7 Dec 2012

Paris… Military Chic

I like to walk in Paris… it’s the way to experience the city and besides… you never know what you might see.

I happened to be outside the Élysées Palace when the guards decided to do their thing.

They were the epitome of military chic… Parisian military chic.

Apart from their elegance and their precision, the fashion lover in me couldn’t help but think about the golden glow of their buttons and braid… their epaulettes.

The touches of red and the glossy shine of their leather boots.

On the streets of Paris it was not only the soldiers dressed with great style and aplomb, but also the women.

They were into military chic… whether it was the brass fastenings on their double breasted coats.

or the rouge accessories I saw peaking out.

Fur hats and headbands were de-rigeur as were leather boots… long and mid-calf.

Tailored, stylish and striking… always dressed with flair… that’s how the Parisians looked… xv

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Reminds me of The Nutcracker….or the tin soldier. I love uniforms during the holidays.
Dress blues, a spot of red, a touch of gold. Beautiful. All of it makes me stand a bit taller,
I guess I might call it “Holiday pride!”

Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, what a wonderful element of SURPRISE for me this morning! There is a beauty in seeing this old-time elegance STILL exist in a culture. Leave it to our dear French friends to keep the traditions alive!

THose little red boots….OH DEAR…take me now. I have a boot love and those will do just fine for me! And of course the little red coat!

Enjoy your day my dear! Anita

Karen in CT

.. great post … nothing like military chic … there used to be a little store in the Palais Royal arcade that sold reproduction military medals …. I have several and wear them on coats occasionally … they are charming. I wonder if the shop is still there? I loved this post, hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

Karen in CT


I think it is… I know exactly where you mean… I saw the toy soldier shop and the music box shop just last week… I can’t exactly remember 100% if it was still there… because there is so much renovation going on… but I am hopeful… :)


Shall we nominate Vicky for the Queen Crow for ” fashion blogging” ??
My vote will count for 9.999 out of 10 as one of my best math teachers told us one “even if all is wright you cannot mark 10/10 !!!….odd but i liked it !!..)


sorry. sorry !!!omg !….. I mean CROWN…should have checked the spelling before I pressed “post”

david terry

Oh, Vicki…..one of the unanticipated amusements of moving to this old house in June (which entailed packing-up and transporting all the contents of both Herve’s and my own two houses in Durham)was coming across Herve’s French military uniform.

Over the past nine years, I hadn’t been aware that I was living with a bona-fide, signed-sealed-&-delivered colonel in the French Army.

Turns out that he did his two-years’ duty in the military just when he’d left medical school… and that, as a doctor, he’d entered with the rank of “colonel”.

For better or worse, his square, be-ribboned colonel’s cap now sits on top of a stuffed groundhog’s (do you have groundhog in France or australia?….I think you don’t) head in a guest bedroom. Presumably, he’ll move it if he finds that tableau too blasphemous of me.

I also discovered that he’s REQUIRED to keep a gun….which is apparently sitting in some safe-keeping closet at the USA Immigration Offices in Atlanta (six hours away). Presumably (and should the Germans once again come raging across Alsace-Lorraine), he’s to go fetch it from the USA officals and go barging off to defend La gloire de la Patrie, etcetera……

As things stand, his uniform (or at least the less decorative parts of it) are in a closet somewhere upstairs, and the gun is gathering dust in Miss Scarlett O’Hara’s hometown…..

amusedly yours as ever,

david Terry

Rosalie Carmichael

My favourite memory is 1973 following a meeting, an engagement and a marriage within six months and my khaki clad, slouch hated Australian soldier going off to build an airfield and looking up one afternoon out of my louvered office window at Military Headquarters to see this soldier jump out of a jeep in front of our building. I raced for the stairs and as I turned the corner I looked over the balcony to make doubly sure that his georgeous soldier was indeed mine home early. The whole of headquarters knew that my man was home and the girls from the Typing Pool were on the telephone as we walked into my office. They had watched the whole reunion from their building. We will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on 6 Jan. We have spent a life on a great adventure. Rosalie

Amy Kortuem

I want that sequin top. I want it soooooo bad!

In fact, I need it. I bought a pair of black and gold snakeskin print skinny jeans (yes, conservative moi!) – and they’re screaming for that top!

Martine Alison

Une belle capture photographique avec les militaires… J’aime beaucoup la présence des boutons dorés sur les vêtements. Le manteau rouge me plaît beaucoup.
Merci pour cette belle publication.

Gros bisous.

miss b

A touch of military is always a good idea with a few gold buttons and those wonderful Burberry boots! I’ve always been a fan of the Cambridge satchels but I notice there are many more colours now.


Mounted police officers rode by us in the Tuileries and we admired them quite a bit. Also there was a monemtary threat at the Eiffel Tower. The street in front was closed and a man in a camoflauge uniform with a machine gun appeared. Soon things were back to normal.

I have a short black jacket with silver buttons in the military style. The red jacket is beautiful.



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