4 Nov 2014

Parisian Women And 5 Simple Beauty Rules

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Simple beauty rules seem to me to be what Parisian women follow.

I know that I admire the way many Parisian women look and dress.

Most of all I admire their natural appearance, their ability to look beautifully groomed but never overdone.

The less is more is really so much more when you take notice of Parisian women.

We focus on their fashion and their wardrobes, which are elegant, stylish and classical. What about their skincare, hair and make-up routines?

Do they apply the same principles?

I believe that they do.

The Simple Beauty Rules



We know that exercise is the key to looking good and feeling fabulous.

Parisian women exercise but not so much at the gym, they walk and they climb stairs. Their approach to exercise is more gentle but decidedly regular.

Mixing up the routine is paramount.



Eating the French way is easy, it is about moderation.

French women eat a little bit of a lot and they eat healthily. Less sugar is paramount. Good fats are in and packaged food is out.

The way to glowing skin is about what we consume as well as the products we apply.



The less is more approach.

The pale eyes and the red lip or the smokey eyes and a nude lip, never all together.

The red lipstick is a life saviour, French women of all ages have understood that for a very long time.

Face foundations are subtle and shading is the merest glow.

Eyes and lips are the only standouts.



Well cut and slightly messy.

That’s what I notice about the Parisian women’s hair… it’s perfect in that non-perfect way.



French women all over the country are firm believers in face and body treatments.

The theory is that if the base is the best it can be then the rest is easy.

I suspect that they don’t fret about what they can’t have but rather work on what they can.

Simple beauty rules to follow, full of commonsense. How did you go with this checklist?

I am probably rating about 3/5 today… xv

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Anita Rivera

I have got to right down these things and paste them above my writing area. Though I actually engage in all of these practices (except the for the hair and face foundation), these are GREAT reminders to keep doing what I’ve been doing for all of my adult life. I learned all of this from my dear MOTHER! She was excellent at keeping that moderation. Her red lips and subtle green eyes were always more beautiful than the most made up ladies. Simple clothing worn well and that moderation but CONSISTENCY of exercise was taught at an early age. Yes, these are the principals that I stick by! I just wish my hair would obey, however! I have super straight hair and it looks like a horse’s mane and doesn’t look right when messy!

This is such great advice Vicki. THANK YOU!

Mimi Gregor

Eating right is SO important! Sugar really is bad for you — all I needed to hear was that it ages all the cells in your body to make it an arch-villain around here. Fat, in the meantime, is NOT the enemy, provided it is the right fat. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils should be chucked in the bin. Butter, olive oil, and yes, even lard, ar all fine choices. As with everything, moderation is key. And yes, processed food will make you fat and unhealthy if that is all you eat. I’ve been reading a lot of books lately about the American diet. Anything by Gary Taubes is an excellent read if you are into all the little niggling points of the research behind it. For an overview without delving into details, I would recommend Real Food by Nina Planck. Since I have given up sugar and processed foods, drastically reduced alcohol and refined flour products, as well as switched the oils I use, my skin has never looked better and that tiny bit of tummy bloat that I had despite being thin has gone away. It really DOES start from the inside out!

Mimi Gregor

Sorry to get wordy, but I left out the most important dietary changes! (It’s morning. What can I say?) Switching completely to organically raised meats and poultry, and organic, full fat dairy products. The growth hormones and antibiotics that the industry regularly feeds to cattle will really do a number on your skin! Not to mention what it does to your health!

susan athanasakou

Like you, I’m about a 3 out of five.
On the excersice I’m ok, I swim everyday or when too cold walk around my little town.
Eating, hmm, I do try to keep things in moderation, I mostly succeed, not always!
I don’t wear much makeup, hate the “plastered on” look.
My hair is a mess….not a perfect mess! I should make more effort.
Never had any type of body treatment, too lazy?


Vicki I am always working on all 5 of these and doing pretty good, always more needed though, exercise and I love to walk!

The Arts by Karena

Gigi Thibodeau

I think I’m doing well with eating, makeup, and hair (I have an incredible stylist/colorist) these days, but I haven’t been getting enough exercise this fall, and I feel it. I’m trying to get back into my walking and biking routine so that I won’t slip into hibernation mode this winter. I think living in a place where it’s bitterly cold half the year can make it hard to keep up with one’s exercise. Last year I bought snowshoes and made sure to snowshoe a few hours a week, which helped enormously. I’ve never really had face and body treatments. Maybe this is something I need to start doing! :) xo Gigi


I used to think French/Parisian women spent more money on facials and skin products than they did on make up. Such beautiful skin wherever you go !

Living in Buenos Aires, I was lucky to have many skin care salons available as well as a fabulous hair cutter. I started wearing less makeup when living in BA.. and never getting a tan again.

After your 4rd skin cancer surgery, you sort of get over the idea that a tan is pretty.


red lipstick….I got for sure, keeping it simple is good for me, busy world too, so this is a motto…and a must on a fabulous hair cut….growing out hair is easier too as it grows it still works….I love walking & when I miss it I can tell….lift weights in my place on a long ottoman, arms and situps too, grab my yoga mat follow on youtube or gaiamlife.com

Cathy Wong

This is a perfect little list! I’m making a note of it too to keep handy. I do try to keep to a simple routine and am always grateful for these insights.
I agree with Gigi about the weather and exercise….am rethinking my exercise routine these days.

Sue Malizia

Well, since reading and following your blog Vicki, I’m getting better at all of these but #5. I’ve been faithfully working out, going to Barre 4 x a week for nine months now (I still love going as every workout is differnet). I joined our local Wellness Center,
where these classes are held and do get massages monthly, they offer a lot of beauty treatments I keep thinking I can do without…..but think I’ll start looking into their monthly specials and “go for it”… it can only help, right? :-)


I do admire the women of Paris who put together their outfits with such impecable taste and you really have to look hard to see evidence of makeup. Good skin care and haircare seem to be mostly important.
I wonder how competitive it is?
I don’t think every single female in France is a poster girl to the classic image we always have in our minds just like not all French people decorate their homes in a style we would associate with being French or tasteful. While there are many people who live up to the reputation of being thin, elegant, living in stylish homes and apartments there are those that just dont fit this stereotype. Nor is every town or village the idyllic place for cashed up foreigners to buy their perfect farmhouse or chateau. In some regions unemployment is extremely high and historical building, artifacts are crumbling while being covered in grafiti. It’s very sad. However the dream of France and Paris especially, and all that goes with it like cafe’s, bagettes, fine dining and fashion, strolling through quaint villages, stocking up on skincare products at the Farmacie, day dreaming of being lucky to find and afford that perfect farmhouse (even if it is only a fantasy for me) is something I enjoy.
Am so glad that in Australia now we can actually purchase French brand Farmacie skin and hair care products. They are really good and not expensive.


In general I think that women the world over are competitive… France would be no different and yes not every French woman is as well put together or as stylish as many are in Paris. I think that probably applies to most countries between the smaller towns and big cites. Of course the same goes for interior design.

France has many financial, political and social problems and no you are right, not every vilage is idyllic. Don’t even get me started on the policy for restoration… there is either way too much or not enough…

But as to the dream… the romantic side of France, there isn’t a better one… :) xv


I agree all these things are great! But things do happen as we age and we must do the best we can do what we can and eat healthy. Indulge now and then. Don’t beat yourself up if slip up for a while. Get back up! Laugh and love! Get laser treatments and use good products. Not necessarily expensive ones. Dress chic, look class no matter what your style is!


Red lipstick may suit French women who are mostly dark haired with light olive (or sometimes quite tanned) skin. It doesn’t always suit non-French girls with Anglo-Saxon or Celtic colouring.

I miss our Paris walks. It’s so easy to walk to destinations in Paris and in Provence – and so enjoyable. Much better than taking the Metro (unless for long distances) as the city is so much more enjoyable this way. I love to look around – the wonderful architecture, its charm, boutiques, cafes, history all about – from famous people who’ve lived in buildings along the way and plaques to remember members of the resistance who were killed nearby. Meanwhile back in Oz the suburbs are so spread out from each other and the town centres that everyone drives. Mostly too far to walk to destinations – walking has to be factored in purely for exercise and fresh air. Best wishes, Pamela


3/5. I fail on the body treatments and red lipstick – I have never found the right shade for me and besides, as a child of the ’60s, I still go for the smoky eyes, pale lips look. Facials and massages are on the agenda from now on. I also think the Paris/French dream is what drives us – not especially the reality – there are plenty of beautiful people and places in Melbourne too. And other cities around the world.

Sandra Sallin

OK, I’m 3.5 out of 5. Exercise, that’s my goal this year. Maybe stop eating orange marmalade with my yogurt. Then I would be “perfect.” :-)


I’m doing fairly well 4/5, lol ! Exercise: getting back in the groove, I bought myself a Spin bike in December, so I don’t even have to leave my house to do the exercise I love the most. My Fitbit helps motivate me to get those 10K steps each day. I miss summer because I was getting 20-25K working out in my perennial garden. Eating: it’s a daily test of willpower to keep away from those leftover Christmas treats, but with the exercise kicking in, it seems easier to make better choices. Luckily I live in an area of the US that is full of organic choices and even Winter Farmers Markets. Make-up: I’ve always been a less is more kind of girl, usually nothing but mascara in the summer and pressed powder in the winter to hide the blotchiness. Always, always wear sunscreen year-round & have been using a retinol eyecream for the last few years and wear sunglasses whenever the sun shines. Definitely not a red lipstick person, more of a light pink or sheer gloss. Hair: oh, faithfully at the salon every 5 weeks to get cut & color, easy long bobbed cut, trying to go lighter to finally go gray in a few years…my stylist is not happy about that choice, lol. Dry & style it, usually just run my fingers through it the rest of the day to get it out of my eyes. Body: getting better in the past few years, lots of mani/pedi, a few massages, I tried a facial but have some weird issues with claustrophobia and having stuff over my eyes,nose, but I have booked a super Spa Treatment during my vacation in February, so perhaps I’ll give it another go. Those roses are just magnificent!!

Rié Schneider Moratto

As a child my mother had a very chic Frence friend… she came over on holiday from time to time and would always stop by for a visit. She was the embodiment to me of French Essence, generous, stylish, at ease, with perfect posture. She passed away when I was only eight. However she has left an indelible mark in my memory… I have been searching for along time for inspiration and instruction since then. I am so happy to find your blog, its the perfect place to start again…and for a chance to enter your giveaway, a dream trip to France. Until then, I will be back again and again for inspiration. Looking forward to my subscription. Thank you! Rié


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