New Balance… On Balance

March 24, 2014

I have a confession.

I have bought trainer style shoes for the weekends.

Not to train… but to relax in.

It’s not like me.


After seeing so many fashionistas wearing these New Balance sneakers with their jeans and fabulous jackets… I was tempted.

In Paris, they seem to be supremely popular… subdued colours… much more so than in London…

In London we wear the brights… In Paris we go chic/elegant even with this kind of footwear.

Loving mine… black and grey…and white…

Another fashion win/win this season.


Today.. black capris, white shirt and my new, New Balance.

#itstheweekend… Let’s relax and be comfortable… xv


New Balance… On Balance

find your balance 

  at nordstrom  // at amazon  // at asos 



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  • Anita Rivera says:

    I must go out and get these because I really need to be in fashion when I go out. I cannot stand to look like I just tumbled out of the closet; I LOVE to feel put together! These are supreme. They give you the comfort you need but the support for hopping about town, but while looking GOOD!

    Happy day dearest Vicki! Anita

    • Vicki says:

      Love this… stumbled out of the closet!!
      When something is comfortable and in fashion… we must embrace it… :)

  • EC says:

    I don’t really get this trend. I never really liked this type of shoes. Ever since Karl Lagerfeld paired them with haute couture outfits, all of a sudden the shoes are everywhere! But that’s just my humble opinion. Everyone else seems to like them.

    • Vicki says:

      I think they have a place on the weekends… relaxed and casual dressing… not sure I would wear them with a formal outfit… but on the weekends.. yes
      I just came home from the local growers food market…and saw a woman wearing these New Balance with her skinny cropped pants and a gorgeous 3/4 coat… She looked fantastic! Perfectly dressed for a weekend activity… :)

  • Mary says:

    ….and for us here in USA they are actually made in America, (near where I lived in in New England for several years ) yeah!!! Everyone here should buy a pair to help the economy!

    I love vintage style sneakers which are similar to these NB’s. I used to always buy Simple brand which were awesome – still wearing 3 pairs in black, beige and navy. They are suede with cream rubber edges and laces so looked already ‘old’ even when new! Loved these casual shoes but sadly they’re no longer in business. Were made here by a small ‘green company’ then bought out by a major player who proceeded to cease making them. I so dislike companies like that.

    Enjoy marketing and walking in your new shoes Vicki – I’m on the lookout right now for a pair of fabulous navy blue loafers – so far have only come up with the J.Crew, a bit pricey for me – see my post today. There’s also a beautiful knitted coat there – would look fabulous with crops and those NB’s for cooler Spring weekend jaunts, don’t you agree?

    Happy weekend dear – Mary

  • karen in va says:

    I’ve never been a fan of sneakers, but I admit these look good. I’m looking at Nordstrom link, but do not find just black and white. Can you advise what style number these are, 420 Tomboy? 574 Sneaker?

    I’m going to order them, but don’t like the lime color on the tongue. Thanks very much.

    Karen in VA

  • Melanie LeFever says:

    We live in Montecito, Calif. Each morning before I ride my horse, I put on my “trainers/sneakers” and walk to Butterfly Beach. This is the ONLY time you will see me in these type of footwear. (And you’ll have to look quick, because I’m a fast walker) !

  • I love it! As an American, and Texas to boot ;) I went for the blue and orange a few weeks ago. Not subdued, but so comfortable–I traipsed all over Montmartre yesterday in them and was happy, happy. My shoes did receive more than a few glances though–c’est la vie. :)

    And I love the idea of pairing them with the skinny cropped pant and coat! x Katie

  • Laura says:

    The NB shoes have really improved in style over the years. The pair in the photo are a good looking example. But, fashion aside, lets not forget how great it is to tie these on, get off our duffs and go for a long walk or run. That’s when the real beauty of these shoes shine through!

  • Jennifer says:

    I just can’t seem to wrap my arms around the look! I admit to seeing it look good on some, but fear I would look clumpy and terribly dumpy. Perhaps it’s the size shoe I wear? Have a lovely weekend.

  • Hallie says:

    This is wonderful Vicki, and I love your description of the woman in the market with a 3/4 coat and those NB’s – I have tired my own eye out wearing red Sauconys ( they’re also pretty in black/white) but since i’m ready for a change– I’m thinking of navy boat shoes, the traditional Top Siders, that’s what’s calling me oddly enough! But– happy to see those New Balance shoes and will keep them in mind if I need more cushioning! Great suggestion!

  • Judi says:

    My husband just bought some black trainers with bright yellow soles AND laces. I said, ‘you’re not wearing those when we get to chic Paris, are you!??’ AND, he gave me a resounding, “why not – they’re cool and comfortable.” I said but they stand out – aren’t we American travelers suppose to ‘blend in’ as much as is possible (not really possible) and wear all dark clothing in Paris, especially? And, his common sense response was ‘well, I hate to break it to you, but we ARE tourists-we are going to walk our feet off, and we are going to have another wonderful ‘trip of a lifetime’ when we go to France in May.’ So, I best get on my shades and accept those bright yellow laces on the black sneakers! In fact, I decided, for my black brogues, I am going to buy some brightly colored laces – and we can both be cool (among ourselves, anyway!!!)! Hey, maybe we’ll set a trend in Paris, dark shoes, bright laces – one step beyond the bright tennis shoes!! I wonder if I can get them to match my outfits, or would that nix the whole thing! ha ha

  • Mary Kyle says:

    Hi Vicki,

    The format of ‘turn on your javascript’ does not work for me or my computer and I truly miss being able to see the images you send. Is there any way you could go back to posting the image in the body of the email they way you have been doing previously?

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Mary Kyle
    Lexington, TN

    • Vicki says:

      Yes of course…
      I tried a fancy new linking system but I can’t seem to get it to work… :(
      Back to the normal image next week…

      • Mary Kyle says:

        Thank you, Vicki. I didn’t know what was going on that I haven’t been able to get your images! Your attention to this is appreciated.

  • PattyM says:
    I’m not normally a sneaker fan but I bought these j-41’s this year for commuting and find myself wearing them with jeans and a white shirt frequently. They slip-on and are honestly the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned. Love my white, kiwi and purple but they come in many colors including black and navy.

  • Oooh, you might have just tipped me over the edge with this post. I have been dithering. I really want something cute but comfortable to walk the dogs in…and I think that you know that I am NOT a Converse girl but these seem somehow geeky/not geeky enough to please…hmmm…I do see the younger girls here wearing them with a tiny bit of neon trim…not for me but I like it!

  • suzanna says:

    Hi Vicki been a bit since I visited, computer issues and relocation move…..we have a great New Balance discount store where I live…..they carry great shoes there, it is by far the best discount mall I have been to other than one in San Marcos, Texas…..I was wondering, I need a new mascara and I can’t find your post of recommendations of a great mascara brand, can you share that with me? Hope you are well, XOXO

  • Deborah says:

    Vicki, I am over the top happy to hear of your New Balance purchase. On the trip to Paris when you put your great PI eye to the streets and shared with us daily, I enjoyed each and every day of your reporting. I remember asking you what your day wear was and you mentioned the faithful Chucks. I have never been able to wear them because they haven’t any sole support. If they are wearing them in Paris and Vicki has given it a go, my own New Balance decision has been elevated. I have been wearing New Balance for about two years and I they make me happy. I too have chosen a very dark grey and am looking to purchase a black pair. I do think they are good looking with the skinny jeans for getting about the regular day. I believe you will enjoy them.

  • Deborah says:

    I want to add the the New Balance Minimus is the choice I made. They look more feminine to me as well align the back and take all the pressure off the front of the foot.

  • Ann smith says:

    I’m so thrilled that this style of shoe is on trend in paris! My husband and I arrive there early April. I’ve been looking at my footwear and wondering what to wear for comfort. I have a fabulous pair of Ecco shoes that look just like yours. Fabulous ! We are coming over from Australia to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Ann

  • Yvonne says:

    I have always loved NB sneakers. I have a wide foot across the front and thinner heel so many of NB styles worked for me. When I lived in France(outside Paris) the French would tease me and say “We can spot an American a mile away by their wearing of tennis shoes!”…I always wore white leather ones. I had the last laugh though when they turned ankles, slipped, and slid their way to the metro station in their “fashionable shoes” when the ice and snow came-I stayed upright. I have since switched to Converse All-Stars just for comfort and darker grey, black, and brown colors. I didn’t like the trend of the wild colors the shoes were going in recent years. I do like your choice though.

    • Pamela says:

      The New Balance sneakers look good though have never tried. But then I’m a fan of Geox, the Italian brand with little holes in the soles that allow air to circulate inside the shoe. They have great sole and arch support and are so comfortable and secure for those of us with mobility issues. Also just good for lots of walking for the able-footed, including over cobblestones. Much more comfortable than Converse, many of which are v heavy, specially if having to be carried in a suitcase. They have a men’s line too and my husband loves them.

      There are Geox shops in Paris but the one on the rue de Rivoli seems more tuned into Paris trends and doesn’t have (at least in 2012 – but will check this year in June) the same great range of styles and colours as the wonderful Milan shops. Have also seen Geox stores in London.
      In summer love Arche sandals. So comfortable and come in beautiful colours. A lovely French family company, still made in France I’m fairly sure. They also make great ankle boots. Cheers, Pamela

  • Christine says:

    Does this mean the white converse I’ve finally purchased are out! After borrowing my daughters and seeing every chic Parisian female in them I thought is better get some. They are so comfortable!

  • saraspunza says:

    I have to agree on the Converse. I struggle with the idea that trainers can look chic and when I wear trainers, I go with my Converse low-tops. They at least feel retro in a punk rock sort of way…

    I want to be the girl that can pull off the trainers, but I don’t know if that is really me.

  • Just love NB runners, in fact can’t get by without them.
    They fit my orthotics perfectly!!!
    Bon Weekend Vicki

  • Virginia Koffke says:

    Love your site Vicki especially your photos. I don’t get why people love converse they don’t seem to have any support in them. My husband just bought some NB footwear but I prefer Merrell’s, very light and comfortable and you can walk over cobblestones without twisting an ankle! Plus when travelling from Oz weight is a huge issue! I haven’t seen Geox here yet (well not in western Sydney suburbs). I have a lovely pair of black leather loafers with patent leather trim for evening but no matter how often I wear them I can’t walk for miles in them and my husband always wants to walk miles at night in Paris when we visit, maybe I should sneak a pair of Merrells into my handbag! Keep posting Vicki there are a lot of us ‘silent’ readers.

  • Barbara says:

    I love your blog and have been following it for two years now. I work for NB in the US and the reason why I had taken this job in the first place was the love for NB’s stylish sneakers. I’ve been showing my colleagues in the office your pins with the NB’s shoes. I can’t get over how stylish Parisian women look in them. Not sure if you knew but you can design your own pair at the NB’s website,default,pd.html …Kisses Barbara

  • Karena says:

    Vicki I love your style the best in the black and white with white laces and am having trouble finding them!

    The Arts by Karena

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