13 Oct 2008

19, rue du Bourg Tibourg…

Behind this discreet doorway is the Hotel Boug Tibourg.
Situated on the street of the same name, it is right in the middle of the Marais quartier.


The Hotel Bourg Tibourg is a petite boutique style abode that has been reinvigorated by the legendary Costes brothers and decorated by the internationally renowned Jacques Garcia.


The decor is neo-Gothic, almost Byzantine, where the romantic and the oriental cross paths in a crazy colourful palette.
The signature Costes scent and music permeates every nook and cranny and the soft furnishings are a luxurious mixture of velvets, tapestries and silks.


Garcia’s attention to detail is evident in every facet of this hotel’s re-design.
The choice of fabrics and trims on the sofas and chairs, the striped carpets, the window treatments, the light fittings and the furniture selections.


The salon that faces onto rue du Bourg Tibourg is one of those rooms that make me want to kick my shoes off, curl up on the ornate sofa and flick through some of the magazines loitering around the hotel.
On the other side of the room, a Gothic panelled door leads to an outdoor courtyard (teeny, tiny) but the illusion of green space and the sound of running water adds plenty to the ambience.


Downstairs is the breakfast room. The spiral stone staircase was a decorative dream, another Garcia touch, with the heavily fringed damask curtain to break what would otherwise be a bleak little space.
This stone vaulted basement has been treated with as much, if not more attention, than the salon upstairs – reinforcing the idea that any space can be made beautiful if one has the imagination.


Wonderful details – the leopard print ‘Rubelli’ fabric and the fringing detail on the lamp shades and the chair arms.
The breakfast was absolutely delicious – fresh raspberries and strawberries, a small platter of figs, creamy natural yogurt and fresh baguettes and pastries – still warm, with the most delicious peach preserves.

 The bedrooms are very small, but again, rich and luxurious fabrics seem to make up for size.

The use of space is so effective – the Gothic niches take the place of bedside tables and the elaborate lampshades float overhead.

 The bedding is simple – crisp white linen and nothing else. Again, the curtain treatment breaks the plain walls and draws the eye upwards.

One thing I notice about all Costes establishments in Paris, is that they are very dark. The subdued lighting is about creating a chilled ambience not about practicality.


The Hotel Bourg Tibourg is not inexpensive, nothing in Paris is, nor is it as expensive as some, but what a little jewel box to visit… xv

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ness lockyer

Beautiful. Now you can slap me if you want…out of all the gorgeous things in this place, I love the number 19 above the door…slap me now!!
Ness xx

Miss Kris

Hi Vicki~

What a charming hotel! I love all the little details, lovely books to browse through, all the beautiful prints & of course my favorite the tassel at the top of the spiral iron!

Thanks for sharing your visit to Paris! I get to pretend, with every post I read ~I’m back there! Merci Vicki!

Paris Atelier

I love the lights above the bed in the last photo!
My goodness, I must say that I am so excited that you have visited my page & left such nice comments! I just purchased your book & I cannot wait to put the baby to sleep tonight, steep some Jasmine tea, & curl up to read it! I am very excited!
Thanks again! Love your page & you!!!
Paris Atelier

Visual Vamp

So sexy and dense and Autumnal! I love the Costes touch!
Your Paris posts are just fantasitc!
Please give Carla my best regards and tell her I am eagerly awaiting her book Paris Tango!
And what are you two working on????!!! I know it will be great!
xo xo

Fifi Flowers

It looks quaint and charming! When I was in Paris I stayed at a lovely hotel called the Balmoral near the Arc de Triomphe… I would stay there again… LOVED it!


Wonderful hotel ! Such a source of inspiration ! I want to get into this special Costes world ! Great post , I love the pictures


I was told that the Costes brother’s wanted their hotels, especially their Coste Hotel, to look and smell like their Grandmother’s home which must have been very dark. I’ve always thought the same thing. How can I read in this light?


Another over-the-top Jacques Garcia exotic creation…
I can easily imagine taking a whiff of Luten’s l’eau d’orange very nicely in that setting…


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