17 Jul 2012

Tomatoes Provencal

It’s been a busy week… Lots of guests and loads of fun

I enjoy cooking but I would not say that I was a brilliant cook… what I try and do is use the freshest ingredients in the most simple way. It works for me and it means that I can cater for many and still spend the time with my friends… I have learned that entertaining is only a success when it is enjoyed by all… Slaving away and producing gourmet fare does not make for an engaging hostess… I wish I could do it all, but I know my limitations

I have a tomato recipe that I learned from Christiane, a Provencal woman… my tomatoes aren’t quite as good as hers, but they are pretty delicious… and getting better every time… The secret is in the ripeness of the tomato and in the slow cooking time… Try them… your guests will love them… and a little tip… cook double the amount you think you will need… because there are never enough…

Tomatoes Provencal

For 10 people I would cook 15 tomatoes

Pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees


Choose tomatoes that are as ripe and as red as possible without being over… I always buy them 4 days before I need them and leave them on the table in the kitchen to ripen

Wash them and cut the tops off… about one third into the tomato

Place the tomatoes face up on a flat non stick baking tray

Add 5 or 6 generous cloves of garlic to the tray

Splash olive oil over the tomatoes… a generous pour but don’t drown the tomatoes…

Sprinkle liberally with sea salt … this salt makes all the difference… and Le Saunier de Camargue is my favourite…

Bake in the oven for at least 4 hours… and then turn the oven off and leave them in there for another hour or so… they can even be cooked overnight but remember to drop the temperature right down..

Serve on a platter and scatter fresh basil on top…


These tomatoes are delicious served warm or cold… their caramelised texture is perfect with barbecues… or as an accompaniment to salads… Try them… I think you will love them… xv

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Looks delish! I agree using the freshest ingredients and simplifying food does make more time to actually be the best hostess when entertaining.
We went to friends for dinner the other evening and everything was fresh and light and perfect for a summer evening.


These tomatoes look scrumptious …I’ll have to try this recipe! Sweet ripened tomatoes are absolutely my favorite for a simple summer salad ;) Merci…

A Gift Wrapped Life

Those tomatoes looks quite yummy Vicki! We love our tomatoes here in the tomato capital of Canada and always looking for ways to prepare them. Will definately try these. Have fun with all your company and hope the weather is lovely too. Much love xo


I recall my first trip to France at age 15, and the wonders of the French Table, both in Normandy and then in Provence. Seeing these tomatoes brings me straight back to that time in life, though I never tried these myself.

Time I rectified that situation. These look gorgeous!


Hi Vicki, These look divine–and so easy. I just wish that we had the perfect organic (without trying) tomatoes that are every where in France. I’m going to try them this Sunday. Have a super week with all of your guests. Are the DD’s home?


One is.. one isn’t… I will be making these again this weekend as one of them has a birthday party!… xv

Tonya and Rob - Our French Inspired Home

These look great and sound so easy to make, especailly for a party like you mention. I hate running around preparing food when we have guests. A few years ago to make it less stressful, we started having cooking parties, where the point of everyone coming over was to cook and share together in the kitchen. When we do this we never need to worry about getting every little thing done before they arrive. This has worked out really well. I look foward to trying your dish! Thanks

Amy Kortuem

YUMMY!!!! I didn’t plant tomatoes this year…for the first time in 15 years. This makes me wish I had. But I’ll just have to get my shopping basket and head to the farmer’s market on Saturday so I can get some to make these.

Isn’t it funny – I hated tomatoes when I was little. Now I eat at least 2 every single day! These are great with pasta, I’ll bet. (What kind of tomatoes did you use?)


These look like the perfect summer accompaniment- thank you! I am in the process of collecting simple but delicious meal ideas for a project I am working on and these are going into the mix!

Have a great rest of your week,


Vicki, I just returned from Provence with my daughter. We had such a wonderful trip and took much of your advice from past posts. Thank you so much! We particularly enjoyed your restaurant recommendations; they were by far the best meals we had and the least “touristy”!

Just a quick question on these beautiful tomatoes, and I feel silly asking, but I assume the oven temperature you are using is Celsius?

Thank you for your lovely daily dose of France.

Jeanne McKay Hartmann

Sounds delicious, Vicki! Our tomato guy at the market has a “seconds” bin – or tomatoes that are just a hair from being over ripe. I bet they would be perfect in this recipe. I’ll have to give them a try. Yum!

Veronique Savoye

These made me hungry, and It is only 7:00am in Seattle, Vicki. They remind me of the tomatoes my grandmother used to make for us in the summer. Bon appétit! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


We have so many tomatoes this year…that is a good thing and your preparing Tomatoes Provencal, even better. It will be a great addition to our meal!


Hi Vicki!

I’ve made these before and LOVE them. Serving by themselves, or over fish.. yum! Such pretty dishes from Anthropology. I adore their small bowls.

We just returned from France and loved every moment. So excited to see your blog post first thing this morning.

Enjoy your day!

Carolyn Bradford

Yum! This sounds wonderful and I will be making this very soon! Thanks so much for sharing such a divine looking recipe! I also love the plates! I’ve been studying them every time I’m in Anthropologie! Which is quite often I might add!


looks delish! thank you for sharing. I love Le Saunier de Camargue and it is always on my shopping list to bring home from France..another item added to my list thanks to you, is the YSL Touche Eclat. happy to say, a very exciting discovery. thank you!love from Afrique du Sud


Vicki, this reminds me of a Delia Smith recipe for roast tomato soup. The tomatoes are cooked similarly and then blended with a medium sized potato which is first boiled in enough walter to cover them, a little sea salt with a dessert spoonful of tomato puree added to the water. When the tomatoes are roasted and the potato is soft, simply blend the whole lot together, a delicious soup which I like to serve with a paste made from a handful of basil crushed with a little sea salt in a pestle and mortar then blended with a little extra virgin olive oil and of course accompanied by sliced baguette. A great soup for autumn/winter, or may be for now anywhere in northern Europe as the weather seems so bad. I am not looking forward to returning to Belgium on Saturday.

I think that we will call into St. Remy on Saturday morning for breakfast. As you know, I wanted to come over for the day, but I think that at this time of the year, trying to drive over from St. Tropez is madness, so I persuaded my husband that we will stop by on our journey home.

Enjoy your company and party x

Christine Hooker

I’m so lucky to be going to a French girlfriend’s home for dinner ‘en filles’ tonight!
What’s for dinner tomorrow night?? Tomatoes Provencal, bien sur!
xoxo, Chris

Anita Day

Hi Vicki,
I love the simplicity of using fresh seasonal products and you’ve captured this perfectly with lovely red tomatoes. Please keep the recipes coming. Winter in Melbourne is pretty chilly at the moment and seeing this gorgeous red blaze of colour across the screen makes the waiting for summer so much easier.
Bonne Journee

Things That Inspire

These look divine. I have recently discovered that baking vegetables (although techincally the tomato is a fruit, no?) makes them so much more delicious. My kids love baking kale to make ‘kale chips’ – they are divine.

– Holly


Dear Vicki,
I ADORE these tomatoes and often make them as an accompaniment to our meal. We get through a lot of tomatoes in the summer !! I am just worried that, if there are 10 people and you only make 15, some will have one and some two !!!!
Hope you are well Vicki and having some lovely weather down there in Provence ….. I’m hoping that London will get some better weather in time for the Olympics !! XXXX

Trish Murphy

Vicki I am going to do these tomatoes this weekend! I have never cooked them and have thought about it
for years so this post has ignited a desire to finally cook them!!!! You must be having a wonderful time with
all your visitors.I have loved the beautiful photos of your garden.xTrish


The baked tomato slices look so appetizing and full of flavors. I can see making a delicious simple lunch out of cheese, fresh bread, the tomatoes, with a chilled glass of wine or iced tea. Minimal time in the kitchen, more time for some well deserved rest & relaxation. Great recipe. Thanks Vicki.


Hey! They look delicious, but I wanted to ask, is it 150 degrees celsius or farenheit? :)

à la parisienne


I’ve roasted tomatoes in the oven before but never as long as you suggest…Perhaps that’s what was missing!

This tomato recipe sounds perfect for entertaining or for a farm to table event.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Bonne journée,


Made these this mrning and had the most delicious lunch with cold roast chicken. Yummy summertime mel.


Oh my……….I made ten of these and if I made ten more it still isn’t enough. I served these over steak. No sauces needed! Thank you so much for sharing! Hugs,Terri


150 degrees C or F…am putting my over on 150 C right now…If it is too hot … I will take them out sooner.. Great timing(as always) for the tomato season is upon us in Burgundy! Thanks…a bientot


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