13 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day… It’s The Little Gestures

Every woman deserves to be spoilt… every day… not only on Valentine’s Day…

If I were going to be indulged… pampered… treated… I would love for it to be with small, romantic gestures

with elements of surprise… and with words of endearment

with a splash of silk and satin… and with colour and creativity


I was thinking something like this


 I Love You Because… to mark the memories

A photographer’s box… to hold the memories

 Merci because it’s always the right time to say thank you

 The Key to My Heart notecard… because it shall say all that is to be said

Travel Destinations because I want to be surprised and inspired

A Bouquet of Coloured Pencils… because it seems romantic to me

Porcelain Boxes in miniature to spell out amour 


 Tell me… your secret wish for this Valentine’s Day… Are you waiting for a surprise… a little note… some beautiful lingerie… a surprise weekend away? xv

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Martine Alison

Une publication remplie de douceur, de sensualité et d’amour… Chacune de nous doit être éblouie par un si bel article…
Un billet qui me fait fondre comme neige au soleil!…
Bonne Saint-Valentin à vous toutes…

Gros bisous


C’est la vérité, Martine… Nous devrions tous être ébloui …
Bonne Saint Valentin à vous …

Faux Fuchsia

Dear VA,

Today old Mr FF chose some clothes for me that I can take on a trip – so not a surprise but I can’t wait for the card because that’s where all the action happens (not unlike the comments section of a blog)

I’ll makes a heart shaped cake, he’ll cook linguine vongole at my request, we’ll drink some Moet and marvel at the fact that we have a 1 year old when we are 90 between us.


Anita Rivera

teeeheee..you know what I want this year? Well first of all, Valentine’s Day is the day I met my husband….it will be 33 years this Thursday! But what I want is for him to hang some somewhat heavy crystal sconces in my living room!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to take this opportunity of “LOVE” (wink, wink) to have him do a chore for me. I figure this is a good enough time as any to have him do it. How can he refuse? teehee

ENJOY MY DEAR – and I love that photo with the ballerinas and the red stripes. So French. Anita


Good luck with that Anita… thats the greatest gift of all… and the hardest to come by… I know!!

Pamela RG

You are so right Vicki, little surprises goes a long way to a woman’s heart. I prefer little things too than grand ones. It’s more romantic and exciting. I hope and wish we will receive our little surprises of love everyday!


Two years ago you wrote, “Expectation is the enemy of surprise and expectation has never been the friend of romance. Affairs of the heart and our fond memories of them are more often than not about the small intimacies and the revelations stumbled upon along the way. It is what we discover together and learn about each other that will become the backbone of our romance and strengthen our bond of love.”

Beautiful, and so true of my relationship with my husband. Funny enough he asked me yesterday “When is Valentine’s this year?” Haha — the family had a chuckle at that. And yet he had just returned from a trip laden with gifts that he had seen in a store and thought I would enjoy. You’re right, it’s the little, everyday things that count the most. At least for me!


I still believe those words too… Your husband sounds like a very thoughtful and generous man… as is mine… how lucky we both are… :)

La Contessa

I have already received my VALENTINES!A new computer!There will be a card hidden on the coffee machine or in my car or sitting at my computer……………but no jewels or trips this year is my guess!
Now, I just need to learn how to use it!Years past my adorable cat had diamond earrings on his collar as he sat watching me awaken!I thought ,’Oh, you have a new collar!”Your my Valentine!Or the year I had a treasure hunt for a necklace that wasNOT in the box but on a mannequin with a BISHOPS robe on from France ……………he is good but this year he is being practical!I will let you know if a small box shows up however!I DID RECEIVE A CARD FROM THE SON WHO IS IN BRAZIL!!!!I haven’t open yet!Waiting for the day!XXX


Love is to be celebrated every single day. My husband and I don’t do Valentine’s Day, we don’t believe in it, although everyone around us has embraced it. It’s in the little, romantic gestures of every day.

Jamie Herzlinger

VA, I just discovered your blog, not sure why it took me so long, and I am in love!! Your posts are marvelous!

Thanks for sharing the lovely post,
Jamie Herzlinger

Peggy Braswell

We are having friends over for dinner. I will cook(which I love), entertain(which I love)and do all the things I adore to do on this Valentines Day. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

lisa thomson

Such a pretty post! I love nothing more than a short love note or a poem. Chocolate is always a welcome treat. Like you say Vicki, it is the little gestures that matter, all year long.


I do love a good letter… and as for chocolates… Valentine’s or not… I need to renounce those…;)


Hoping that a special someone would show how much the little things are appreciated and to throw in a little a special surprise.

At the moment if just home cook dinner with a few singles :)


That sound like fun too… and that special person will show up when you least expect it… That I know is the way it works…:)

miss b

I would be very happy with those lovely macarons in your collage or a few very special chocolates. I do agree though that small romantic gestures are important throughout the year.

The Enchanted Home

Love all the ideas but photographs are possibly my most treasured possession so the idea of a photography box is wonderful, add a little something sweet to the deal..and I am a happy girl!


I have these boxes stacked at home Tina… full with every letter, trinket… tickets.. photos… all sorts of cards… I am not sure why… but I love looking through every now and then… as do my children…

Carolyn Bradford

Beautiful post, Vicki! I guess I’m always thinking there will be something of a surprise as my sweet husband is the best at that. We are going out of town for an Antique Show that I haven’t gotten to go to in years and I asked to go a day early so that I could wake up in the wonderful hotel on Valentines Day and have room service for breakfast…we leave first thing tomorrow! I can’t wait!


That is a perfect Valentine’s Day… Room service and antiquing.. Tell us what you find at the show, Carolyn… :)

Barbara Lilian

All the red romantic things in your post are wonderful & It’s been fun reading the comments from your followers. My other half tells me if I need him to treat me on Valentine’s day, he must be doing something wrong on the other 364 days of the year. He often drops me a kiss on the cheek when just passing my chair, so I’m very lucky. Valentines day for me will be just like any other day. Perhaps an ‘impromptu’ lunch at our local Bistro, which I always love.


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