10 Aug 2014

Girl’s Night In… The Best Of The Face Masks

Venetian Mask, Mary Beth Aiello, Face Mask, French Essence

When I think of a girl’s night in … I imagine lots of chat, copious amounts of laughter and…  beauty.

I remember younger days when ‘the girls’ would get together for a sleepover and part of the fun was slathering ourselves in beauty products… in particular facial masks.

Sitting around, slathered in thick face cream … we waited…  for a transformation.

Little did I know that I was already sitting on a miracle… youthful, beautiful skin that really needed nothing more than simple looking after.

The benefit of hindsight… what a luxurious concept.

These days it’s usually me and the mask… yes, we are old friends… but not nearly as much fun as we were in a group.

I need the relaxation… the way a treatment makes you stop, even for 30 minutes.

I certainly crave the benefits… the extra nourishing and polish they provide to a mature skin.

Do I use a mask as often as I should?  No, of course not… When do we ever look after ourselves as we should?

Lately I have been trying and testing.

My top 3 are new ones for me, recommended by friends who swear by their particular favourite.

It’s hard to drag me away from my SKII love affair, but sometimes we need to mix it up a bit.

The How

use the mask at night, this allows for the greatest absorption

apply to clean skin after cleansing and toning, either use before moisturiser or do not use moisturiser, avoiding the delicate eye area

 masks are a treatment, between 1-3 times a week, depending on the mask, is sufficient

 sun screen should be used the following day to ensure that the skin is protected

The Best Of The Face Masks

divine extravagance

La Mer, The Lifting and Firming Mask… the royalty of all face masks with a price to match. Is it worth the cost? Yes… it’s beautiful and beneficial.

It should be applied sparingly so it does last… It is an indulgence and a serious luxury.

happy medium

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask… more affordable, with a divine fragrance of cucumber and rose

this is one to use more frequently… hydrating, refreshing and firming

don’t refrain

Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalising Face Mask… a sheet mask , like SKII, that works well on fine lines… the advantages of this mask are many… after a single application, there are noticeable differences… it really boosts the skin and makes it glow.

one to use the night before

p.s for uk readers the aromatherapy overnight repair mask is heaven

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Anita Rivera


I use them sparingly since I do exfoliate regularly and that has given me great results. I even use a French product (from Occitan) that is a mask for the hair. WHAT A DIFFERENCE it has made because our winter really dried out my hair. But this mask put back in the moisture that I needed. Thank you Vicki!


I use a mask on my hair too ! My face is so dry but I have allergic reactions to so many products, I tried a tiny bit of olive oil one day to see if that would soften the dry spots. I had heard women in Italy do this. It worked ! but only on the dry spots, otherwise I fear it will make me break out in spots :)


I’m a fan of a mask too. Use Sisley Black Rose twice a week…oh, what a difference. Wrinkles still
on my aged face but skin looks very well treated.
That’s what I want and can achieve now. For hair
I use Keralogy since ages and this is really one of the best products I tried.

Katherine Howden

I’ve never used masks on a regular basis. You’ve encouraged me to get into the habit. Thank you!


Hi Vicki, I encourage you to try IOMA, PARIS antioxidant mask. In the US, it is only sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. It is so rich in antioxidants and I sleep in it twice a week..no worries, it is invisible so you won’t scare your husband! This 61 year old was recently told I have the skin of a 53 year old and I must give IOMA part of the credit. It was developed by a wonderful, intelligent Parisian Man.


I would love to try it, Pam… next time I am in the US I will definitely get some… Thank you…


In June, Sephora in Paris were selling a product called Sephora Masque Lotus. It was a fibre mask impregnated with hydrating natural lotus flower extract. The masque relaxed onto the contours of my face. I tried one in our apartment and loved it – so went back for more. Think it must have been a temporary product as they’d almost run out but I managed to get three more: one to wear on the plane, one for home and one for DIL. Absolute heaven! Cool fresh and moist, so relaxing and stopped my skin drying out on the long haul between Heathrow and Singapore. Worth checking to see if they are still selling, Vicki. Wasn’t expensive – sheer bliss! Cheers, Pamela


Vicki I love a facial mask in the evening and am excited to try some of the ladies recommendations that I have not yet experienced!

The Arts by Karena

D. A. Wolf

Mon Dieu. I don’t think I’ve ever even tried a mask… What would you recommend for a ‘Newbie’ who wouldn’t mind more moisture and a little firming?

(Dare I add that I don’t want my gentleman companion (or college-aged son) to run screaming into the night at the sight of such a vision?)

D. A. Wolf

While we’re at it, do you have any 5-minute regimen recommendations for skin care (face)? I am literally a ‘splash water in the morning’ follows by a few fans of moisturizer (decent, but supermarket) girl… As was my mother (with lovely skin).

My grandmother? Ponds.


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