28 Jul 2013

Do You Paddle?

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I have a bit of a thing about long hair…

And that is all well and good…

Except that it takes some looking after…

In particular, blow drying…


I am of the thought that long hair is for any age… providing it suits…

We can discuss the long v’s short another day…

Either way, we need the right tools…


My hairdresser has given me the easy way to blow dry my hair for the summer…

I like my hair straight but I also like the freedom that summer and swimming means…

The answer is… the paddle brush…

It yanks… it straightens… adds loads of volume … it smooths… and best of all it is quick and easy…



Do you paddle?


The Denman Paddle for me is by far the best…  xv


French Essence


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Try it Helen… it’s the same strength as the ‘normal’ Denman but makes for a great finish… :)


Bonjour Vicki, I “paddle” and have done so ever since I bought my paddle brush whilst living in London. I love it and would be lost without it :-)

amicalement from a VERY hot SW France,



Hi Vicki,

So this must be the sign I needed! When I washed and blow dried my long hair this morning, I was so dismayed by the amount of time it takes and the effort required, that I have been contemplating the chop all day. Maybe a paddle will make it easier and more pleasureable!

Cheers, Kathy xx

Anita Rivera

Now that I’m finally letting my hair grow long again, I must consider this because I have a huge volume of hair! You always help with the best tips, Vicki! Anita


I DO paddle, and with the same brush as you!!! I bought it last year after trying two other denmans out, and I am in love! And so is my husband, who has short, rather course hair! I often see him sneaking into my bathroom and using it! It’s by far the best brush I have ever used! Glad to see someone else who knows how wonderful it is!

Sophia Home

Hello Vicki,

I too have recently discovered the ‘paddle’ brush……what a revelation! Now saving myself so much extra time in the mornings!

Have a lovely weekend…..



Hi Vicki,
I have ‘paddled’ for about 15 years now and have had long hair for about 50 odd years !!!! I bought my first Aveda paddle brush about 15 years ago and had to buy another one as my daughter pinched mine !!!! otherwise, i would probably still have the original. I would really like a small one for my handbag { I’m not sure if you can get small ones} ….. I shall have to do some research to try and find one.
Hope that you and your family are well Vicki and that you have been enjoying our fantastic weather. Much love. XXXX


I do not Vicki, I should though because my hair has grown longer and I like to blow it out (naturally wavy) straight. I have been wearing it in a ponytail a lot this summer!

2013 Designer Series


This brush sounds like a solution to Summer hair problems.
My length has become much longer over the last 6 months and this may be just what I need for control and volume. Always appreciate your suggestions and smart ideas Vicki!


Yes! It’s the greatest brush ever for getting long hair detangled and straight. After that I use a natural bristle, large, round brush…the Marilyn, it’s called. Something I’ve discovered is that my hair stays in the best condition if I try to wear it up quite a bit, reserving special occasions to wear it curled and down. It always looks neat in a french twist or chignon for work. Then when home I wear it loose and enjoy having it down. By doing this, it has grown to my waist and my hairdresser can’t believe the great condition it’s in.

emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

I used to paddle until about 1 week ago, when it was so hot in New York, I went to my hair stylist and told her to chop it all off. I did not do “the Britney” but a very short angled bob. Ahhhh…

I’m sure I’ll be paddling again soon though. My hair grows so quickly …lol

Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle


Hmmm…I’ve been using a big round brush for a long time. Can you tell me what makes a paddle brush work better than a round one? I love my long hair, but it is fine. I’m always on the lookout for something to add a little volume.


The round is the one I want to use when I want the super smooth finish… the paddle is just easier to handle and gives a good result too… It’s faster and easier and makes the uplift work well and the ends super straight… :) The latest at my hairdresser is that they use the paddle for the top… for volume and the round for the ends!

andrea frost

Hi Vicki…

I am nearly 56 with still quite long hair..
I actually wash every night and sleep with 4 x plaits..so when i unravel in the morning I have a nice curly lot of hair I don’t have to really worry about…

BUT when I am a tad tired and cannot be bothered washing the night before…this “paddle” sounds like it is just the brush i am after…
I HATE washing and having to brush/blow dry my hair in the morning..

so I shall check it out…

thanks and love from Melbourne!~~ x andrea

FleaingFrance Brocante Society

Something to add to my shopping list. My hair is long and fine but with just enough curl to cause a problem in the humidity of the south of France.

I’m up for anything that speeds up the drying process.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,


Hi Vicki!

As always inspiring and informative post!

How long should my hair be to benefit from the paddle?




Most lengths work… if the hair is short its easy to brush it over the scalp one way and then the other… makes it straight and have a good amount of volume… I am sounding like a hairdresser…;)

D. A. Wolf

I don’t paddle, but now I’m intrigued, especially as I sit here drying my hair (it takes well over an hour)… Oh, how I love a chignon and wish I thought I could pull it off. (About to peek at your chignon boards.)

Sue M. in California

What timing Vicki…after reading your post I actually ran across paddle brushes in, of all places T.J. Max over the weekend… so I had to buy one and tried it this morning. I quite liked it. It took less time and my rather wavy (and at times frizzy hair) after blow drying was quite straight, soft and sleek. I didn’t even need to use my flat iron…again saving time. Thank you so much for sharing this product. :-)


I just bought a paddle brush quite by accident, or rather because it said ‘massages scalp’. I was unaware of all these other wonderful properties. Thank you! My paddle is from Aveda, and has become my favourite brush for my long, thick, coarse and slightly wavy asian hair.


I have waist length long blonde, straight hair and have the Aveda paddle brush and huge round bristle brush. I always leave my hair to dry naturally until just slightly damp and then use the hair dryer for the last 5 minutes of drying. I recently bought the Babyliss big brush hairdryer and it’s brilliant, I just use it for the last 5 minutes of drying and styling my hair, don’t use any straighteners or anything else, so my hair is still in excellent condition despite it’s length. I’d definitely recommend it.


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