26 Jun 2013

Question Time

Q&A Vicki Archer

1. Early Bird     2. Vintage     3. Snakes and Sharks… I am an Australian after all     4.  Buckingham Palace, MI6, The White House, The Vatican… I’m not going to waste a moment… and yes… power and politics    5. To Fly     6. 40th Birthday… I had the best party ever     7. My mother’s advice about marriage proposals… ‘Yes’ with no hesitation… a moment’s doubt and it’s a non equivocal ‘No’     8. Dancer most definitely… although I always wanted to be a rock and roll singer    9.  Not telling… far too embarrassing    10. Tall, blonde and handsome… Stylish, intelligent and funny… Well dressed, capable and caring… Can change a lightbulb, hang a painting and likes to shop… Will answer when asked, “tell me what you’re thinking”… Tells you he loves you, enjoys romantic movies and cooks… Is chatty but not too chatty… Shall I go on? I did ask for ‘perfect’… she says ‘tongue in cheek’… xv

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Heather in Arles

This should be interesting. Here I go–am not going to read your answers first for fear of being infleunced! ;)
1) Definitely night owl–I love the promise that night brings
2) Vintage–since I was 15 years old
3) That I am going to end up a homeless person on the street
4) Oooh this is sooo shallow but the first thing that popped into my head? Anna Wintours office!
5) To heal–hunger, pain, fear all of it wiped away forever
6) *blushing*
7) I am not sure I have been given it yet…but certainly “Be true to yourself” also comes to mind
8) Both :) Bet you didn’t know that did you?
9) Ooh, see #8. I choked, completely while singing an aria that shall remain nameless and haven’t sung in public since. The pain of the embarrassment is still so fresh!
10) Doesn’t interest me. It is all of the imperfections that do. Bah, save for kind, funny and smart are a must!
Ok, time to hit “post” before thinking twice and I will look forward to all of the comments!


Great responses Heather…
All I ever wanted to be was a singer and I have a voice that is even out of bounds in a Karaoke bar!!
You are avery thoughtful, wonderful girl… :)
As for 6… tell me later… ;)

Heather in Arles

Oooh, as for 6 it can’t be an email! Over a girly lunch maybe!
Thank you for your kind words…the same could be said of you…
Now, I’m off, glass of wine in hand, to read the rest…I know it will be wonderful!


1. night owl 2. vintage except kitchen appliances :) 3. spiders…most definitely spiders! 4. I would wander all over Paris w my invisible camera capturing beautiful moments & faces. 5. Ability to eat anything and not gain weight 6. My 36th birthday spent alone wandering around Paris. Magical. 7. Don’t get married young. Live a little first. Given by my mom who married at 20. They’re still together; I’m still single. 8. Singer. Cannot dance, not even a little! 9. Too many to name just one. 10. Funny, loves to travel, cooks a little, loves me a lot.


Let’s swap our super powers every so often …;) I wish I had thought of yours first… still maybe flying will keep me in shape!!


Great to see other girls love celebrating their birthdays alone and travelling, too. I went for Wien for my 30th, though not alone, because my friends got jealous and they joined me, but anyway the plan was alone in a foreign country. :)


1. night owl 2. Luxembourg (where not vintage, but ancient and modern meet; the perfect mix) 3. never get married 4. travelling 5. invisibility, which I already have, just not the good kind 6. I never look back 7. do it anyway 8. singer 9. haha! 10. I prefer men to males :)


Travelling alone is great for the confidence and actually… you very rarely end up alone!


Hi Vicki, I have a lot to catch up on here at French Essence! I was out of action last week, so to return and see your fabulous posts on fashion and the like, has truly put a smile on my dial! I look forward to reading through thoroughly. xx

Ok question time….fast!

1. Earlybird 2. Vintage. 3. Snakes, spiders. 4. With George Clooney :). 5. Time traveller 6. First date with my now husband. 7. My Grandfather “tradition” 8. Singer 9. Sending a personal email to the wrong person (I cringe when I think about it) 10) George Clooney :)


1. Night Owl
2. Vintage
3. That something lives under my bed or a snake crawls through my letterbox (yes, I can hear you laughing Vicki ;))
4. Ihe Vogue shoes, clothes & accessories cupboard/Buckingham Palace
5. The ability to lose weight whenever I wanted to.
6. A night strolling through London along the banks of the River Thames with someone from my office that I’d been keen on for ages, we walked through the night & got home at sunrise…those were the days!!
7. Wise friends came late to my life & now thankfully I have many (including you Vicki, I was saying that to someone just yesterday!)…best advice….be yourself, change because you want to, never change for other people.
8. Dancer definitely!
9. I am still not ready to share!
10. Tall, dark & handsome, can cook, laughs out loud, reads, enjoys the company of women, travels, opens doors, can dance, likes to stay in shape, wears linen in the summer, speaks a language or two, is spontananeous….and a hint of George Clooney wouldn’t go amiss :)

“Tells you what he’s thinking”….does such a man exist Vicki!!!?

I had lots of fun thinking about this :) Xx


And yes, I know I spelt spontaneous incorrectly, I kept scrolling up to look at the questions & making myself laugh thinking about them!!!


Love your list Simone… and definitely no man ‘tells what he’s thinking”… in my experience anyway! :)

Denise Hall

(1) early bird (2) Vintage (3) Drowning!! Live in Australia with my family who swim like fish – me, head above water “gentile” breaststroke! (4) endless possibilities (5) to be invisible! (6) Summer evening, family, happy, France. (7) Never, never, never put anything in writing you may regret. (8) Dancer (9) Public speaking – imagine a ripe tomato standing in front of a group giving a 30 minute expose in French! (10) Strong, kind, understanding, loving, enjoys our silence, etc, etc.
Thanks Vicki, made me stop and think, Denise


Great advice Denise… the writing thing can be a disaster! I always sleep on a delicate email and re-think it in the morning… it’s so easy to fire off something you regret… ;)


Oh this is fun!!

1. Early bird

2. Vintage (I love my Nana’s suitcase full of vintage clothes and accesories from the 60’s)

3. Snakes! ahhh!!!!

4. Swan around the beautiful chateaus, sleep in the beds, find the secret passageways, dress up and play lady of the manor (or chateau in this case)

5.To always look glamorous! (I don’t seem to have that special power…)

6. My first night in Paris

7.Ride it like you stole it! (I do a few cycle races)

8. Dancer,though I would love to be able to sing with confidence

9. Oh where do I start? actually I can’t remember anything really embarrassing, just mainly dumb stuff I do.

10. Smart, funny, takes me on trips to exotic countries, brave, strong, handsome, tells me he loves me everyday, can cook and no mother issues! (haha) I could go on forever, it’s a hard road finding the perfect man, or any man at all!

Well that was fun!


‘No mother issues’… I am smiling very broadly… :) And I like the glamorous idea… that’s a good one…

Cheri Walker-Simonis

1. Definately early bird. 2. Vintage, without a doubt. 3. Being buried alive. (irrational, yes!) 4. Hanging out with my “fren-emies”. 5. Mind-reading 6. Not for public viewing 7. Give what you want to receive because it will be tenfold. 8. both 9. I was 18, on a first date and my false eyelash fell into my soup at a 4 star restaurant…I thought it was a spider! 10. No such person exists.


You made me laugh… I can just see that eyelash swimming in the soup… :)

christian armstrong

1. Early bird. 2.Vintage AND Modern. I like to mix it up. 3. Fear of missing my flight (It happened once, and never again!) 4. A day in the life of each of my children. 5. To protect from harm the ones I love.
6. One summer night in Zermatt at age 25, the Matterhorn under a full moon and realizing that my whole life was ahead and it was up to me to make it beautiful, 7. Don’t live for yourself, but for others, 8. Singer 9.Walking on my new t-strap heels at the office, looking vainly at my own reflection on the glass panes, tripping and falling loudly on my face and having everyone come out of their offices to see what happened… 10. Ethical, great sense of humor and fit.


1.early bird
2. vintage
3.bridges (heights)!
4.rearranging things to help inspire people
5.to fly
6.there are a few…
7.” you always take care of others, now take care of yourself”
8. dancer (It’s like flying)
9.long story… it involves a very handsome man
10.smart, funny, kind,
That was fun. Anything else?

Gigi Thibodeau

1. Night Owl by inclination, Early Bird by necessity. 2. Always vintage. 3. I’m still afraid of going into my basement at night! 4. I’d sneak into the storage vaults of the Louvre or maybe the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg to see all the gorgeous art that’s stored away. 5. My super power wish has always been to fly, too! 6. An August evening in Edinburgh on a cobblestone street, spent with my husband, eating mussels and drinking whiskey at the Mussel Inn. 7. Never to compromise my own values. 8. Dancer, for sure, but I do sing all the time, much to everyone else’s chagrin! 9. I can’t pick just one. I taught college students for many years, during which time I had at least one embarrassing moment a day. :) 10. I love a man who’s smart, funny, and slightly mischievous. He must love animals, books, good food, and travel, and he must have a kind heart. He also needs to challenge me, keep me on my toes. Honestly, I think I married my perfect man! :)

These are fun questions, Vicki! Thanks. xo Gigi


Being alone in the dark is possibly up there with snakes and sharks for me too, Gigi!

Lynn @thevintagenest

1. early bird 2. vintage 3. snakes (encountered 3 this Spring already…ugh) 4. sit in the Oval office
5. grant wishes 6. dancing under the stars on the beach 7. make your words sweet; you may be the only Bible others will read 8. dancer 9. walked around with only one lens in my sunglasses for a whole day at the park and none of my family told me :) 10. tall, handsome, broad shoulders, slim hips, dimples, loves animals, talks to children (and me), compassionate, patient, good dancer, great dresser, neat, funny


This is fun, Vickie…here are my answers:

1. Early Bird (4:30AM every day!)
2, vintage
3. ROACHES….Texas has HUGE roaches.

4. There are so many ways I would be invisible…hard to narrow down. But, I think I would start in a wonderful coffee shop. Then head to the local museum of art…view the paintings until lunch, then lunch on the patio by San Antonio’s beautiful Riverwalk. I would also be taking pictures along the way. The afternoon would be spend shopping in boutiques and places I do not usually go. I would end the evening with a wonderful glass of wine and music.
A close second is an ALL DAY SPA!
5. Blink my eyes and the house would be clean!
6. Not going to discuss here :)!
7. Live One Day At A Time…Do Not Worry About Tomorrow
9. Once I stood at one of my daughters basketball games in high school to yell at a ref while the rest of the crowd was completely silent…her whole team started to laugh!
10. The perfect male LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY!


Roaches reminds me of life in Oz… there are some pretty impressive ones there too!!

Marsha Cannon

1.early bird
2. vintage
3.falling down stairs(see #9)
4.following Charlotte Moss
5.time travel
6.my daughter’s debutante ball -just a blur it went by so fast
7.to thine own self be true – high school english teacher’s daily mantra
9.falling down stairs coming out of a class in college
10.kind,kind, kind

Karen in CT

1. Early Bird
2. Vintage
3. Painful death (like Woody Allen, I don’t fear death, I just don’t want to be there)
4. Walking into Kensington Palace … while all occupants were present.
5. Will power over food
6. Lips are sealed
7. When someone advised me of something climbing the corporate ladder and I thanked them .. they said “just remember to help those coming up behind you”
8. Singer, without question
9. Lips sealed again
10. Great humor, easy going, generous with others, appreciation for nature and beauty, well read, drinks but not too much, enjoys spending time together but not too much, good table manners …

Great post ….


1. Early bird
2. Vintage
3. Sharks (just started paddle boarding and saw one, so maybe not so irrational!)
4. With my kids and their friends
5. Time travel
6. My birthday last year
7. Strength is a choice.
8. Dancer
9. Sending an email to the wrong person
10. Tall, graying or completely gray, great smile, athletic, powerful, knows and loves women, but makes you feel like you are the only one on the planet.

lisa thomson

Well, I answered all the questions and then my computer went wacky and lost the whole thing. Now, I have to run. Suffice it to say I’d fly, be a dancer, fear of heights and my perfect man would be a combo of Ryan Gosling, Brian Cox, Stephen Colbert (hot,brainy and funny). I enjoy reading everyone else’s. Thanks Vicki, for a fun post!

Judy Castaillac

1.Night Owl, 2.Vintage except for gadgets 3. falling off a bridge in my car and drowning 4. I would like to wander around the White House when the President is there and attending a state dinner 5. flying 6.Beatles concert at Candle Stick Park 7. when your children are small they are like puppies but at age 13 or so they turn into cats. As long as you know you have a different animal living with you you will be able to cope. But don’t worry because they turn back into sweet dogs at about age 24 or so.8. Singer 9. no won’t go there 10.He has to be kind, like animals, be considerate, generous, tall, healthy, slim, handsome, listens, is intelligent, interesting, likes music, like good food, like to travel, and if he has a private jet that would be nice.


I love this …. fun!

1. Night Owl
2. Vintage
3. Being sprayed by a skunk {our backyard is at a conservation area}
4. Shadowing the Queen for the day – I think she might be a real character under the crown.
5. to travel back in time and live with my ancestors
6. My first night ever in Paris ….. and with the same guy {hint-hint Honey}
7. careful what you wish for – Mommy was right sometimes.
8. oh, dancer for sure.
9. I could write a book and it would be titled ‘I’m too sensitive for my own good’.
10. the guy who overlooks my flaws while I overlook his!


These resonated Katherine! Too sensitive… understand that… A skunk… Fortunately, I have never had the pleasure!

Garden, Home and Party

I love these exercises—it makes one stop and think about things.
1. Early Bird
2. Vintage
3. Fear of heights
4. Invisible, I would love to see how the Queen of England lives and all things English, the Prime Minister, Parliment, etc.
5. If I could have a special power it would be to be like the witch in Bewitched…able to make people be kind to one another, treat each other with consideration…wouldn’t the result be world peace?! :D
6. Only one? I’d love to relive both of our son’s weddings. Such a joy!
7. Wear sunscreen
8. Singer. Oh to have a wonderful voice.
9. I try to forget unpleasant things…so I can’t really remember.
10.My sweet husband of 40 years (yep, I was a child bride).
This is always fun, thanks, Vicki


I like your answer to number 9… many embarrassing moments are best forgotten!


How fun!
1. Early Bird
2. Vintage
3. Fearless
4. In Heaven!
5. Give the world more peace.
6.The last time all our children were together(love those times)
7. Kindness matters!
8. Dancer always!
9. Once my skirt was UP in the back! Too funny!
10. My husband-Hardworking, fun, honest, strong, giving, patient….and handsome…all rolled into one!


I do know the one about a hitched up skirt… when the only person who can’t see it is you… !


Thank you for sharing my little quiz on your gorgeous blog… great answers…


1. Early bird
2. Vintage with a modern twist
3. That I won’t be able to see it all, do it all, taste it all
4. I would explore the insides of the most beautiful homes in my city
5. To fly
6. Once was enough! ;)
7. “Better to regret the things you’ve done than those you didn’t do”
8. Dancer
9. Showing up for a bridal shower, party dress on, gift in hand, a day early!
10. Tall, dark, handsome, witty and kind, a city dweller by choice but a country boy at heart.

Love your site Vicki! You’ve got a great eye.


Ah, how can anyone resist a game like this?
1. Night Owl
2. Vintage
3. Fear of the dark
4. If invisible, I’d love to spend a day inside the CIA.
5. Special power.. reading thoughts, or better yet, boundless spending power!
6. Can’t think of a night I’d like to live over..yet.. always anticipating the next great thing around the corner.
7. The best advice came from my mother on male friends: If he’s not the type of someone you’d want to like/date, don’t hang out with him. Because after enough time spent together, you’ll eventually FIND something to like about him.
8. Singer, definitely. Such a rare talent.
9. Most embarrassing moment.. So embarrassing I think I’m blushing now… So, so embarrassing. Maybe I’ll tell another day.
10: The ideal male is a great listener, strong but kind, quiet sometimes but not moody, a conversationalist but a good secret-keeper. He loves a good time, has style, and is well-read. He loves deeply & honestly.



‘ Well read’… that is a must in our ‘perfect’ male… and yes I might just bump into you in the CIA!!! :)


1. Night Owl
2. Both. I admit it!
3. Hmm… but all my fears seem so rationale…
4. I’d want to go somewhere that you’re not supposed to be. And I don’t mean the Men’s Toilet (egads!) or somewhere that would end you up in prison for threatening any country’s national security. How about wandering around a major motion picture studio for a day — sit in on high-powered meetings, check out a closed movie set of the latest blockbuster, borrow fabulous props to make yourself a fabulous little retreat. Pick up scripts to read, play with all that Professional make-up, try on a few amazing costumes… And just to make it even more fun – maybe drop random notes as you go, mix up people’s lunch when they aren’t looking, and at that high-powered meeting? Hmmm… in fact, I may just have my own movie treatment going here, don’t you think?
5. The ability to control traffic! A little poof of air and cars magically part to let you through, lights change at your impending arrival, and you avoid accidents with flare.
6. Hmm… most definitely a night where I was foolish or ridiculous (or both)
7. It’s not enough to identify a problem. Be part of the solution.
8. Singer
9. That would be the time I was using alliteration to be clever… and accidently rhymed several very inappropriate words to express an idea to my Church youth group leader. Though we all laughed hysterically (thank goodness!), I’m still mortified when I think about it!
10. {sigh} I think I’m too busy drooling to think about this one. Dare I say Clark Kent in “Man of Steel”? (But now that I’ve gone back and read your lovely answer, V… well, I still probably wouldn’t change mine. The character development in that film is amazing and who doesn’t love a super nice guy with clear blue eyes and chiseled abs?)


Great choice in Clark Kent… a man of steel, could be just about perfect… and he can fly!!

Corrina Tough

1. night owl- but early bird when overseas so I don’t miss a minute!
2.Vintage 3. being trapped in small places, I am seriously claustrophobic even an elevator works up a sweat on my brow!
4.watching my kids at school5. the night my hubby surprised me with a VIP Michael Buble concert with dinner in a private dining room- Michael came and spoke to us all, and after the concert a night in a motel- superb! 6. Two things- wait before you speak and spend 10 mins a day in each room in the house which makes house work a dream! also a good principle to teach children. 8. Singer 9. It’s way too bad 10.Gentle, kind, thoughtful, strong but sensitive, honouring, great conversationist, handy, romantic, dreamy eyes, – Johnny Depp or Jude Law? although they may not meet the above criteria their looks would have me swooning! xx Corrina Tough


Perhaps I should have split up the question for the perfect male… it would be fun to know everyone’s ‘perfect’ male celebrities… I did think of Johnny Depp myself… ;)

Esther George

Hi Vicki I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw snake and shark..please DON’T stop chatting I love it. Here we go…1. Early Bird 2.vintage with modern 3.spiders and snakes 4.Buckingham Palace The White House Christian Dior’s house in Normandy 5. A Magic Wand 6.Once was enough 7. One day at a time 8. Singer 9. Falling…early in the morning at the train station on the way to work years ago fractured my left arm and my pride 10. Pierce Brosnan. This was so much fun. Till next time Regards Esther from Sydney. PS I hope my spelling is ok my coffee has not helped this morning.


A magic wand would be a very fabulous special power… I’d love one of those!

Pamela Terry

Oooh, fun.

1. Night Owl 2. Vintage 3. Tornadoes 4. Breakfast with Paul McCartney, Lunch with The Queen, Evening as a backup singer for Leonard Cohen 5. Time Travel 6. A very special night in the Lake District. 7. Never complain, never explain 8. Singer 9. Can’t honestly remember, but sure it had something to do with speaking before thinking. 10. Witty, kind, gives wonderful foot rubs, makes excellent coffee and loves dogs.



It is so much fun reading everyone’s answers! Here are mine. :)

1. Neither, although I would prefer”Early Bird.” I am more of a mid-morning person.

2. More and more Vintage. I get these urges to frequent resale and antique shops!

3. Feeling helpless as the passenger in a car with a reckless/speeding driver. Actually, that is not really an irrational fear, is it? Okay, here is another. Always feeling that something is lurking in my basement.

4. The only reason that I could imagine wanting to be invisible would be to steal stuff without getting caught. Or see/hear something I should not. Bad karma!

5. To be like the genie in the bottle and grant everyone their wishes. Only without them knowing it was me!

6. Paris, May, 2002. Sigh.

7. Believe in yourself.

8. Both! Although I am quite a bit rusty at both nowadays.

9. When I was around 12 years old, my best friend made me laugh so hard that I peed in my pants. I mean REALLY peed in my pant. I a public park with a million people walking around. I still blush.

10. My husband is pretty close…


Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki,

WHAT FUN I MISSED! I was out of state for three days with no internet and was occupied with a writing assignment AND a wedding! I love this questionnaire and here’s mine:

1. Night owl.
2. Vintage.
3. Afraid of butterflies!
4. The studio of great artists/writers to see their work progress.
5. TO FLY!
6. The night I was crowned homecoming queen in high school.
7. Believe in God, work hard, never give up.
9. The day I realized as I was getting in my car that I forgot to put on my skirt (I was going to WORK!)
10. MY HUSBAND (I got lucky with a dark and handsome, BRILLIANT and chatty man who loves to shop AND decorate the house and build!

This was so fun. Anita


You forgot your skirt Anita… Whoo hooo… That would have been a moment!
Butterflies… really… that is an interesting fear… Does that mean you don’t mind snakes and sharks?? ;)

Anita Rivera

teeeheee….I actually would rather be near a snake than BUTTERFLIES! Sharks, well that’s a different story! And yes, I forgot skirt! I had way too much on my mind and it was a cold breeze that indicated to me something was not quite right! :)


1.Night Owl 2.Vintage 3.Crossing over bridges 4.Jumping on a plane and flying first class 5.To be able to speak, read and understand all languages 6.My 33rd birthday it ended with me dancing naked in the warm summer rain. 7. Always maintain respect in your marriage. 8.Dancing Queen 9. Laughing so hard with my girlfriend that I peed myself. 10. We finally found each other … to be wed in Sept.


wow – I did my answers first and went back to read everyone else’s responses. How interesting that so many of us have had similar journey’s, fears, and seek similar qualities in an ideal man.

Vicki – if your are going to do a list for Ideal celebrity man.
Mine will be Andy Garcia always makes my spine tingle .. love his deep sexy voice.


fun! early bird*vintage*that my husband is cheating*spying on my husband*making things happen*the day/night that each of my children were born*own humility*singer*falling down in front of a crowd due to huge high heals*attention giver

Maria Costa

Early Bird
Not being able to do it all
Spend that time with Leonard Cohen
As a child oftentimes I dreamed I could fly
When I met my husband
Never look back
Cannot remember or maybe I choose to forget
Kind, witty, laugh with me, willing to explore life
Thank you Vicki xo


Love it!

Would you like to follow each other via bloglovin/fb? Let me know babe, will add you back directly



I love these question posts Vickie. Problem is I am doing it so late in the day probably no one will read my response. Oh well,,, Here goes. 1) Night Owl, lots of training being a Resident. You live on no sleep, lots of coffee, and try to act intelligent at 4 am and see patients at 8am the next morning as if you had a good nights sleep. 2) Vintage 3) Sending the wrong text/email to the wrong person. Not an irrational fear bc I have done it and it is AWFUL trying to explain why you said something you would have never said to the person who received the mail. 4) invisible in the Oval Office. 5) Telepathy would be my power.Life would be so much simpler if everything was transparent.6) Wedding night. I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world for 24hrs. I wore the most beautiful dress i would ever wear in front of the people who meant the most to me at that time, and the one man who meant the most to me couldn’t take his eyes off of me. 7) Make the most of everyday. Do not wait for tomorrow or next week or next year to enjoy your life…8) Dancer. 9) Due to a home perm gone wrong at my mother’s hands during my junior year in college, I had to wear a wig. At a party after a basketball game, members of the band I performed in went to a party. Thank God it was dark, bc a male friend grabbed my hand to dance and my head went one way and my body went the other and I felt AIR! OMG!!!! My wig went flying across the room. My very very best girl friend saw what was happening and reacted faster than Wonder Woman. She grabbed the wig in midair, put it in her pocket and threw her hat on my head. Believe it or not NO ONE NOTICED! Since we had just come in the door most people thought I had I come in with the hat on. I was beet red. I Excused my self from offer to dance and rushed to the bathroom with my friend. On went the wig, off went the hat, and at that age we laughed till we cried, and went out and enjoyed the rest of the party. It seems like it was yesterday.10) My current SoulMate. When the going gets tough he will fly right, ie he has good character. I have found he is my best friend, best father to our kids, and great family member to our families.


I’m still smiling about your wig story… And whatever happened with that perm…!! Burnt off i gather…:( The only thing I have never done to my hair… but the rest, you name it I have had it… :)


Thank you for only smiling and not laughing at me! For a spit second I was mortified but being able to laugh during the “Wig” incident helped. Vicki you are incredible, bc I have not told this story to anyone including my husband, and I shared it with you and your blog following. I hope it helps anyone who thought their embarrassing wasn’t so bad after all after reading mine!


1. Early bird – definitely
2. Vintage
3. Plane hi-jacking.. Since a small child I’ve been petrified of it
4. Sitting in a cafes and bars all day watching and even better…listening to people… ha…I do that now but i think it would be even more fun invisible (or watching my “cleaners” pretend to clean my house!)
5. Being able to stay up late! Oh I wish I didn’t fall asleep at 10:00pm…
6. The last time my family were happily all together…many many years ago.
7. Mediocrity sucks! Be special!
8. Dancer
9. Too silly to reveal…
10. Corny…my partner. Even his imperfections are perfect.


A late reply but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your questions. In fact I have forwarded them on to my husband and children and am eagerly awaiting their responses. It may be quite revealing. I am going paste them into my scrapbook and at sometime in the future I will read them again…it will be interesting to see how much we have changed…or stayed the same.


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