16 Jan 2014

Unexpected Voyages

 Voyage - Vicki Archer

Here I am writing to you in the very early hours of the Australian morning… an unexpected and quick trip back home to see my family…

My blogging schedule is feeling as topsy turvey as I do…

One minute I am bundled up fighting the cold… the next I’m contemplating what to pack for the scorching days of an Australian summer. Confusing to say the least… but how amazing the world is that we can voyage from top to bottom… transit from the depths of winter to the brights of summer in the space of 24 hours… I feel as if I’m surfing the seasons…

The dilemma is always about the pack… and although I should, I never seem to have the Aussie pack down pat like I do, The Paris Pack… After all these years… you think I would know what to throw in that bag

This time I have taken my own advice, packed light and I’ve packed mostly black and white…


In The Bag

and if anyone remembers the old Sussan’s slogan… “this goes with this goes with this goes with that’… you will know what I mean…


boyfriend style white and blue jeans // rag and bone black teeshirts // bella dahl black cotton shirt // vince white tees // theory white cotton shirt

oscar de la renta black flats  and other black beauties from net a porter // black heels … lookalike valentinos //  valentino rock stud

theory light weight man style suite  // band of outsiders black tuxedo blazer //  asos column style dress // vince shift dress

and the accessories…

chan luu pretties // lion power earrings from asos // alice d shopping tote for day // crossover bag for evening // athena procopiou scarf and fabulous gypsy floral to lighten it all up

Now for the unpacking…. xv

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Hi Vicki, I’ve followed your blog for while but rarely comment. I hope what you’ve packed is serving you well. It is a scorcher of a summer, I am on the west coast. I do remember that slogan and it made me laugh. We had a family friend who had her own version of that slogan; hers was more like this goes with this and this goes with nothing is what she’d say of her wardrobe. Ps I loved reaquainting with your blog again this year and thank you for such insiping words every morning.


Welcome back! Certainly remember that Sussan jingle. One of the nice things of coming from the northern cold to the southern heat is dressing is so much easier – underpinnnings, dress, shoes and handbag and you are done.
Hope it is a happy visit.

Esther George

Hi Vicki I wish you luck with this heat, all I can say is thank God for the air con (menopause and heat don’t get along). Remember the slogan Slip Slop Slap Enjoy your time with family. Regards Esther from Sydney.


hello world traveler, yes, how and what to pack, here it rains, then warm, then freezing covering plants, then rain, then sun, the hot, then cold, odd ~ I love your leads of clothes so much, only thing is, I am on a real budget…..I continue to druell…..ha ha ha….and love seeing all these things, I wish for a fabulous couple great white shirts to wear with jeans and heels, don’t have any….white seems to need upgrading from time to time, what do you think? xoxo


White definitely needs an upgrade from time to time…:) Like black… you can never have too much!


Welcome ‘home’ to a scorching summer….even here in Hobart we are feeling the heat!!
Do you still call Australia ‘home’…..yes, sounds like a song we all know.
Linda x


Yes, I do…. It just gets confusing sometimes… I think I have two homes… Aus and Europe… :)… The more the merrier!


I hope everything is ok with your family, Vicki. It is roasting hot here and your pack sounds spot on! Ness xx


Hi Vicki, black and white is always such a classy combination, no matter whether it is day-to-day or travel wear. I’m sure you’ll look great – just hope you’ll be cool enough in the middle of our very hot summer! Did you include a hat in your packing? I’ll remember that Sussan’s jingle when I’m packing for France later in the year. So enjoy your blog! All the best for your visit.

Melissa Hebbard

Hi Vicki, I hope you have packed a very versatile wardrobe if it is Melbourne that you are off to. I spent last week freezing for the first 3 days, 1 pleasant day and the last a scorcher.
It is always blisteringly hot in Melbourne for the tennis so I expect for the next few days you will wish naked was acceptable!
Living in Wangaratta I really appreciated the few cold days as it is always unrelentingly hot up here in Summer with no cool sea breezes to relieve the evenings.

Julie Wentz

Oh Vicki. I need your help. Im a very poor packer. I am coming to france in May. One night in oaris then off to Avignon, Beaune with possible short excursions to chamonix and riviera. Any suggestions.


Have a look at my posts that I linked too here… lots of packing tips in those Julie… :) Have a wonderful time… xv

miss b

Happy New Year! A little belated but I have only just returned from a holiday in the sun. I’m doing the reverse returning to a wet and grey England. I’m sure you will enjoy being outdoors and those rich blue skies. Black and white is such an easy, stylish combination – perfect for mixing and matching whatever the season.


Packing perfection!! Black and white is always a successful traveling wardrobe. Safe travels and hope all is well in Australia. Stay cool.

Sue Fogarty

Welcome home Vicki, it is nice to think of you on home ground. wouldn’t it be fun to be browsing in a shop, or dining out and recognize you.

Sue McCarney

Welcome back to our Summer shores where the season is living up to its’ name, although here in Sydney we seem to missing out on the full force of the South Eastern heat!! I love how the weather, no matter what time of the year, manages to keep us all riveted, in both hemispheres!!
I have just put my beautiful vintage postcard away with my Christmas treasures….Parc Monceau….Thankyou again for being so thoughtful!! I hope your visit is a happy one reunited with your family and friends. X


Hi Vicki, the amount you travel , I am surprised you actually know where you are going , I can hardly keep up. Have a great trip.

Carmel Fauth

Another scorcher in Victoria, what a shame I’m not on the coast! Hope you have a lovely stay Vicki, keep cool!!!


Your style always seems to fit the moment! I love the white jeans! Where I live, white jeans could probably be worn yearn round and seems there are never enough in the closet! Hope you have a fabulous time with your family and most importantly, that all is well……enjoy!

Trish Murphy

Welcome back to Australia Vicki I hope that you have a lovely visit with your family. What a blast from the past with the Sussan jingle I remember it so well.I love black and white you can never have too many outfits in either colour or mix and match. I have been wearing white jeans since I was a teenager.I hope that the jet lag is not too bad.Keep cool although Sydney is beautiful at the moment.x Trish


Hello Vicki,
Happy New Year – I hope the reason for a quick trip home is a good one, and if not, then love is sent to you x

Very hot here in Melbourne as you already know. I agree with Sue Fogarty – what a hoot that would be to see you here – but would we feel comfortable interrupting your holiday and saying hello? I speak for myself, but know there are many others that would most probably say the same, but I am such a huge fan and loved seeing recent photos you have published of your David, and of you with Apache (what a big cutie he is…)!

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki!

I hope your trip will be a pleasant one, and that everyone back home is WELL! To see you again, I am sure you will make them very happy! Oh how hot it must be down there! I love your list of MUST-HAVES for your trip. Enjoy and we will be thinking of you! Anita

helen tilston

Hello Vicki

Wishing you a great trip. I am sure you will look fashionable and beautiful. Australia has some marvelous desingers and stores and I am sure you will top up your suitcase with finds.
Enjoy your trip and visits with family
Helen xx


Welcome back to Oz Vicki! Hope you and David and the family have a great holiday in the sun!
We’re frying here in Canberra but I gather it’s much nicer in Sydney just now. Best wishes, Pamela

Bronwyn Krampitz

Dear Vicki, I know just how you feel. It is almost a surreal feeling. We left Australia just before
Christmas in 45 degree heat and landed in Paris to 6 degrees. Then on to London where we were freezing and nearly washed away. Then back to Oz this week to scorching temperatures and frightful jet lag. I packed lightly and predominately black with different scarves to add colour. However, on looking at photos, I seem to be wearing the same outfit most of the time. Should have added a little more colour to my this goes with that! I’ll remember that next time. Hope you have remembered the sunblock. Happy travels.

lisa | renovating italy

Oh I’m an Aussie girl from Melbourne originally so totally remember the Sussans ads and now you have me singing the whole thing here in my little rustic lounge room in the mountains. Brrrr it’s freezing bring back some Aussie sunshine for me will you.
xxx lisa


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