additions to the make-up palette… and it’s a whole new look…

This doesn’t mean I’m saying goodbye to my rouge allure velvet… no way… never, ever.

Just mixing it up a little… xv

Going Nude

 1. prepare make up base with primer and foundation

2.  on the cheeks, using the ring finger… gently dab the rouge on to the apples of the cheeks
remember less is more and extra can always be applied.
 loving… bobbi brown pot rouge in ‘rose’
3. gently press the eye colour on the eyelids, and then using a separate brush, blend the colour within the eye socket
the best colourlaura mercier matte eye colour in ‘truffle’ 

 4.curl the lashes and apply a couple of coats of mascara

can’t go withoutshu uemera lash curlers  //  dior show mascara

 5. lipstick … blot… and more lipstick

the best… mac cherish



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Rosalie Carmichael

She is lovely. Trying to be a little more natural myself these days as I age but just can’t seem to let go of the brighter colours.

Esther George

Hi Vicki I love Red lipstick and just can’t wear any other colours….they don’t go well with my olive colouring. Do you remember Caroline Kennedy how she wore a little eyeliner, mascara and that gorgeous red lipstick? I always admired theway she looked. Cate did look spectacular and her movie ….she is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS your previous blog wow big response I’m still reading the comments. Must see movie About Time it’s a British movie light hearted and lovely to look at.


nude or vibrant colour? It depends on the skin and hair colour…both look beautiful when you have chosen the right one.

Anita Rivera

I love the idea of mixing it up, because I too cannot get rid of my reds, thanks to YOU, Vicki! But the neutral tones really suit me these days, a relaxed mood yet fresh and clean. The same goes for my home décor. Neutral wood tones, gray and white but with the warmer weather EVENTUALLY coming to us, I will add a pop of color with a vase of fresh flowers.

Isn’t Kate just gorgeous as ever?


Lovely Cate is only 44 and looks even younger, so she can pull it off. The problem with age (over 50) is that one tends to look washed out. Even Cate doesn’t go too natural–her eyes are made up, so they pop out. Also, blush is de rigueur.

Lyn G

My 12 year old grand daughter recently showed me how to curl my eye lashes, I really need to update. Love reading all your how to… And I will buy some primer this weekend. I hope I’m not too late. lyn


Oh, Cate looks wonderful. It’s interesting to me that a blonde can pull off a neutral look (clothing and makeup) without looking like a paper bag. I think the bit of shimmer on her dress and her eye makeup really makes a difference. Maybe the fact that she has a stunning beauty helps, too. :)

I hesitate to use an eyelash curler for fear of losing a precious eyelash. Is this not a problem for most of you?

Thank you, Vicki, for your wonderful blog. I just found you, and I’m enjoying catching up.


Throughout the entire Oscars telecast I wondered ‘what’s wrong with these stars .. why do they look so one dimensional’ .. then I realized their lips had no color. I think my age is showing (72) ~ I KNOW I look better with a bit of color on my face. Preferably, on my lips. I am wagering you look spectacular ‘going nude!!’


Cate carried it off beautifully, her stylist is the bomb! I did notice for many in the nude or peachy dresses, that a red or darker look lip would have kept away that washed out look we saw on several!

Artist William Glackens


She is lovely even with a few little wrinkles starting to show – I hope so much she doesn’t go ‘under the knife’ and stays just natural. As I gradually work on changing my hair color to a lighter shade perhaps I’ll feel comfortable sans bright red lipstick – doubt I could pull off a color this pale though. Just wait ’til you’re as old as me Vicki dear, you’ll be glad you held on to your vivacious reds, LOL!!! For instance, an older blonde in a camel coat must wear a lovely burnt red lipstick to make it work, don’t you agree? A big bold chunky turtleneck too perhaps – see my last post!

Have a fabulous weekend dear friend – will be looking forward to all you share next week.
Hugs – Mary

miss b

Cate is a perfect example of this nude look and I prefer a more natural look for summer but I don’t think I will ever manage nude lips! My favourite lipstick shades are an absolute must! By the way, as soon as I saw photos of Cate’s gown I thought it was one of the most stunning in recent years and of course the make up and earrings were the ideal choice.


YEA, a mascara choice, so many, I want a good one…..love MAC too, lasts a long time……thanks Vicki, weekend is here, YEA….I love this dress and earrings, the right red lipstick, less blush and yes in the apple area of the checks highly blended, blending is key I think…..and for evening out the skin from sun damage, or spots = CO2 does that and it really brings back that youthful skin again, it is amazing procedure….recovery is very swift too…..thanks again Vicki……Joy for your weekend…..and crispy sheets! XO

The Enchanted Home

Love the look….just last night wore a nude lace top and it felt so nice to be wearing something and soft instead of winters obligatory blacks and grays! I have always loved a nude made up face too and Cate does it beautifully. Some carry it better than others……but I do love the look.

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