9 Sep 2011

madonna..queen of the butterfly…

Madonna at the Venice film festival wearing a Vionnet creation…
I am undecided…which means….probably not so much….
Love it or hate it?

image – here

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I don't like it , I think it looks cheap.Might be because I really don't like Madonna and that might be colouring my view.

However I really like your blog and your books and look forward to reading this every day. Thank you.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Weird…. the red sunglasses put it over the top! Way too much! I like the dress and I think it would look much better if the butterflies were in another (softer) color. The sunglasses and the red lipstick are way too 80's! But again, we're seeing Lady Gaga and Rhianna being called as fashion icons when all they wear are totally extravagant fashion. Not classy, not a classic!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Carrie C.

I'm not a fan, but perhaps it's the combination with the glasses that really turns me off at first glance.


Girls's just wanna have fun…. and that she is. I thought it was Jerry Hall at first…getting the 80's vibe here. I know the sunglasses are getting a thumbs down but I have to say I like them. I am with you on the dress..

Have a great weekend Vicki. Just got back from Petersham's…I can see what you mean, L-O-V-E.

Jeanne xx


The glasses make the entire ensemble!It's too long………no I'm with you could have been better.

this is Belgium

whether one likes Madonna or not, whether her dress is the right one for her or no, objectively speaking. I am impressed by the way she has fun walking the catwalk or at least making it seem like that.
She is on the Vionnet website wearing this dress.


I have a long black velvet dress that has beaded butterfly appliques on it, so I do kinda love Madonna's dress. I wore mine when I played my harp at a reception for Mikhail Gorbachev several years ago. Not the Venice film fest, but still an exciting gig!

count it all joy

I want to like it….I'm a fan of the drape-y style of gown. Perhaps it's the colour combination and the sunglasses that's slightly off-putting? Anyhoo, she looks like she's having a great time so she has to get points for that:) Meredy xo


Not really a dress to flatter her sinewy arms and the colour seems all wrong for her skin colour and sunglasses do not suit either….I also fall into the "not a big fan" team, however, I still admire her tenacity and success…just find her personality hard to appreciate!

So, guess that means a big NO to the dress


Is she trying to be a leader in fashion? She's better off being a follower, I think. She could look so classy if she chose to. Don't like the red glasses either. Kathi

Karen in CT

.. great dress, and she's wearing it well … nice with the red carpet, and the sunglasses set it off … I don't know Madonna, so can't tell you if I like her or not .. however this is probably the the nicest dress she has ever worn.


While at the Vienna film festival she snubbed a fan who gave her a bouquet of hydrangea's. She reportedly said of the floral gift; 'I absolutely loathe hydrangea'.
No style – no manners.

déjà pseu

If you look at the dress from just the thighs up, it almost looks like a jumpsuit. Skirt is WAY too long; she looks like she's standing on it. The sunglasses are the one part I like though. It's like she's channeling her 80's Desperately Seeking Susan persona.


Lighten up ladies! Not chic, but shows personality, style and joie de vivre. Who wants to be chic all the time! Though agree on the hem length – a little dangerous to walk in.


I like the dress very much, it could be stunning on a different type of a woman; perhaps on a much younger, willowy brunette with a different personality….here it only accentuates madonnas older than her arms..sorry, old girl should have known better!

La Bella Figura Beauty

I think it's the way she's wearing it. I think on someone else that's a bit curvier like Kate Winslet. Also she needs to get rid of those red sunglasses, that just kind of makes the dress look a bit silly.


I agree this dress is for a younger woman.
No matter how much we workout the best we can be is a fit older woman…and what's wrong with that? Over kill never works.


Looks like the dress is made from curtains, doesn't fit her well and definitely doesn't flatter her. Between the dress and the hair (also unflattering) she looks like an aging sex symbol. She could still be outrageous and look good. I think she needs a fashion advisor.

Mélanie A.

Not that much . I like butterflies pattern abd its symbol but I don't like the mix between the 2 colors , may be I just don't like Madonna in that dress


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