26 Mar 2014

The ‘Have To Have’ Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

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This week French Essence is thinking beauty… The ‘have to have’ Tom Ford Illuminating Primer.

It’s springtime and after the long winter months… our focus is on renewal and freshness.

How we apply our make-up… and what make-up we apply… can make all the difference to the appearance of our skin.

It’s not rocket science… but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way in this case.


Light, dewy, glowing, fresh… are the words that we ideally use when talking skin…


I wanted to mention primer again…

Nowhere near as dramatic as a nip and tuck.

I have never been much into primer… could never really understand the benefits… but...

My make-up guru swears by it and has converted me.

Primer does make a difference…  fills, covers and smooths… “you wouldn’t paint a wall without all the preparation” she says… I can’t argue with that logic.


She has introduced me to the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer… and as good as my Laura Mercier is … I like this much better.

The “glow” is fantastic… looks totally natural… and better yet… it makes the skin feel heavenly.

Soft and silky.

Sometimes I wear it alone for that little extra something that looks like nothing…


The best part… I think this primer really does reduce the appearance of lines and evens out the texture of the skin.

It’s very surprising… *smile* … miraculous even…

Ok, slight exaggeration… because we all know miracles are tricky, especially on the face… and I am not that easily impressed … but this product is brilliant.



I thought you might like to know…


To Light Up

 * In preparation, exfoliate the face and splash with toner


* Apply serum and moisturiser… allow to sink in for 5-10 mins


Next the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer… blend in with the fingertips… the tiniest amount… a little bit goes a very long way

( for the perfect blend... pump the illuminator onto the back of the hand and apply in a downward motion)


tom ford illuminating primer available at nordstrom, selfridges and harrods


And that’s it… ready, set and go for foundation… Tips and tricks about this later in the week… xv


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Anita Rivera

Oh this sounds like my type of product, one that nourishes! I am going to be on Spring break next week and I feel like putting on my boyfriend jeans, some heels (if our capricious weather allows!) and I’m going into our Nordstroms and giving this a look. You always suggest the best ideas for me Vicki, and this is only ONE of the many reasons why I just love what you do here: YOU SPEAK to the individual woman. Merci mille fois mon amie! Bonne journée, Anita


I am mad about this…and I don’t generally like too many extra steps in my make-up routines… but this one is worth it… :)
Spring break… the perfect time to experiment, Anita…

The Enchanted Home

OK I am going TODAY to buy this, its sounds good and thankfully Sephora is only 15 min away! Many swear by using a primer and I am game….new season, new ideas!!

Also your post just went up looks amazing!


I am sure your local large store would have one, Pam… :)
I think you will like it…

Laura Wilson

I just started using a primer after asking my hairdresser how she got her face to look so dewy. It’s true. When I wear one, I have Mac and a Chanel, people usually will tell me I look good that day. i think its the primer, really I do!

Cindy McDonald

I like Laura Mercier too but just ordered this from Neiman’s. Thanks!


I have to chime in on this one! I am head over heals for this product! Some days it can stand alone with just a little bronzer,other days paired with foundation…wow! Illuminating it does with a natural touch. Try some under the eyes,too…great before or after Touché Éclat. Thank you,Vicki, for bringing this to the attention of all! T


hey Vicki, interesting, I am running out of everything, I have to pick with my budget, a moisturizer, we have severe sun here, (a fabulous dermatologist shared with my skin, blue eyes, dark hair, the sun is my enemy, ;-((, never the less I grew up on the ocean as child so sun damage is here and stayed out of the sun since 25) so, with that said, what would you recommend for a budgeted girl to prioritize if you would indulge me. Moisturizer, this primer, serum, make-up, need to start somewhere……thanks for your input on this one, so many choices…..XO


Let me get back to you Suzanna… I’m going to ask my make-up expert tomorrow… xv


I hope you do not think I am too bold but L’oreal cosmetics are made by Lancome and have similar ingredients. They also cost substantially less.




I use, and really love the Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ Primer, and not quite as expensive, however, when it’s time to treat myself to something special for this now aging face, perhaps I can head to Nordstrom’s for the Tom Ford Primer and it will illuminate me before it’s too late, sigh!!!!! OK I’m off, time is my enemy, LOL!

Hugs and thanks, you always share wonderful things Vicki. I wish you were my neighbor!
Mary X


I wish we could all meet one day too Mary… a French Essence get together… I don’t think we could ever stop chatting… :)

Angela Muller

I always use a primer and for me Mally’s is the best. But, Vicki,I’m a little confused about your posts. They read like the advertising section of a magazine! I’m never sure what you really believe in or what you are paid to sell.


I am not endorsed by any company, Angela… nor have any paid sponsorships.
I write only about what I like, I use or I would like to have.

Women have very few forums where they can talk about the big and the small issues… especially as we head into our 50’s… the advertising and editorials are all skewed to younger women… but that does not make it any less interesting or important to us. I have been involved in fashion and interested in beauty ever since I can remember… so I guess it’s something that I enjoy sharing… :)

I am very serious about my recommendations and only suggest choices that mean something to me… and I regularly refuse sponsored offers. I value my readers very highly and we have been together for a long time… I would never knowingly suggest something that I didn’t truly love.

I have a few adds which are optional for my readers to click on as are the links at the bottom of the post… while some of them may earn a small commission , it’s the readers choice and I try to make it as simple and non intrusive as I can… there is never any obligation.

Maybe I should be working in advertising… ;) xv

Angela Muller

Vicki: Thank you for the courtesy of your reply. I meant no disrespect; but, needed that clarification. I have been a reader and ardent admirer of your posts for a long time. Many of your posts inspire thoughtful reflection and you are accurate about what information is offered to mature women by many advertising companies, thus making your evaluations and comments valuable to your subscribers. Thank you, again!


I was exactly the same! Lazy with makeup & didn’t see the need for primer. Now I use the Jane Iredale mineral one & I’ll never go back! My skin glows!

Clare x

D. A. Wolf

“Light… dewy… glowing…” Oh, how I wish I hadn’t taken those adjectives for granted a few (cough, choke, ahem) years back.

This sounds lovely. And necessary!


Vicki this is so great- I have to tell you and our fellow readers- though I read the blog very late- is that around the holidays my Mom came into the room looking unbelievable- we all asked her what she did – well, the funny thing is that she forgot to put on her foundation- instead she only had a layer of Guerlain cream and on top of that her Laura Mercier illuminating primer —she’s 84 and when I tell you how great she looked with only the primer it was unreal. So now I’ve got to try both Laura’s and Tom’s as your note today is a great reminder and tip!

Katherine Howden

Love the make-up chat.
Fun, interesting and a great forum for women ‘of a certain age’.


Hi Vicki, I would love your thoughts on whether you feel this primer would work with Laura mercier tinted moisturiser over the top? Cheers, Katherine.


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