14 May 2016

10 Must Watch Movies On Netflix For Style Inspiration

10 Must Watch Movies For Style Inspiration. vickiarcher.com


Must watch, style inspiration and Netflix?

Netflix and style inspiration seem like a strange combination. Not really.

When I need new direction, feel life is looking dull or in need of some refreshing influence, I often turn to cinema.

I enjoy everything about watching film from the opening credits to the final moment. The who’s who used to show at the beginning, do you remember? Now all the praise and glory remains behind and rarely gets seen. The storyline is one thing but I am a film watcher for the sets, the locations and the costumes. Whatever the era or the decade, movies are a brilliant showcase of the time period.

Fashion and interiors are my great love so even if a script is average I can still find the visuals and wardrobe insights totally rewarding.

I am sure none of these films are a first watch but for many reasons they are a great re-watch.

Netflix and the weekend; it is a comfy partnership. I am starting with Valley of the Dolls. xv


10 Must Watch Movies On Netflix For Style Inspiration


Saturday Night Fever

“Tony Manero (John Travolta) doesn’t have much going for him during the weekdays. He still lives at home and works in his Brooklyn, neighbourhood. He lives for the weekends, when he goes to the local disco and dances the night away.”

Who can forget John Travolta and that white suit.


“Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is only 12 years old, but is already familiar with the dark side of life.When her family is murdered by crooked DEA agent Stansfield (Gary Oldman), Mathilda joins forces with a reluctant Léon to learn his deadly trade and avenge her family’s deaths.”

Natalie Portman’s debut and those biker boots.

The Great Gatsby

“Nick Carraway (Sam Waterston) is a young man from the Midwest living modestly among the decadent mansions of 1920s Long Island. He becomes involved in the life of the mysterious Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford), a rich man who throws the most lavish parties on the island.”

The original and best.

Anna Karenina

“Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley), the wife of a Russian imperial minister (Jude Law), creates a high-society scandal by an affair with Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a dashing cavalry officer in 19th-century St. Petersburg.”

For the sets and costumes alone.

Valley Of The Dolls

“In New York City, bright but naive New Englander Anne Welles (Barbara Parkins) becomes a secretary at a theatrical law firm, where she falls in love with attorney Lyon Burke (Paul Burke). Anne befriends up-and-coming singer Neely O’Hara (Patty Duke), whose dynamic talent threatens ageing star Helen Lawson (Susan Hayward) and beautiful but talentless actress Jennifer North (Sharon Tate).”

60’s everything to ogle.

Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s

“Giorgio Armani, Candice Bergen, Manolo Blahnik, Isaac Mizrahi and others offer a peek behind the backroom doors and into the inner workings of the iconic Manhattan department store.”

A visual treat and temptation galore.

Bill Cunningham New York

“Bill Cunningham, one of the mainstays of the New York Times, has been a contributor to the renowned newspaper for many decades. He’s also an incurable and eccentric chronicler of fashion, tirelessly snapping photos of and writing about interestingly attired celebrities and ordinary New Yorkers.”

An insider look at this New York legend.


Iris pairs the 87-year-old Maysles with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity.”

A feast for the fashion senses with a most endearing woman.

Advanced Style

“Street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen and director Lina Plioplyte dive into the personal lives of New York City’s most fashionable women over 60. In an industry obsessed with youth, these older women dispel conventional ideas.”

Ari Cohen has opened our eyes to advanced style.

Dior And I

“Dior and I brings the viewer inside the storied world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at the creations of Raf Simons’.”

“Multilayered, meticulously woven and a model of its kind, the docu deserves a place on specialised screens as well as TV.”

Visual beauty that had me teary by the finish.

image from the iris apfel documentary

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Anita Rivera

I also enjoy watching GOOD movies for fashion tips, home décor (all European) and many other inspirational moments. What a lucky woman, in her older years, to be the iconic figure for Advances Style! It’s really never too late for some to be famous!

Mimi Gregor

I find that films influence me all the time. Back when Brideshead Revisited with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews was first shown, I fell in love with the clothing. I wore winter white all year round and lots of hats. My current fashion/film fixation is Amelie. She only wears a few clothing pieces during the whole film, which is in keeping with the whole capsule wardrobe concept that I’ve adopted. The pieces are not blatantly sexy, but are decidedly feminine: that wonderful red lace trumpet skirt (which I found in a black! Score!)… her tops that are low enough to show off her lovely clavicles, but not low enough to show too much… the red jacket with the nipped-in waist (which I am still looking for!). And for that touch of vinaigrette, she wears this feminine clothing with a pair of clunky Doc Marten style boots. (She does do a lot of walking, so they are very practical.)


I think Brideshead Revisted is one of the very, very best series ever filmed. I have lost count of the times I have watched it but I am mesmerised every time.. I am still planning to visit Castle Howard and maybe this summer I will get there. The scenes in Venice, Laurence Olivier… the whole series is absolutely incredible.

I love your attitude to fashion, Mimi because you really know what you like and what suits.. :)


Now that’s a great list Vicki! Loved Priscilla Queen of the Desert – lurex, sparkles, heavy makeup & platform shoes. Flashdance – leotards, leg warmers & headbands, time to revisit them? xx


So agree about Brideshead. The most wonderful series ever made. Can watch it over and over again. And all the others you’ve named. Also, almost any movie with Audrey Hepburn, particularly those where she was dressed by Givenchy. In addition: Tea with Mussolini; The Leopard; The Devil Wears Prada; Something’s Gotta Give (particularly for the interior design);- and, there are heaps more. Best wishes, Pamela

Mimi Gregor

Oh, god, yes — Audrey! I nominate her as the Goddess of Style. Even though I do not dress like her exactly (no one should dress like anyone else exactly), she has been an incredible influence. My idea of the perfect LBD was predicated on Holly Golightly.


I’m watching Poirot on Netflix (again!) for the gorgeously costumed men and women of the 1930’s. Oh, and for the English manors, and the murder mystery too! Thanks Vicki!

Jeanne Visser

Vicki you took most of the words out of my mouth: movies are not just for cinematography, story line, characters, etc, but interiors (right down to kitchen tools in the old European films)…exteriors, cloth (as in fabric), CLOTHES, shoes, attitudes,…The opulence in the Great Gatsby never ceases to awe….this is why I love older movies, because the camera doesn’t move around as much and one gets a chance to get a better look — modern films move so fast my head spins. . And I love a dvd because I can pause, have a good look, and even replay!

Mimi Gregor

Or even do what I do, and take notes. When you find a movie that resonates with you, it is for a reason, and I think that it is important to suss out what that reason is. It’s like a puzzle, and it’s kind of fun fitting together all the clues that tell you things about yourself.

Taste of France

I recently saw Dior and I and loved it. These all look great–Bill Cunningham is a weekly must since the days when he was only in print–Advanced Style and Iris are so unconventional. Great mix of old and new.


I just watched Roman adventure with Troy Donahue and Suzanne Pleasette. So romantic and the music ahhhh so sweet. I love love love the clothes.
La la la la la la la


How about some classics for décor, style and fashion?
-“Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House” 1948
-“The Philadelphia Story” 1940
-“Bringing Up Baby” 1938
-“The Thin Man Series” 1934-
….. and some more recent films
-“The Parent Trap” 1998
-“Somethings Gotta Give” 2003
-“The Holiday” 2006
-“Its Complicated” 2009


I recently saw The Danish Girl and was fascinated by the transformation Eddie Redmayne’s character makes over the course of the film. Not just a man moving inside a woman’s clothes, it’s the shape underneath and how the clothes drape, even affecting posture, that made the costumes a star in their own right. Of course, Paris in the 20s was a great time for anything, but the wardrobe!

Judy M

Iris….what an icon. Last October she was enjoying the same restaurant in New York as my husband and I. As she left, she came over to our table, introduced herself and asked where we were from. When we said ‘Brisbane, Australia’, she told us that she bought her first piece of sterling silver jewellery from there just after she married Carl. She thought we seemed a lovely couple and remarked how long she was married to Carl. No doubt she misses him greatly. Another love story!


Leon was such a good film ! We saw it a couple of times :)
And I am happy to see anything that Gary Oldman is in .. he is brilliant.


One of my favorites! We’ve watched it two or three times, over the years. Think it’s about time to rent it again!


I recommend any film Nancy Meyers film! Somethings Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, The Holiday, The Intern- all inspire with set design and fashion. All powerful women, but the first two films mentioned showcase women of “a certain age” who are beautiful, confident and inspiring. In that same vein, you must binge watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix. It’s hilarious and heart warming how these two-Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin become friends in the midst of outrageous circumstances. Also-beautiful sets, fashion and 2 gorgeous women!


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