9 Apr 2009

The Barometer Says Rain Ahead

I have always had a thing for French barometers and their clock like faces, hand painted to reveal the weather conditions.
Storms, heavy rain, mixed showers or a beautiful day – it is all I really need to know about the weather.
Barometers, or the old fashioned ones at least, are generally so much more decorative than the weather man on the television.
I know that he is a font of information when it comes to highs and lows moving across the country, weather maps, graphics and radar – but for someone unscientific like me it is enough to take a glance each day at our barometer.
I vote for pretty every time and prefer to leave the serious stuff to the experts, xv.

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Your post takes me back to my childhood when we had a barometer hanging on the wall in our dining area. Not a day went by without one of us looking at the information on the barometer. I had forgotten all about it until reading your post – I think my older brother has it now (I must ask him). Makes me want to hang a barometer in my own home. They’re beautiful to look at and they serve such a practical purpose too. Lee :)

The Pink Poodle

dear Vicki…
I could do with that barometer here in melbourne..

no rain…still a drought..

MAYBE this gorgeous piece could send a lovely spell of rain over lovely OLD melbourne town!!
have a lovely easter spell vicki..

xx andrea

Paris Atelier

Vicki, Pretty and useful. I love the idea of using a barometer instead of the weatherman. I have never seen one in person, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled now.
Best Wishes,


Vicki, it’s beautiful and just perfect for our rainy Easter here in Brisbane. There were people sitting under towels in the rain on our beaches today! Silly Southerners! Happy Easter! A-M xx

Things That Inspire

Ever since I ‘discovered’ French barometers last month, I have been looking for one to purchase. Unfortunately, the antique ones cost a small fortune here in Atlanta! The top antique stores in town have a few beautiful, beautiful models. This one is stunning too.


Pretty almost always wins over practicality for me! I have my late Father’s barometer, however it isn’t very accurate~ but good looking, so it’s made the cut!


I also love French barometers-the more French, detailed and gilded, the better. But I don’t need one in So.California–always (almost) sunny. Which means that whether the barometer works (or not) is not important–it’s the case that matters! Thank you.

Dzintra Ingrid

And what a gorgeous Barometer you have there Vicki…beats the Weather Man hands down I reckon!!!
Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter break…and of course lots of lovely chocolate ♥x

home before dark

My husband says he wishes he had a job like the weatherman who is almost always wrong and never gets fired! I agree about the pretty. My mother-in-law collected all kinds of clocks for their cases & faces and didn't give a hoot about accuracy. When she was alive there would be clocks chiming somewhere all over the house. Of the clocks we inherited, we set them a 6 p.m. and don't wind them. Time for a glass of wine without reverberations.


We had bad rain on MOnday. I hope we dont have anymore soon.

The barometer is cool.

I guess we must remember that April Showers bring May Flowers!

A Gift Wrapped Life

Of course you prefer your barometer, look how gorgeous it is!
What a beautiful piece, I enjoy the things you focus your attention on….have a rain-free weekend, we all need a nice weekend
weather-wise for a change


Oh, this is a GOR-geous barometer. I am now officially in barometer envy. If there wasn’t such a thing, there sure is now!

Callie Grayson

they do have such a charming look about them.
i should place one in my home, if the paper work goes through and I close at the end of the month.
one would be perfect! love the gilding

Ms. K

I’ve actually never seen a French barometer and this one is beautiful. I love the first description on the bottom left: Tempete! Do they have French barometers for the French?! A lovely weekend and Easter to you!


Such a beautiful piece Vicki, it’s not often something practical is so stunning. Now can you please work on making my microwave/washing machine/ refrigerator as gorgeous as this!
Millie ^_^

Cote de Texas

my bucket list. for sure. the one thing i obsess for. they are just soooo expensive here – the beautiful 18th or 19th century ones from France – and are there any other kind? i will get it one day. i just need a good job to make a huge commission on first!!!!


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