15 Jan 2013

Olympus EP-2 … Capturing the Beauty

Over the holidays I received many questions regarding my camera… which one I use, whether I like it, the ease of function… and would I recommend it… The answer is yes…

I am not a professional and everything I know has either been self taught or what I have managed to take in working with the super talented Carla Coulson. I have come to love taking pictures… having my camera at the ready is routine… I never, ever not have it with me…  I just can’t go out without my camera…  I couldn’t imagine a day where I didn’t click something… whether it be on my iPhone or my bigger camera. Framing up my surroundings is something I intrinsically do… I can’t help it… it’s second nature… I look at the world and want to seize the moment. Whether I am in London, in France… whether I am at home or out and about… I look at the world through my lens… and I try and think about what you would like… Will that scene interest you? Are the colours harmonious? Are the proportions interesting? Does that shot tell a story? Can that image make you feel as if you are with me?

So a photographer I am not… but a lover of beauty and life I am. I know that a professional must be more competent with manual settings and with the after touch up… I have the luxury of inexperience and a little expertise… I just point and click and hope that my eye doesn’t let me down… More often than not I am on manual settings… but sometimes automatic is the only way to go… I have no shame in that… I am just not quite quick enough to figure it all out… and an automatic shot is better than no shot… For me, in any case… Some of my favourite moments of last year… especially in Paris…were caught because I was quick, not technically brilliant…  I only focus on my target.. that is my end sum game… and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Having said that it would be untrue if I didn’t tell you how much I have learned from Carla… how knowing where to stand can change your images exponentially. If there is one true tip I have learned from her it is the importance of light… Light changes everything and must be your first consideration when taking a photograph.

What camera? I am using an Olympus EP-2… and I adore it. It is bigger than a regular ‘point and click’ but smaller than an SLR. It is easy to operate and has a video function which is great fun. When I say easy… I mean it requires reading and studying the blurb if you want to get the most out of it… My way to learn about the camera was to watch the relevant tutorials on YouTube… so much clearer than wading through the manual where all the symbols are like a foreign language to me… The most important way to learn about a camera is to practise… and that is the plus side of our digital age… we can click and click and click… Having a camera means you are never at a loss for something to do… there is always a scene to set up, a location to find or people to capture.

The best thing about the EP2 is that it’s not too heavy and it has a separate viewfinder ( a must) … so it’s pretty easy to pack up and cart around. I know I should want to learn more, advance to a more ‘professional’ camera… and maybe I will… but for right now… it’s working for me. I might treat myself to a new lens this month… but I won’t be changing cameras… I hope that this answers all your queries…

Please remember, I am no photographer… just a woman preserving her view of the world… xv


The Olympus EP-2… here

The Olympus 40-150m Zoom Lens (I use this one most of the time)… here

VF- 2 Electronic Viewfinder … here

Extra Battery Pack ( I am never without this) … here

Camera Bag (not sexy but as light as they come) … here

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Anita Rivera

Good morning my dear Vicki!

I had an Olympus for years that we handed over to my dear sister-in-law (who by the way, has the most beautiful blog: FÊTE ET FLEUR) and whose camera gave up on her….she manages to do more magic with it than I ever did! I now have a Canon that we got for the purpose of taking more “professional” looking shots for my art. It will take me time to use it properly, but I think I have learned one important thing for myself over the last several months of trying to get the best out of it: FOCUS. Not just using the focus tool, but to make up my mind on the OBJECT I want to highlight, and then focus on that. I never knew that…as a result, I would just snap a photo of something that caught my eye without even considering the NOISE, the CHAOS and clutter of mess in the background! NOW it all makes sense.

I know that you have a great eye, and keep sharing your glimpses of beauty with us. We all miss something that someone else can catch in an extraordinary way!

Bonne journée! Anita

Garden, Home and Party

This is timely and I will save this post. I have limped along with my point and shoot for years now, mainly because I know I don’t have time at this point in my life to do the full-on “professional” photographer settings and such. Your comments resonated with my concerns about making the switch. I carry my camera everywhere and the thought of lugging a much heavier camera around was something I felt certain I wouldn’t do and thereby I’d miss some photo-ops.
I will look further into the Olympic and possible add this to the short list of a future camera. Thanks so much!


Merci….very helpful. You have a most interesting website. I look forward first thing everyday.


Dear Vicki,
Well, all that I can say is that your photographs are always briliant…..they are always very inspiring.
I have an SLR and a point and shoot but seem to carry my point and shoot with me at all times and get the most wonderful images from it. I do think that photography is 90% about the ‘eye’ though. I have friends who have so much knowledge of their camera but their photographs are not so good.I feel that it’s all about seeing the things that others may overlook.
……… and what did you think of the Downton Abbey Christmas special ? I won’t say anything here as I don’t want to give anything away to your overseas readers but ….?!!!!!!???!! oh my goodness !!
We are enjoying the snow here …. how about you ? XXXX


Flurries in London… ( I am here for a few days)… As for the Downton Christmas special… I wish I hadn’t watched it…:( We can discuss in detail over a get together… so we don’t do a spoiler for our US friends… :)

Your French Buyer

Great motto…does the shot make us feel like we are with you?
They do, I promise. Great eye you have!

peggy braswell

I will bookmark this one! I found Carla through you and am now a devoted reader of her blog + yours. Keep sending your beautiful photos. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


Hi Vicki, well your photos always look top notch to me! I just use a canon, nothing extravagant at all and do my best with the editing etc.

2013 Artists Series

Ivonne Ortega

Hi Vicki!

I just found your blog and I am in love! I also have a love affair with everything french. I work in healthcare and have to wear light blue scrub uniforms everyday!!! What can I do to bring a little “french” to my ugly uniform and also bring that “french” way of life to my everyday work life? Thanks for making such a great blog!!

Ivonne Marie

Amy Kortuem

You certainly have a beautiful view of the world!

I’m a picture-taker, too. Almost every single day now that I have an iPhone. I love it. I love the memories, too.

Francesca Muir

I love your photos Vicki – they have spirit and soul and capture the essence of France – and I think so much is about the light and the eye! Wishes from Sydney Fx

Beadboard UpCountry

HI Vicki!!!!!!
I subscribe but time to answer is getting more and more limited!!!!!!I really like ed you’re sharing your camera info. At this point I have three and I na=ever bring my big one to Paris too bulky, and I needed a new coolpix to keep in my pocket with a wide lens and a museum no flash feature to keep down the vibration…….. I found one, and still use my i Phone as they take great shots when you are being “incognito” as you have to be when you go to That Place in Paris where it is “Pas des images”.
So I just got a Coolpix S3300 little and fits my needs for traveling…. These things change soooooooo Often………It’s nuts………YoU buy one and withn YEAR IT HAS BEEN REPLACED……
GLAD YOU FOUND ONE YOU LIKE…….. Your pictures are still gorgeous as ever……… Maryanne xo

Leslie in Portland, Oregon

I am very glad to be encouraged to return to the Olympus Pen line. My first camera was an Olympus Pen D, which I used for 17 years and loved. Since it bit the dust, I have not found a good replacement… and I have not been as interested in stopping and taking photographs. Your recommendation comes just as I’m preparing to start doing more than just take the occasional point-and-shot photograph. Thank you, Vicki!


Happy Healthy 2013 Vicki Thank you for all your wonderful daily clicks. I am so so glad you are back! Had lunch with a few friends yesterday . Told them all about your daily clicks. Look out for more interested Aussie gals that I am sure will contribute to your blog. After travelling with my husband over the years and having only one camera !!!! I now have my own since 2010 and I enjoying taking photos of want I want to remember Flowers, faces, food etc… Also love my iPhone camera. I especially enjoyed all your Xmas lead up photos wonderful inspiration!

Helen Tilston

Hello Vicki

Your images are always beautiful and thank you for your generosity in sharing your information.
Carla is a very talented photographer and artist.

Wishing you a week of joy

Helen xx

layla guest

I am in the process of working through this same navigation with my film camera… trying to preserve my point of view – with the added anticipation of waiting for the film to develop. Your post reminds me that I should probably have both options in my life! Thanks for a thorough and thoughtful post!

Vintage Finds

Hi Vicki,

I have had a great break and holiday and have come back to look over my favourite blogs, yours being the first post I looked at, and it is about the very thought that has been running through my head for weeks – I miss my Olympus camera! I have recently changed to a Canon as I liked the shots I saw other people take on their blogs. However, after two trips with this, I am afraid to say that I miss my Olympus (sniff!). It and I worked very well together and now my ‘working relationship’ with this one is a touch rocky…… I will definitely keep this model in mind for the next change.

Hope you had a lovely break too and look forward to reading more!

Shell Sherree

I’ve often wondered which camera you use, Vicki. But most importantly, you have a great eye. The best of technology can’t make up for the lack of such a knack. I hope you’re having a beautiful week… hugs to you and Apache.


Thank you so much for this post! I was ready to buy something new, so when you wrote this very informative bit of info on your camera I found my way to my favorite photo shop. Yes, I bought an Olympus, but I got the OM-D, lots of nice features. I am having so much fun with this camera. I’ ve started following Carla as well. Keep the beautiful pictures coming…I love the things you see!



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