16 Jul 2012

The Provencal Market… Eygalieres… What we found

The Friday morning market in Eygalieres is a good one. This small village turns it on in the summer time and the stalls are full of temptation. We took our friends to not only see the village but also to see what all the fuss was about when it comes to a Provencal market… One of them had never been before… and seeing a place through the eyes of someone for the first time is so re-freshing… almost like starting over… Our first stop was baskets… My rule about baskets… you can never have too many

Then we moved on to the espadrilles… At the market in Eygalieres, they had so many gorgoeus colours and sizes… I went all pink… and am now wearing a stripey pair… I love them worn like a scuff with a caftan… It officially feels like summer when the caftans and espadrilles are the forefront runner in the wardrobe

Hats, like the baskets, can never be too many… This straw one with the grey ribbon came home with us… it looked so cute and perky, my friend couldn’t resist

My daughter and I, went with the wider brims and the pink bands… I still can’t believe I bought another hat

My last words on baskets…. ‘ no more’… What’s that expression… ‘famous last words’…? I think it could apply here…

For a touch of Provence

Espadrilles… here… and if you dare… here

A shopping basket to love… here… and a raffia darling… here

The Fedora hats… so quirky and stylish… here… and here… or for a wider brim… here

and Exploring the Flea Markets of France… an invaluable guide if you are planning a trip this way

Have a brilliant, brilliant weekend… See you next week… xv

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Heather in Arles

Ooh! Leave it to Eyglieres to have the cute stuff! I am so there. Loving the wide brim floppy with the pink band and those espadrilles look far better than the “Provencal but Made in China” that I often see here…

Bon weekend Vicki–happy to know you are surrounded by friends and family… :)


How fabulous, wish I was there….I would have bought that hat, a basket & espadrilles too, they are absolutely lovely :) Xx


We just came back from the market in St. Tropez and I took lots of photos of exactly the same things!

Anita Rivera

I HAVE TONS of baskets and I often say, “NO MORE -PAS DE PLUS!!!” But I cannot resist. I have one of those large totes that I brought home with me from Nice. My excuse was that it was necessary to use it to carry MY OTHER purchases!!!

Happy day, Vicki!


Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

I love the markets of Provence and can’t get enough of the baskets and espadrilles. Good thing I didn’t see that great selection of colors of espadrilles or I would have had to have one of each. I wish all of the lovely colors were more available in the US.


My tootsies have been tucked away in thick tights & boots for what seems like an eternity during ths particularly long, cold miserable Adelaide Hills winter. To say the sight of these cute espadrilles got the pinkies tingling with excitement & anticipation would be the understatement of the decade!!
Millie xx


We could all learn a lesson or two about buying baskets {or market bags as I call them}. We all go off to the grocery store with canvas bags to bring home our groceries. I keep promising myself that I’m going to purchase pretty baskets like the ones you’ve shown and stylishly start a trend at my local grocer.


Ahh I loved this! Thank you. I haven’t been to a market in France in years. I’m overdue. Vicki please send more pictures, of some of the shoppers if you can. This was delightful to wake up to.


Vicki: These photos provided a much-needed virtual vacation. I haven’t been to France in a few years, and must get back. The baskets alone are such an inspiration.

Callie Grayson

Oh those baskets are wonderful, I am looking for one and I love the colours on these! And those hats, I need a few more for my collection. I am going to check out your links
I would one day, just love to go to that market. I will have to add it to my places to visit.


What a lovely blog, I love French markets and I would definitely buy a hat and a basket too. Can,t go without baskets. I am going to follow you
Riet, Holland


Thanks for the links..but I want one of the baskets in your photo..and I WANT TO BE THERE TO BUY IT.. I have been there a couple of times, once LONG in the past, and once in the not so distant past..but just hope that I live long enough to get there again.
You sure make me remember so many good times..as I am here helping my husband recover from a heart problem. How lucky we were to do these things together.


I absolutely love these hand crafted accessories – the espadrilles are perfect for summer, along with those floppy hats! would love to visit this market someday


Oh la la, knowing myself, it won’t be one of each, more like two or three of each. I know those famous last words very well but never have the will or fortitude to stick to it. Thank you Vicki for the tour of the Eygalieres markets. Everything looks tempting.



I booked our plane tickets to Provence last week and we are soooo excited!!! Now to plan out what markets on which days…

Happy weekend ~


:) T

p.s. would love to meet up with you for lunch or dinner if you are still up for it…we are staying in Arles and are there the first week in Sept.

tania reby

i love , love espadrilles in silk, in coton , in linen in …. but espadrilles must be bought in France but in south ouest where women still do them by hand , even you can bring your own cloth !!!!and also you can embroidery your cloth and bring it to do your espadrille!!!!! In basque country this is our traditon for so long .
be careful not to buy some made in ……

nice week end


Vicki I always love to see the French market images. The masses of baskets, hats and espadrilles…all of the items to complete a summer outfit with panache!

Art by Karena


Oh dear, how this is making me want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW!
Baskets, espadrilles, hats (though they don’t look good on me)…the colors, scents of Provence…pure BLISS!
So glad you had a fun day with your friend, chere Vicki…
– Irina

Francisca Matteoli

I wrote a story on Eygalières in my book “Flea markets around the world” and always include Provence in all my books ! Thank you for sharing your pictures of this wonderful place.

A travel writer in Paris… in love with Provence too.

Francisca Mattéoli


I love the Missoni espadrilles Vicki…and they would go beautifully with your new hat. I can never have enough hats…very pretty


You are so right that you can never have enough baskets… I use them all over the apartment and carrying stuff everywhere I go. I have never been to that market and it looks great. I will keep that one in mind for the next trip to Provence. I love the Apt market and the Aix market too. Thanks for a great blog.

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

This would be dangerous territory for me, Vicki! I love everything here. So fresh. I see several hats and bags I would love to have, and the espadrilles are perfect.
As always, you find the most fabulous places.
Happy Monday.

Jamie Herzlinger

Happy Summer! I TOTALLY agree with you, you can never have to many bags, hats, or shoes!
And these colors are so refreshing for summer; like wearable breaths of fresh air!
I loved keeping up with your blog!
Love, Jamie Herzlinger

Jess Flett

I have never been to a french market but it is very high on my wish list. I love seeing these posts and am very happy that when my time comes to explore them I will have a great list of recommendations. Thank you!

P.S I love all things baskets, hats and espadrilles…I’m envious of your gorgeous purchases. Your guests are very lucky.


Judy Bales

Went to Sault on our way up to the top of Mt. Ventoux last week and found a lovely flea market. Great old things that would probably sell for 3 times as much at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Beautiful china graduated kitchen storage containers with French script and floral banding – 6 in all for EU 8.00! I am back in California now and am enjoying this special memory of a beautiful place.

Corrina Tough

Hi Vicki, I know this is an old post but I was reminiscing about our trip to Provence last year and our visits to Egalieres whilst we stayed nearby. Your post came up when I was googling markets. I just loved it there. xx Corrina.


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