8 Sep 2011

little white lies…les petits mouchoirs

I had heard much about this film, Little White Lies from famed director Guillaume Canet…and as one of France’s biggest box office hits…I was looking forward to watching it…all 154 minutes of it…

It is a French, Big Chill with a good soundtrack but not as good. It is a similar story…a group of thirty something Parisians, all best friends, holiday every year at the seaside. This particular year is tinged with sadness as one of the ‘besties’ is in hospital suffering from a near fatal accident. They decide to go, regardless of his delicate condition and despite underlying tensions between them; they are all harbouring little secrets, les petits mouchoirs, from each other.

Little White Lies is one of those films that doesn’t quite live up to expectation but that doesn’t mean it is not enjoyable. It is a little long and some of the characters didn’t gain my sympathy in time…yet I watched it to the end. It is like many French movies where the stars of the show are the emotions and the plot is secondary…it is just a vehicle to transport the emotions onto the screen. Little White Lies has all the ingredients that make French films so interesting to watch….the dynamics between friends, between couples….brooding and confused sexuality….misplaced loyalty and obsession….

If you have the time rent the movie, it is worth a watch, if for no other reason than to gaze at the glorious Marion Cotillard, listen to the world’s most beautiful language and to be reminded of how great The Big Chill was….and still is…xv

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♥ Braja

I loved your daily click, Vicki…absolutely no words required :) I also loved Big Chill; I'm downloading it to watch, your post made me want to :)


I saw it and completely agree with you! Loved the soundtrack almost more than the movie itself. It is enjoyable though and most def worth watching just for the music, the atmosphere and the gorgeous Marion Cotillard:) x LondonZest


Definitely looks like a must see even if it doesn't quite live up to the hype. So funny, I just watched Big Chill again last weekend – an always relevant classic!


Oh I fell in love with marion in Midnight in Paris and then rented La Vie en Rose! Thanks for reminding me of The Big Chill. That was a great movie wasn't it.

And V, I'm rereading My French Life and was going to email you and Carla and tell you how much I'm loving it ……again! Carla and I had coffee in Paris last January and I hope I'll be able to see her again this visit. It's a beautiful book. Merci.


My kind of movie Vicki, thanks for the tip. I have a feeling I will need a few tissue boxes around me when I do. I am such a sap!

Jeanne xxx

Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle...

The French adored this movie (my brother asked for the dvd for his birthday a few months ago.) It feels a bit long indeed, but the cast is amazing: Marion Cotillard, the only international star, but also Francois Cluzet, Jean Dujardin, and more. All familiar faces in French cinema. I enjoyed the story — and that gorgeous house they shot it in. This was Guillaume Canet's second movie if I am not mistaken. I preferred his directorial debut a couple of years ago, "Ne le Dis a Personne", (Tell no one) an excellent thriller, with Francois Cluzet and Kristen Scott Thomas. Canet and Cotillard just had a baby together three months ago. With such genes, that little boy is going to be extraordinarily talented and good looking! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

The enchanted home

Cannot wait to see it! My nephew is friends with someone who worked on the film so I heard about it about a year ago and I am intrigued..loved the cast and thanks for the reminder, I can tell this is going to be a great movie!!


I love the way the French make everything sound so beautiful, even little white lies…looks like a great movie, I will definately check it out, Thanks for the post.


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