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Aix-En-Provence… The Sun Is Shining… Come Out To Play…

First of all, I do apologise for all the duplicate postings you have received by email last week…  I am trying to iron out these teething problems as fast as technology will allow… it’s proving harder than I had hoped…

 I hope this week… I’ll have it all under control…

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

Aix-en-Provence is one of the prettiest towns in Provence… bigger than a village and smaller than a city with an ambience that always pleases.

I often describe Aix as a baby Paris… Aix feels like that to me.

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

Aix-en-Provence is full of gorgeous people… shopping at the market, soaking up the sun and chatting over coffee.

The outdoor cafés on the Cours Mirabeau… when the sun is doing it’s Provencal shine… are where the Aixoise socialise… just as the Parisians love their outdoor cafés so do the people of Aix.

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

The women… so many of them… looked fabulous… and many were wearing monochrome.

Jeans and blazers… jeans and leather jackets… black with white, white with black… trainers… lots of trainers.

The occasional espadrille came out to play… love them with the skinny jeans and the leather jacket on the cute girl above…


A great blazer…   favourite jeans… and some ‘of the moment’ sneakers… All we need… xv


Come Out To Play

isabel marant leather jacket  //  j.crew schoolboy blazer

 nike match supreme sneakers… a little change from the new balance

 park lane wedge espadrilles // j.brand skinny jeans

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be inspired by more of the monochrome… shop french essence

shop snap 1jpg

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Olivia Palermo… Whiteout…

White On Black - Olivia Palermo


The essential elements are all there.

The addition of the white jacket to the all black changes it up… makes this simple but elegant look, perfect for the coming months.

The black pants and tee underneath are very flattering…. and admittedly we can’t all look like Olivia Palermo… but this style of dressing is very wearable at any age.


Add simple pumps or strappy booties

Wear the new season pointy-toed flat… and add a wide cuff bracelet or two.


I admit to loving this look… and will be wearing it over and over in the coming months.

Not new, not complicated… not adventurous… but sophisticated and à la mode.



divine extravagance

 stella mccartney  susanna relaxed caddy  //  theory  jannison two button double breasted  // rag and bone slash single button


happy medium

lafayette one button  //  joie mehira linen   //  j.crew linen schoolboy  //  maje leather trim


don’t refrain

trouvé notched lapel  //  olivia moon three-quarter  //  mural slouchy boyfriend

for more white on black…  shop french essence

Olivia Palermo - Google Images


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for more white on black shop french essence

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Provence… Play Misty For Me…

Provence - Vicki Archer

Home… right before the rain… no filter… no tricks… nature’s photoshop.

There is a mistiness hanging over our farm in Provence this morning. The light is perfect in one of the million different ways it can be here.

I have been absent too long from this beautiful place… and returning to the abundance of spring is truly a gift.

Provence - Vicki Archer

The wisteria is the opening act of our show right now but soon it will be competing with the iris and the lilac…

The almond, apple and pear blossoms have had their gig, although the cherry trees are still performing an encore.

Top billing must go to the rose… she stands impatiently in the wings, waiting to make a dramatic entrance before the lavender upstages her fragrance.

Provence - Vicki Archer

The garden is theatrical…  perhaps she is a musical… an opera… even a silent movie…. sometimes a drama.

 The players become better, more experienced… stronger and more potent. Age improves them and their show never gets weary.

All I know is that our garden is blessed with performers who enchant, amuse… relax and re-focus the audience.

Provence - Vicki Archer

Have a wonderful Tuesday… xv

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take inspiration from emmanuelle alt... shop french essence

Emmanuelle Alt -Shop French Essence




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Gwyneth Paltrow… Making Us Think… What Makes A Great Relationship?

The Taming Of The Shrew- Silent Movie Still.

image – taming of the shrew


Gwyneth Paltrow did get a hammering in the media for her “conscious uncoupling” statement…  like it or not, they were talked about.

On the other hand, our discussion on this subject lead me to thoughts on the qualities and elements that do make a relationship great and endurable.

~ ~ ~

Spending time with one person over a long period of time, despite the joy, is marked with challenges.

It would be naive of us to think otherwise… and to embark on a serious commitment without this understanding would be foolish. Long term partnerships require work… endless compromise and patience… but the rewards are there.

The rewards are the greatest gift of all.

~ ~ ~

I have always believed that what holds many long standing relationships together is history… a shared history.

Time together means memories are created, battles are fought and won. A life together is built, explored and developed… experiences are shared. Commonality bonds us together…

History binds us through the big and the small… Without consciously thinking about it, when we choose a long term partner, we are writing our history with that person.

Our lives will be intertwined forever… for however long we are together or apart.

A relationship cannot function on the past alone… for a relationship is a living, breathing and constantly changing momentum…

As we grow, we change, as does our relationship… but our shared experience, our friends, our family … memories of great happiness… can oftentimes give us the strength to forge on when the difficulties seem insurmountable.

~ ~ ~

Your comments of last week about relationships were instilled with great, great wisdom.

Many of you shared the same sentiments when it came to the qualities needed to sustain a long term relationship.


In summary… ten lines… ten I will remember… ten, that must surely signify a deep and profound love.


Trust, loyalty and perseverance…

Honesty and consideration for each other.

Compassion and courtesy…

Commitment and communication.

Patience and understanding… be open minded and flexible in your thoughts.

Choose your battles…

Be simpatico with your goals and dreams…

Kindness… don’t take each other for granted.

Respect and acceptance…

Friendship and laughter.


Did we miss any? What other qualities do you believe contributes to a long and happy relationship? xv


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take inspiration from emmanuelle alt... shop french essence

Emmanuelle Alt -Shop French Essence


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Charlize Theron Wears Jeans Well…

Charleze Theron - Google Images


Jeans are so versatile… and that’s what I need in my life when it comes to wardrobe decisions.

I can’t stand to be over packed when travelling and I don’t want to waste my time thinking about what to wear.

That’s why I relate to Emmanuelle Alt’s way of dressing and why I loved this image of Charlize Theron.


Sexy shoes and a plaid shirt… we can do that… Easy.

Love the strappy booties… makes a change from my favourite stilettos.

She looks relaxed, chic and stylish… whether you wear the rips or not is a personal preference.


The shirt dresses down the skinnies yet the high heels could take you anywhere.

Change the heels for the New Balance sneakers…and walk all day.

Add a jacket over the shirt… even more fancy.


Have a fabulous weekend… xv




She Wears Jeans Well

the plaids

etoile isabel marant  //  band of outsiders  // nsf rhodes // madewell ex boyfriend  // madewell penfield


the booties

aquazzura belgravia lattice  //  aquazzura sexy thing suede cutout  //  jillie bootie  //  derry open toe bootie  


shop french essence for all the extras


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