Kaftan… The Big Cover Up

June 29, 2014

Summer, Kaftans, French Essence  via the cut, keystone/getty images


A kaftan is the big coverup and the best.

I see that all the fashion sites and blogs are starting to think new season/fall… I can’t keep up and I am well and truly in slow summer mode.

So no winter-what-to-wear-talk here.


Kaftans are the best invention… the three “c”s… cool, comfortable and chic.

Worn long over a swimming costume or as a glamorous statement for evening. In the day, perfect for hanging out.

There is a freedom with kaftans, that matches the esprit of summer… they just seem right.

No worrying about too tight, too short or too anything else… Kaftans breathe and so can I.


Bolder prints and colours that I would never normally wear work brilliantly… with a pair of classic espadrilles or even havianas.

Imagine at night with these fine strappy fontanela booties… Wonderful.

In Italy I wore mine all day, ever day… I felt just fine… xv


Kaftan… The Big Cover Up

divine extravagance

  melissa odabash  white crochet  //  diane von furstenberg beaded  //  emilio pucci sheer  //  melissa odabash zebra print  // ** miguelina  anything from this range is exquisite

**  etro silk chiffon


happy medium

gottex cote d’ivoire   //  gottex leopard print  // ** etro printed silk   // vix aquarella kaftan


**carmen marc valvo bohemian kaftan


don’t refrain

hard tail twisty black  //  sealux flaming jewels   //  pilyq lace   //  echo digital mosaic



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  • Anita Rivera says:

    Good morning Vicki! I too am in no rush to start thinking about fall fashion, yet yesterday while walking in an indoor mall (raining weather), the store fronts were already shoved with FALL FASHIONS! No…I refuse. We are barely starting our summer and I don’t even want to think about it. Even on Pinterest can one start seeing ideas for Halloween and even Christmas! STOP AND SMELL SUMMER, everybody!

    This is a lovely outfit to wear anytime, anywhere during the days of summer. And those booties you linked to..OH MY! I could certainly sport a pair of those!

    Enjoy your summer to the fullest! Anita

  • Karena says:

    LOve the caftan for a cover up in the summertime, I find being stylish even at the pool or beach makes one feel so great!

    The Arts by Karena

  • Melanie LeFever says:

    I have a beautiful silk one I’ve had for years and just love it. They’re even better if they have a pocket!

  • A stunning woman; and old friend of mine said “I’ve never met a caftan I didn’t like”!!!

  • I would love to find a vintage kaftan. They were popular in the 70’s if I recall correctly. I can’t think of anything more comfy. I’m still enjoying my maxi skirt I bought last summer. It’s like having a big t-shirt on my lower half–ultimate comfort and a close second to a kaftan. Boo, fall. We just began our summer! Thanks, Vicki!

  • such fun + i agree with anita “smell the summer”. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  • Kaftans are ageless too. My little girls wear tiny ones; I stay breezy in mine too. One of the best clothing inventions in my book, too.

  • D. A. Wolf says:

    Caftans work so beautifully on some women, but… When you are Lilliputian, they are a no go. :(

    That said, they can be lovely on others!

  • Katherine Howden says:

    I love caftans but can’t seem to make them work for me. I often try one hopefully but am always disappointed with what is see! They don’t seem to work so well for the very short or the very tall (that’s me). I think any size & shape in between can carry a caftan beautifully.

    • Vicki says:

      I truly believe the taller you are the better they look…:) I think the long ones look wonderful on taller women… or the short ones over linen pants? Have you tried that, Katherine? :)

      • Katherine Howden says:

        Shorter ones over slacks are quite nice on my body shape. Yet to be convinced re the longer style!! Perhaps I need a good stylist!
        I am in London this week. Won’t be wearing either style. Too cool and showery. Hoping for a nice sunny day for Wimbledon Ladies Semi-finals in Thursday.

  • Meghan says:

    Hi Vicki

    Living in Queensland the Kaftan is a summer uniform. I love my Camilla Kaftans. Colette Dinigan made the news recently commenting that Kaftans were a lazy way of dressing to cover up ‘burger bellies’. Personally I agree with you on the three C’s and will continue to wear them in the warmer months. I will have to look up the ones you have recommended, Thanks


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