4 Feb 2013

Instagram: Yes, I Am Hooked

Are you playing on Instagram?

I know what you are thinking… No more social media… not another application to worry about or think about or squeeze into the day… And I agree… there is so much, often too much… but I have to admit that Instagram has got me.

It’s just a snap.. a few filters.. a hash tag if you so desire and that’s it. The places you have been and what you have seen are preserved in thumbnails … a record, a visual diary. When I look at my shots above I am immediately transported… to Saint Rémy de Provence… to London… to the English countryside… and I am reminded in little ways of what has been going on in life… There is no rhyme nor reason to my shots… no themes.. no message.. just a dose of the pretty.

Not only can you see what is happening in your friends lives but also you can follow people from all over the world… I enjoy the work of several photographers and in the space of a few minutes I have been transported to Africa, South America… Australia, Japan  and the United States… to places I might otherwise never get to see.

If you would like to play along download the app onto your phone… If you would like to see what I am up to… click here… and follow me… I would love to see you there… xv

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Jeanne Henriques @ Collage of Life

Well, now I am really excited Vicki. I just unlocked my Instagram account and tagged all 191 photos. It was a marvellous trip for me..Vietnam, Surrey, London, Manhattan, Paris…it was so nice to visit them all again and I have you to thank. Another form of social media? Why not? I get to follow you…and enjoy your wonderful photos which inspire me to no end. If you go thru my photos you will see a little mention #withvicki.. :) Once again Vicki, thank you for the inspiration.. xx

La Contessa

Okay, once again…………you are ‘with it!”I have been told about it and downloaded it but cannot get on it!Willnot take my password, bla bla bla………..tried to re-set here on your site and those crazy letters and words willnot accept me!The RECAPTHCA, something like that!I’ll keep trying!Computers and MOI doNOT get along too well…………..meanwhile I was out yesterday and found the REVLON PRIMER!Cant wait to try today!Will report back in…………XXX


I’m not a fan of Instagram, at least not yet. Although the pictures in your email are beautiful, I must say. What I really dislike are the washed out pictures that look like they were done in the 70s and have faded completely. What is that about? I don’t get why anyone would want to have their pictures look like that. We have better technology these days, our pictures can look fabulous! Why would I want washed out and sort of blurry, not crisp and clear color? But I guess that’s just me. So many people love Instagram! Maybe I just don’t like the filters most commonly used. Anyway, I’m enjoying your blog very much, by the way!


Well I”m a newbie to this iPhone photography scene. Dear Carla tried her best to show me how to use Hipstamatic while in Paris last week. I am practicing but so far, none of mine are as fab as yours or hers!

Peggy Braswell

Must admit I am not a fan of Instagram, maybe i just don’t know how to use it yet. Your photos are lovely. I will make another attempt! xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


So I have to ask…. Do you have any details on that fabulous red handbag?? (Where, Who, How much??). It’s calling my name with a plaintive voice!


It is by Nancy Gonzalez… and you don’t want to know the price…:) I didn’t even look… One of those bags that are best admired at a distance… but …it was oh so beautiful…:)


Hmmm… yes, I see why! I went browsing online and found several of her gorgeous bags at Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus, but I’ll be the first to admit that they are **sadly!** out of my price range. Definitely a lovely investment piece though. Definitely!


Oh no! I’ve been wondering what that was and now you explain it in such an enticing way. How are we to get everything done?
I would love to hear about how you schedule your days, how you manage time because clearly you are very very adept and successful with the calendar!

lisa thomson

Instagram is lots of fun. My pic’s aren’t of exotic places but some funny, quirky highlights of life in general. Your pic’s are so pretty, I will follow you 4 sure.


I’m not though I wish I could…I just don’t have a sophisticated phone – I’m still using Tracfone – its inexpensive with no monthly fees etc…hopefully sometime in the future I will – I love the way the pics look! ;-)

Robyn Dunworth

Because of you I am firstly hooked on French Essence,then from there you took me to
Instagram and from there Pinterest. I really can’t thank you enough for showing me the way
Lots of fabulous shopping,loving the older woman theme..and can’t live without My daily Click.lol Robyn .


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