The “At-Home” Diaries: What If? If Only? I Wish?
27 May 2020 | VA Notes Uncategorized

The “At-Home” Diaries: What If? If Only? I Wish?

Potent questions for the asking.

Do you ever reflect on the past and think, if only I did this or that? Or wish events or even life had turned around differently?

Hindsight can be a dangerous game; especially a wishing-wanting-to-change-the-past game.
We cannot re-write history, we can learn from it but we cannot change it.

Wishing our lives were different or we had made alternate decisions can only make us feel unhappy if we don’t like where we are at.

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5 May 2020 | VA Notes Lifestyle

“I strive to see a better version of my younger self and not a younger version of my older self.”

What’s It All About?
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