8 Apr 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: 10 Movies Not To Miss

The "At-Home" Diaries: 10 Movies Not To Miss on vickiarcher.com

There is movie watching going on.

Right about now, it is helping me to sit down and watch the movies I know and love  – there is a real comfort there – and one of my goals is to focus on comfort. I’m not kidding myself, there are evenings when the cosy, the warm and the familiar are all important and the only place my mind can rest. Normally I would gravitate to the latest, the “hot” new series or award-winning film but not during our lockdown.

This list is a mix; some romance, a lot of drama, a little bit of humour and a tinge of sadness. You may have seen some or all of them and many of them I have watched several times. Not all are blockbusters but that is their charm. The characters, their stories and in some cases the interiors have become old friends I welcome when I see. And old friends, they are very welcome right now.

Any ‘kindred spirits’ would like to add? xv

At Home: 10 Movies Not To Miss

I Am Love

‘At a dinner during which her husband, Tancredi, learns that he and his son Edoardo Recchi Jr. are about to assume control of the Edoardo Recchi Sr.’s lucrative business, Emma (Tilda Swinton) meets a chef named Antonio.’

Tilda Swinton – Bellissima. 


‘An American romantic comedy, Beginners is a series of flashbacks telling the story of Oliver and his complicated and difficult relationship with his father. The film is gorgeously heartbreaking, demonstrating how hurtful we are to those we love while showing the ties of mutual need that bind people.’

Anything with Christopher Plummer.


‘In 1952, Irish teenager Philomena (Judi Dench) became pregnant out of wedlock and was sent to a convent. When her baby, Anthony, was a toddler, the nuns took Philomena’s child away from her and put him up for adoption in the United States. When former BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) learns of the story, he becomes her ally.’

Judi Dench and Steve Coogan are magical together.


‘After a controlling owner (Dustin Hoffman) pushes him too far, chef Carl Casper (Jon Favreau) quits his position at a prestigious Los Angeles restaurant. As he tries to figure out what his next step should be, he finds himself in Miami. Carl joins forces with his ex-wife (Sofía Vergara), best friend (John Leguizamo) and son (Emjay Anthony) to launch a food-truck business, and the venture provides a chance to reignite his passion for cooking.’

Light, frothy and feel good all the way.

The Butler

‘After leaving the South as a young man and finding employment at an elite hotel in Washington, D.C., Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is hired as a butler at the White House. Over the course of three decades, Cecil has a front-row seat to history and the inner workings of the Oval Office. However, his commitment to his “First Family” leads to tension at home, alienating his wife (Oprah Winfrey) and causing conflict with his anti-establishment son.’

Forest Whitaker is remarkable as Cecil; nearly as good as his performance in The Last King of Scotland. 

Stuck In Love

‘A beautifully intertwined love story showing the ups and downs of a father, his ex-wife, and their children experiencing love. The film weaves the three love stories of the different generations seamlessly and leaves you caring deeply about the characters.’

Where is Greg Kinnear now? Come back to the screen, please.

 Jane Eyre

‘A sleek revision of the classic Charlotte Brontë novel, the 2011 version of Jane Eyre features Mia Wasikowska as the titular governess and Michael Fassbender as her employer-and-lover-with-a-secret, Rochester — both lending stunningly aggrieved performances to the tale of their burgeoning love affair.’

You will never think of Fassbender as Steve Jobs again.

Spy Game

‘Redford stars as CIA operative Nathan Muir, who is on the brink of retirement from the field, when he learns his protégé Tom Bishop has been arrested in China on a charge of espionage. No stranger to the machinations of the CIA’s top echelon, Muir hones all his skills and irreverent manner in order to find a way to free Bishop.’

Brad Pitt and Robert Redford – What’s not to love?

Happy Go Lucky

‘Teacher Poppy Cross (Sally Hawkins) is an eternal optimist who lives with her more cynical friend Zoe (Alexis Zegerman). Deciding she wants to learn to drive, she starts taking lessons from Scott (Eddie Marsan), a tense and downbeat instructor who believes Poppy’s levity reflects a lack of seriousness. Although they clash, Poppy is not deterred from her goal.’

The divine Sally Hawkins + Mike Leigh.

Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy

‘In 1970s England the head of MI6, Control (John Hurt), dispatches an agent (Mark Strong) to meet with a Hungarian general who knows the identity of a Soviet spy in the organisation’s ranks. However, the mission goes wrong, and the general dies before he can reveal the information. Undersecretary Oliver Lacon (Simon McBurney) calls veteran agent George Smiley (Gary Oldman) back from forced retirement to ferret out the mole and stop the flow of vital British secrets to the Russians.’

Top Secret is tops with me.

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Oh these are on my list now, Vicki, as I have never seen any of them except for The Butler (a good choice!)

Yes, it’s all about comfort right now and that is what we all need to keep us sane. What my husband and I do before we settle into a comforting evening of Netflix or favorite DVDs, is that we dance. I unplug from my online teaching presence at 5pm and we kick up our heels in our large family room and crank up the music. We are 18 years old again, swinging and swaying to all the songs we love.

We have a love for British period films. I must watch Jane Eyre; we love to escape to a world that is not this one.

Be well and safe.


You will also love the new Emma, Anita… it’s out now…
I often dance while I’m cooking… the other night David snapped me and sent it to the family WhatsApp message group… the most awful pic of me… but who cares.. our spirits were happy :)


Thanks for the recommendationVicki. I’m not a big film watcher so these will be a good starting point and do. It look too depressing – I don’t want sadness at this time. I have been watching Escape to the Chateau DIY which in case you are unfamiliar with it, is a programme following British who have purchased chateaus throughout France as we follow their progress as they renovate, decorate and add their personal touch to these wonderful buildings. It’s certainly a pleasant and interesting watch and lovely to see these chateaus standing proud and occupied in their grounds. I’ve noted a few names down to visit for some short stays.


That sounds like a great watch… love a fixer-upper ;)
I like anything with before and afters..


So good, Linda… and can you get the theme song out of your head? Not me…


I am a fan of the Australian series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (oh the wardrobe!) The feature movie was recently released on Netflix and it was the most divine bit of escapism!


LindaH and Peggy, thank you both for your recommendations. I’ve just looked these up and they sound just like something I would love to watch.
Vicki, your ‘at home diaries’ postings are such a fabulous idea as we all share books, programmes and ideas amongst a friendly bunch of ladies I’ve never met, had a conversation with but am loving their thoughts and look forward to your posts.
Thank you.


Thank you!
It’s such a wonderful community and I am very grateful to be with you during this strange and unsettling time… I am trying to write as ‘I feel it” so there is really no rhyme or reason other than what I feel like I would love to chat to you about… I do wish it were in real-time but maybe one day… :)

Shari Goodman

My husband and I have returned to the old comedy series Cheers shot in 1982 through the early 90’s. Shelly Long is divine as Diane Chambers and Ted Danson is a hunk. It takes us back to a time when life was simpler. Thank you for your suggestions.


Vicki, Di you find these movies “on demand”? I am a rookie regarding how to see old movies.


Most of them I found on Netflix … I also use Prime Amazon a lot and iTunes if they don’t have them :)

Lori Powell

Vicki…I’m a classic movie fan and have been indulging in my all time favorites, Now Voyager, A Place in the Sun, Vertigo…you get the picture. A Patch of Blue is wonderful and heartbreaking. And Funny Girl. But there are several on your list that I am going to look in to! Stay safe dear!!


You too, Lori… yes, the classics are wonderful and provide so much comfort :)


Most of those listed I have seen…and loved!
Have you watched ” The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Daniel Craig plays a great character ..
also the light hearted comedy “Paris can Wait” , Alec Baldwin & Diane Lane. A road trip from the French Riviera through Provence and onto Paris? Of course any film set in my beloved France is an instant hit for me!


Yes, I love these… and agree, anything with France… which reminds me I must watch A Good Year again… always loved that one :)


Thank you for the reminder…had forgotten about that one and the magnificent scenery throughout! Any Ridley Scott production seems to be a winner!


For those who are dancing to ease the stress- may I suggest looking up on You Tube, Sting singing Leonard Cohen’s “Dance me to the end of love”. So romantic and I think a little bit of Sting is good for everybody! Take your partners!


Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries are brilliant! I watched them on YouTube, but they are available on Netflix now.


I am not a big film watcher too as Sunflower is but in these times I scoop out old CD’s.
Yesterday I have seen “One flow over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. A movie with Jack Nicholson from 1975. On the one hand it was partly very funny but mostly serious and
sad. Anyhow a great movie. Today I will look “Sleepers” with the young Brat Pitt. I know it but it is a kind of film I can watch many times. Enjoy your movie evenings.

Jean Rowland

May I suggest Ladies in Black on Netflix (if it hasn’t already been suggested)? It is set in Sydney in the late1950’s and is utterly delightful.


That just popped up on my Netflix feed, Jean! I will download it now … thank you :)

Michelle à Détroit

Io Sono l’ amore is on my list of top ten favorites of all time. The plot line! The acting! The HOUSE! Jil Sander and Hermes! Heaven!


I haven’t seen this one Michelle…. thank you… this evening’s viewing… :)


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