23 May 2017
Wanted: New Fleet Jacket

Wanted: New Fleet Jacket

Fleet jacket, army jacket, Field Jacket, camouflage jacket; whatever the name, I need a new one.

If there is one piece in my wardrobe to justify my, “cost per wear’ philosophy it is this one.

I wear this style of jacket in a series of weights over just about everything.

This season I have seen the embroidery trend take the lead over the brass buttons and the more simple camouflage style; I still like the military feel of an oversized button and equally I find the simple version extremely wearable.

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20 May 2017
How To Wear The Shirtdress

How To Wear The Shirtdress

The shirtdress has been around forever and it is the one dress I need right now.

The shirtdress is one of those dresses that works with so much, goes anywhere and saves the day mid-season. Another “what will I wear when I don’t know what to wear masterpiece”.

I have been having a lot of those days recently and I have been searching for something new and different to wear. I love my suits and black pants/ blouse “uniform” but I need a break. Not forever, it will be only for a moment. The tailored and I are soul mates.

The shirtdress is it.

Here is the trick,

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18 May 2017
Going Nude

Going Nude

Going nude??

5 ways and counting.

Ha, ha don’t panic

I am covering up more and more these days, except in my make up.

As the temperatures mount, the season trend for fresh faced beauty and neutral shades is one that I am ready to follow.

Whenever is “nearly nude” not a trend?

This natural look in make-up is one I have always loved and it is one I find even more of a winner now.

If I make up too much on my face not only do I feel silly but also uncomfortable.

Too much generally means a re-start.

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14 May 2017
Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie

Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie

Yes, the hoodie has made a comeback.

The hoodie has always been a gym staple but now its turf has widened and it is being worn out and about as fashion piece.

Can I even believe “hoodie” is in my vocabulary let alone I would be mentioning them here?

Truth time.

I wasn’t sure about this idea at all. Like all “new” trends I like to look and see before I adopt them.
I wasn’t convinced I could wear one and not look like I was in my exercise clothes.

Wrong, I can and I am.
I actually think they work and what’s more, I like them.

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10 May 2017
Can We Ever Have Too Much Denim?

Can We Ever Have Too Much Denim?

Too much denim? I think the answer is a resounding, NO.

I love denim, always have and always will. How about you?

Denim is an ageless fabric that can be crafted up in so many ways to suit so many different shapes and sizes.
Presumably that was its attraction when it was first created, an enduring fabric to fashion for practicality and durability.

When I think about the amount of denim to come through my doors over the decades for not only the children, and myself but also for David I cannot believe one fabric can have so many re-incarnations.

Our denim stories must include pretty much every whim and trim on the market.

From memory my first pair snaked over my pudgy frame at the age of ten; I didn’t care about how they looked, I was much less sensible then ;)

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8 May 2017
The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #17

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #17

Beauty is one of those extraordinary and intangible qualities.

We find beauty in the most obvious and the least likely ways and each of us interpret what we find beautiful very differently.

The joy of life is the search and the discovery of what we each consider, beauty.
For beauty is, ‘in the eye of the beholder’ and thankfully that is so otherwise life would be very black and white. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching how others interpret and never do we each see in the same way.

It is really a miracle.

As I think about the beauty secrets that aren’t those easily dispensed from a tube or those that require the hands of others I find my thoughts resting with those qualities to inspire and the attributes that help us grow as women.

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7 May 2017
The Pick Of The Eye Pencils

The Pick Of The Eye Pencils


Eye liner is a love/hate thing with me.

I like the dark upswept or heavily outlined look on others. I struggle to get it quite right on myself.

The ageing process, as much as I like it intellectually, does have some downsides.

I could blame age and a tendency for the eyes to be less wide open than they once were but in truth I was never much good at the application of eye liner.

It is a twofold dilemma.

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27 Apr 2017
The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #16

The Best Kept Beauty Secrets #16

Beauty comes in many different packages.

Being beautiful is a life long work and of course I am not meaning the physical attributes here.

Yes, most of us want to be more beautiful in whatever way is acceptable and desirous to us but deep down we know it is a lot more complicated than diet, exercise, needles, scalpels and potions.

Internal beauty requires dedication.

The kind of beauty that makes us wake up each day and feel well within, beauty that makes us engage positively with others, be generous and for the most part enrich the lives of those we love and those around us.

This is not a one, two three easy beauty secret to share; we can’t take it or buy it.

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