Swim Style… Just Like Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, Vintage Swimwear, Google Images, French Essence, Vicki Archer

Grace Kelly, Vintage Swimwear, Google Images, French Essence, Vicki Archer

1. seafolly boyleg one piece  //  2. topshop magnolia bandeau bikini  //  3. rosamosario kate factor leopard print high rise bikini

4. norma kamali bandeau bikini top and ruched bikini brief  //  5. topshop aloha swimsuit

6. eres molene bikini top and gredin high rise bikini briefs

Last week I went swimwear shopping with a girlfriend… she normally wears a more classic suit or triangle shaped bikini

 After a little persuasion I suggested she try the vintage style like the one worn by Grace Kelly in the photograph.

She tells me she’s not going back.

Try them… you may love them like we do… xv

p.s and then there were these… norma kamali bill mio ruched halter neck swimsuit  //  heidi klein ravello ruched bandeau swimsuit


10 Responses to “Swim Style… Just Like Grace Kelly”

  1. Anita Rivera says:

    Oh that Grace……I always identified more with Audrey because of our dark hair, but I know that if I was blond, I’d easily identify with Grace Kelly for her understated beauty is what I love. And these bathing suits are strikingly flattering because the suggestion is far more sensual that the overt styles we see. I love the styles as well that have the boy-cut shorts….I’m not sure that is the correct term, but I enjoy those for the little tease of “garçon manqué” with the feminine component of a cute bra top…..OH THE FUN!

  2. Jo Haemer says:

    Check out Popina Swimwear here in Port Or. They’ve been custom making vintage style suit for over a decade.

  3. Karena says:

    Vicki I have loved these classic swim looks for some time now, they are so attractive! I am way past trying to tan as much of my body as possible!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Sally-Ann says:

    So elegant! I am loving your new blog format by the way. Thank you for continually evolving French Essence. I never miss reading it and your suggestions I always consider. So much valuable information and inspiration. The new format even copes with my archaic internet service. Thank you again for the time and care you put into your blog and your always stylish advice.

  5. Lorraine says:

    So true about swimwear being the most difficult. I worked in a swimwear boutique for some time and found women making many mistakes based on having to have what was in fashion, not what suited their body. We can sometimes get away with this when it comes to jeans, shirts, dresses etc but with swimwear it’s different. These vintage styles I found were much more complimentary to many figure types. Classic too!

  6. Esther George says:

    Hi Vicki how beautiful and elegant was Grace Kelly? I love No. 2 and 5 I think they are elegant. Thank you for sharing beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney. PS hope your weekend is full of sunshine.

  7. miss b says:

    Firstly, what a fabulous image of Grace Kelly. Once again she looks so current, hair and make-up included! I’ve recently been considering this retro style of swimwear. I have been a fan of Seafolly bikinis for a good few years as I find the styles flattering and the fabric is excellent quality and doesn’t fade.

  8. I love # 4 … that would be good for me.
    Now if I can just take that bathing suit and go to the Riviera .. I will be content.

  9. Well done for trying and liking. I’ve tried and sadly they don’t do anything for me. Grace Kelly is just so sublime and wonderful inspiration. Jx

  10. susan cavanagh says:

    Good morning Vicki,
    check out Jets classique sqare halter neck in black and white………..very Grace Kelly…….
    I have just bought my 3rd pair from David Jones and they are sooo flatering.
    Susan from Australia

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