8 Jun 2017
A Touch of Rosebud Blush: Skin Illuminator

A Touch of Rosebud Blush: Skin Illuminator

A young Brigitte Bardot was the very definition of sun kissed.

The smile, the rosebud cheeks, the freckles and the luscious long blonde locks only added to her allure not to mention her killer figure.

She was the poster girl for summer and all the natural beauty it entails.

The most important beauty secrets are simple. A smile backed up with large doses of confidence and a big portion of happy are truly the start and finish to feeling beautiful.

For without the self-confidence, the laughter and a joyous nature, all the tricks of the beauty trade won’t help us one little bit.

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6 Jun 2017
The Whole Going Grey Thing

The Whole Going Grey Thing

Lately the whole going grey/being grey conundrum has been on my mind.

As most of you know I have been taking the leave-my-hair-alone approach for a couple of years now.

Let me start our discussion by saying grey hair is not for everyone and I respect that opinion.

Friends either love or hate my grey hair; on the whole most days it would seem I am winning. Yes, maybe it is ageing or should I be more specific and say it doesn’t let me fool anyone. Grey hair generally means we have been around the block a few times and seen our share. Most days I am absolutely 100 % with that but there are days I find it confronting.

I don’t wish to fool anyone else but every now and then I would happily indulge in a little self-denial.

Going grey requires large doses of patience, a fair amount of self-confidence and a not-giving-in kind of approach.

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3 Jun 2017
If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can

If Charlotte Rampling Can, We Can

Charlotte Rampling is a woman I admire not only for her creative talent but also for her style.

Yes, she is gorgeous and with a tall lanky frame made to wear just about anything and yes, I love her wardrobe choices.

When I am at a loss to find an outfit idea my go-to is a few women whose style I admire and who I think dress brilliantly for their age and stage.

There is nothing dowdy about them and nor is there anything embarrassingly ridiculous about them.
They combine a signature style with elegance and grace and avoid the dull.

Simplicity in fashion can be equally as exciting as embellishment and don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

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23 May 2017
Wanted: New Fleet Jacket

Wanted: New Fleet Jacket

Fleet jacket, army jacket, Field Jacket, camouflage jacket; whatever the name, I need a new one.

If there is one piece in my wardrobe to justify my, “cost per wear’ philosophy it is this one.

I wear this style of jacket in a series of weights over just about everything.

This season I have seen the embroidery trend take the lead over the brass buttons and the more simple camouflage style; I still like the military feel of an oversized button and equally I find the simple version extremely wearable.

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20 May 2017
How To Wear The Shirtdress

How To Wear The Shirtdress

The shirtdress has been around forever and it is the one dress I need right now.

The shirtdress is one of those dresses that works with so much, goes anywhere and saves the day mid-season. Another “what will I wear when I don’t know what to wear masterpiece”.

I have been having a lot of those days recently and I have been searching for something new and different to wear. I love my suits and black pants/ blouse “uniform” but I need a break. Not forever, it will be only for a moment. The tailored and I are soul mates.

The shirtdress is it.

Here is the trick,

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18 May 2017
Going Nude

Going Nude

Going nude??

5 ways and counting.

Ha, ha don’t panic

I am covering up more and more these days, except in my make up.

As the temperatures mount, the season trend for fresh faced beauty and neutral shades is one that I am ready to follow.

Whenever is “nearly nude” not a trend?

This natural look in make-up is one I have always loved and it is one I find even more of a winner now.

If I make up too much on my face not only do I feel silly but also uncomfortable.

Too much generally means a re-start.

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14 May 2017
Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie

Who Would Have Thought: The Hoodie

Yes, the hoodie has made a comeback.

The hoodie has always been a gym staple but now its turf has widened and it is being worn out and about as fashion piece.

Can I even believe “hoodie” is in my vocabulary let alone I would be mentioning them here?

Truth time.

I wasn’t sure about this idea at all. Like all “new” trends I like to look and see before I adopt them.
I wasn’t convinced I could wear one and not look like I was in my exercise clothes.

Wrong, I can and I am.
I actually think they work and what’s more, I like them.

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