Round And Round… Bracelets Galore

August 6, 2014

Friendship bracelets, We Love Sugar, French essence, Vicki Archer

This summer… actually every summer… I get the urge for bracelets.

Not precious, not serious… just lots of fine pretties that embellish the wrists.

I like the way they look… more bohemian and relaxed than my everyday city life allows.

Somehow they speak summer to me… and they have a flair about them.

I wear them with the kaftan and with the vintage.

I mix them all together… and wind them around both wrists.

I add the old to the new.

They are a sweet addition to the wardrobe, they add colour to a sunny day.

Better still, we can wear as many as we want… xv

Stack Them Up

alex and ani expandable wire bangles

 the raj  //  the circle  // the angela  //  the lilu pearl  //  the lilu colourblock

monica vinader bali rose  //  dezso woven cotton and silver  //  dezso shell  //  eddie borgo rose gold bell


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