2 Dec 2012

Paris… Glows Golden


Paris… there she was with a golden haze.

The golden leaves, a warm contrast against the traditional greige of Paris.



The lights in the apartment buildings reflected the turning leaves… I wondered about the Parisians in those cosy bolt holes.

The stories those homes could tell… I wanted a magic zoom… one that could take me far beyond the exteriors.

The glowing tip of the Luxor Obelisk shined brightly against the messy sky.

The Eiffel Tower rose high above the Grand Palais and the Christmas market at the bottom of the Champs Élysées.



And the Ferris Wheel continued to turn in every colour.


Paris is never constant, never the same… and yes… she is often pink… but not all the time… xv


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Thanks Mimi… It’s not hard… and there are so many facets to Paris.. always changing… and so many different areas with all sorts of moods… i could snap away there forever….;)

Anita Rivera

Oh, I am loving this color tour of the greatest city on earth! LOVE IT! I wonder if you will have another color to share? Anita

Liberty Belle

What a nice post! You’ve totally made me miss being in Paris. Although I’ve only been there during the spring and summer months, I imagine it must be magical at Christmas time.


Wonderful contract in your photos between the copper coloured leaves and the warm sandstone.

Indeed there is a lovely filter over the the light in Paris at this time of the year. It seems to be hitting a divine peak around 3.30pm.

Pauline from Phillip Island

It’s one o’clock in the morning here in Australia and I couldn’t sleep so I thought I’d come and see if there was anything else from my favourite French Essence blog. I wasn’t really expecting another post so quickly after the last one but there it was – more gorgeous pictures of my favourite city. How do you do it, Vicki? So many beautiful photos and such mesmerizing writing with barely a day in between. You truly do have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with the world.


I was so inspired this week in Paris to click away… that I couldn’t really keep them to myself.. and then I saw them in colours… so that’s how it happened… never planned… just as it comes… And when I thought of golden I started looking through all my favourite sites… and voila… :)

Amy Kortuem

I don’t know if there’s another city anywhere that takes on the color of the atmosphere quite like Paris does.

She certainly is lovely in gold. I do love the pearly-silver that she gets, too!

francoise coadou-porter -myfrenchlinenarmoire.blogspot

love Paris two tones,very clever photos captivating the different light tones such as a color filter on the lense will do,like a painter using 2 different palettes

Jeanne McKay Hartmann

Oh Vicki, you are making me want to pack my suitcase full of leopard chic-ness and jump on a plane to Paris. So much beauty here. I could look at your fantastic photos all day! XOXO


There is nothing like a leopard accessory to lift your outfit to the next level… I am with you Peggy.. I loved the blue but now I think the gold are beautiful… That is Paris for you…:)

Pamela Terry

Do you know, Vicki… I’ve never read The Leopard.
Perhaps I shall rectify that over the holidays.
Thanks for the reminder.
Now, on to those Louboutin shoes!


It is a wonderful read Pamela and I also love the movie… old and scratchy but fabulous…

As for those shoes… they are on my Xmas wish list Pamela… love them… I hope the husband or children are reading…;)

Barnali Guha

Vicki, we need a photo book from you soon!! i would pre-order it already :) Fantastic work !

Elizabeth Eiffel

“The golden leaves, a warm contrast against the traditional greige of Paris…”
This lovely image just confirms Paris’s transeasonal splendor …..a magical place any time of year.
Both by daughter and I are lapping up the leopard print inspirations. Bon weekend.


That’s the beauty of leopard… we all love it and can wear it in some way…
Paris is magical… I am trying to work out how she can look so good for so long…;)

Vintage Finds

These are truly beautiful photos, and so truly golden. A view of the city I can’t remember ever seeing. Just lovely, thanks for sharing. Jennifer. x

Trish Murphy

I was truly captivated with the blue Paris and now to see the golden hues of beautiful Paris is just wonderful.
I hope that you have had time to enjoy your anniversary with all the photography going on!
I am a real leopard print fan love all the gear especially the shoes.Have a wonderful weekend and thank you
Vicki for another lovely post.xTrish

Leslie in Little Rock

Dear Vicki, You keep wooing me to Paris with those grogeous photos! If I wanted a good read about Paris that is not an actual “guide book”, what would you suggest?
P.S. Bought Nine West Leopard shoes from Zappos. 60.00. Very comfortable! I feel very stylish! Love your books and blog.
Take care!


I shall have to think about that one… there are so many wonderful ‘Parisian ‘reads… In the meantime, have a look in the section on my site… “French Reads’.. on the sidebar… there are loads of Frenchie favourites in there… :)


Leopard….I have a trouser, shoes and a bit more accessories and I thought it is already out of fashion though I stopped to wear it . …magic zoom for looking into the apartments remember me to Hash
Hemingway when she walked through Paris at the first weeks on her stay. I just read this book which you recommended a couple of weeks ago. Not finished yet but I like the style of writing. Always try to
get a glimpse in other peoples home…am I curious or shameless?


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