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Paris, Lace And Grace Kelly

Paris - Vicki Archer


Looking back at this photograph taken in the place Saint Michel, in Paris, I recall that my thoughts immediately drifted towards lace.

Delicate, feminine and romantic…

Characteristics both city and fabric share.


When studying Grace Kelly’s wardrobe I saw that she often wore espadrilles.

This season I am in love with lace espadrilles.

Simple, chic… and comfortable.

Another fashion win/win.


Tenuous connections… for sure… but that’s how my mind wanders and weaves… xv

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Grace Kelly Inspiration - Vicki Archer


13 Responses to “Paris, Lace And Grace Kelly”

  1. Lace espadrilles!? That sounds beautiful!

  2. Anita Rivera says:

    Goodness, do you inspire. I have not worn espadrilles in so many years, and when I was wearing them, they were the kind that had a long strap you tied around your ankle. I loved those shoes, but look at the fabulous selections you share here! I must get a pair for this summer, Vicki!

    I think your creative mind does make those connections because that is what an artist/writer does. The bolder or even more least likely pairings make the best connections – they surprise us. LACE and Paris? Mais OUI!

    Bonne journée, Madame! Anita

  3. Candice says:

    I had espadrilles one summer in Buenos Aires and wore them out ! They were the usual black on natural soles , black lace ups. Now I will be on the look out for lace .. what a lovely idea ! even if I am not in Paris ~

  4. hopflower says:

    I am afraid that two of the links do not work on the espadrilles.

  5. How lovely, Vicki! The next time I’m in Paris I will have to dress up in black lace to match the balconies. XO

  6. I have a pair of lace espadrilles + adore them.

  7. I am wearing espadrilles as I type. They are my summer staple, every summer. But lace ones? Ooh la la I love it!
    PS. You think your connections are tenuous? I immediately thought that you were referring to the Grace Kelly movie opening Cannes tonight!

  8. D. A. Wolf says:

    Espadrilles! I had black ones that laced around the ankles, when I was in college. Loved them. (Must keep an eye our next time I am ‘accidentally! In one of my fave shoe stores.)

  9. anita says:

    I adore lace espadrilles…Valentino does them beautifully, and in the most delicious colours! Was treated to a pair for Mother’s Day – now we need some sun!

  10. Karena says:

    Vicki I am now shopping espadrilles for summer…don’t forget Toms, where they give a pair to a child in need for each pair purchased!!

    The Windows of Buck House

  11. Shell says:

    Hi Vicki
    If Grace wore Lace then lace it is. And espadrilles are always a classic go to . I agree but it is a bit chilly in Australia for espadrilles at present, mine will have to wait for Spring. Happy Friday wishes Shell – A Darlings Nest

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