26 Feb 2014

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SO it’s already tomorrow…

If you remember that today is the day... was yesterday.

Your response was fabulous, so engaging and totally encouraging. Thank you for the comments, the emails and all in all many fabulous suggestions…

I think we are onto something and perhaps it’s a regular chat that we could have… Let me know if you would like to?

~ ~ ~

I did start yesterday and managed to stay on track… it was the day to begin… and sometimes for me, the beginnings are the hardest.

I’ve been to the gym, resisted the wine and dismissed the pudding since we last spoke… so right now, this very minute… I am feeling virtuous.

One of my gorgeous readers emailed me with a brilliant thought… I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this with you… but it still has me giggling…

I look at lost weight like a chicken in the meat department.  Each one weighs 4-5 pounds right?  So each time I lose 5 pounds, I tell myself I lost a whole hen!!

I will never visit the butcher or the supermarket and look at the chickens in the same way…

~ ~ ~

Back to business…

I spoke with “bodydoctor”, David Marshall this morning about the “vitamin” issue.

I find the whole idea of what to take and when to take it very confusing… I read about a new vitamin or a new combination of them that is meant to be indispensable … I buy it, I take it for a moment and then I loose interest…

It’s a minefield, with so many conflicting reports, opinions and thoughts on what’s the best for our health.

I decided for today to focus on vitamin C… and this is what he said,

“Vitamin C has a number of beneficial effects in the body including the formation of collagen (healthy connective tissue, cartilage, tendons, wound healing etc); healthy immune function, manufacture of certain nerve-transmitting substances and hormones, energy production and the absorption and utilisation of other vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin C is also a very important antioxidant. Numerous conditions have been shown to benefit from vitamin C supplementation including, cataracts, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, eczema ulcers and pre-eclampsia, to name but a few…

From an evolutionary point of view most of us are not receiving anything like the amount of vitamin C from our diets that we were designed to function on. “


I know… we all know this… Right?… But I forget and it’s not something we should forget…

How can we up our daily intake of “C”? More green… kale, broccoli, watercress and cabbage… More red… the miraculous red pepper, the spicy chilly, the luscious raspberry and the humble tomato…

We need to eat more of these, all day every day….

~ ~ ~

How much “C” is enough?

According to David,

“While the RDA for vitamin C remains at 60mg, most studies suggest that supplementing at 500mg – 1g per day will be beneficial to health.

There are however, numerous cases where supplementing much higher levels has been proven to be effective, such as in the treatment of cataracts, diabetes, colds, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. If in doubt seek the advice of a qualified nutritionist…”


Do you have a vitamin routine that works for you? Are you a firm believer in supplements?

What about vitamin “C”? xv

More On The Subject

 nature’s bounty pure vitamin C 500mg …

i’m taking one a day for starters


flavo -c forte by auriga

an ideal treatment for the skin… a couple of drops on the face, eye contours and neckline morning and evening


download the bodydoctor in e-book

 i’ve loaded this on to my kindle… an easy way to to be reminded… at my fingertips… there can be no excuses


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Yes, this would be a nice regular chat. Anymore for me, it is equally about feeling good as it is about looking good. The two go hand in hand, I think.




I agree that to consume vitamins naturally is far better but the problem these days is that despite our best intentions of a well balanced diet, our food is less nutrient than it once was….

Potatoes… I can see many unwanted sacks of potatoes… I will never go food shopping again… :) :)


I have a friend who takes a large dose of Vitamin C regularly and it works for her in terms of warding of the seasonal colds etc. She did mention that her doctor told her to take it at nights since Vitamin C “works” in such a way that you…pardon me… pee most of it out before your body absorbs it. So her doctor told her to take it at a time when she likely wouldn’t be going to the bathroom for the longest period of time i.e. nighttime sleep.

Vitamins, supplements, no-shampoo, etc. … I find all of these things to be so very much “user specific” and entirely dependent on what works for you specifically. I’m not a big vitamin taker and I rarely catch the common cold. My focus, given my genetics, is on calcium and bone strength… you just have to work through various, and numerous, combinations to find what works for you.


Calcium and bone strength… that’s another great discussion…
I agree finding our own concoction is the most important thing… and finding a solution that we can maintain…

Ivy Lane

I take Juice Plus… It is a whole food supplement and my doctor approves. I am on blood thinners and was advised NOT to take multi vitamin supplements. I have been taking JP for over 7 years and have reaped all the wonderful benefits. I do not experience colds or flus.. haven’t had a flu shot for over 7 years. Check it out…. Balanced diet and exercise of course help! :) again.. I LOVE my yoga practice… :)

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I think you should make this a regular feature. Every single one of us will benefit. I am trying to eat only things that are perishable. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Actually, like Mother Nature intended us to eat. Today I’m very tired from the work of yesterday, however, I know this will be overcome. much love, V !

Anita Rivera

Vicki!!!!!! Keep going. I am living proof that persistance pays off . I will be back! I am at school anita

rosemary (@nycstylecannoli)

It sounds like you have this covered really well. It is always such a chore doing this, but if we just adapt our lifestyle and not really diet, it works much better. I did for a while and it worked, until life and stress got in the way! I bought a great juicer but have yet to try it, love those drinks by Naked, as most of them are actually tasty! Hope you have a very positive day today!!


I have not had the flu nor a cold in 20+years. I once read that vitamins are often found intact in (ahem) porta-potties, so I found an alternative in colloidal minerals. A shot glass a day provides the 60 or 70 essential minerals the body needs for ultimate health. I don’t sell them nor endorse any brand, I’m just passing on my experience. Food value is questionable to some experts as our soils are depleted from a hundred years of farming… I dunno. I just say “yes” to the minerals as the flu, arthritis, etc. ravages those around me while I remain healthy. AND I love the pictures you posted!


Sounds like you are onto something LOrna… and yes, I loved those vintage photographs too… :)


I think you are on to something Vicki with the vitamin C, I think I haven’t had enough and recently added more citrus to my diet. But once you exceed a certain quantity of vitamin C your body throws it out, we can’t store it. I don’t remember what the miligram count is, but one must be cautious not to overwhelm the kidneys — with too much of any one particular vitamin. There are studies that too much E can lead to cancer, scary studies, so the preoccupation with E is now over for most people.
To me what is confusing is what to eat with what. For example some foods eaten together interfere with mineral absorption (oxalic acid in greens). I think the Mediterraneans have gotten it right!
Good luck


I think if we focus on fresh and non processed we are a long way to a healthy diet… that is the basis of the Mediterranean way…


Vickie, I love these conversations about exercise and fitness. Before I married my husband, I had rarely exercised! All those years ago, he encouraged me see fitness as a way of life. The mind, body, and spirit all need doses of exercise to stay open! :) I have always walked or jogged and I mentioned before that I now paddleboard and have added yoga. These are great ways to cleanse our minds and bodies of toxins! For me, eating less food is the only way to truly be slim and also eating food in the natural state most often. It is fun to exercise with someone who enjoys being fit because I think this adds to ones own desire as we encourage others or they encourage us to keep going! It feels GREAT!


Encouragement really does make it easier, doesn’t it?
I think we have plenty more to chat about… :)

Sue M.

You asked if the barre “bootcamp” (as it’s being called here)is the same as the barre corps your daughters are taking and yes, I believe it is, somewhat. I start Saturday morning and am looking forward to it! I went to a demonstration and it includes exercises at the barre, stretching, as well as “core” exercises. I’m going into this knowing it may be physically a challenge but plan to pace myself by starting out slow to become stronger and hopefully more graceful.
When it comes to Vitamin C, I’m a believer! :-)


Yes it sounds like what my girls are doing… they say it’s incredibly hard but with fantastic results… I say when you are in your 20’s anything gives great results!! ;)


I have taken vitamins for years. I had been anemic as a child and my mother always plied me with foods that would help regulate my system.
I take a high dose multi vitamin, vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. I think that taking vitamins is important because even if my diet is average, my stress level is usually high.
I eat mostly fish, fruit, cheese, veggie …….. and cake. That last little dietary intake is the reason I need to diet and take vitamins.


Fortunately cake is not my undoing… but having said that…. I don’t mind a slice or two!

Teddee Grace

You know, I had run out of Vitamin C a long time ago (does that ever happen to you?) and was just relying on the amount in my multi, but when it dawned on me about two weeks ago I bought some because I thought it seemed to me I had been aging faster lately. Sounds as if that might not have been my imagination! Enjoying this theme.


I would most definitely benefit from this being a regular “chat.” I have already benefited from reading the comments. Thank you again for the motivation you have provided!


I think in our time these Vitamin/Mineral stories etc. are overvalued and to steer a middle course should be OK. Would not like to put my daily life on xxx vit. pills rather enjoy it and that is the secret being healthy and happy.


A moderate course is always the best… but sometimes a small additive can make the world of difference.
I would prefer that we didn’t need supplements… that our food intake compensated for all our needs… but I fear, our modern world prohibits that…
I agree… enjoying life is the secret to much happiness… :)


“Ester-C” is a good brand that contains the citrus bioflavonoids. I have been taking it for many years and rarely ever have a cold. Make sure you include a good multi in your daily vitamins Vicki. Half in the a.m. and half in the p.m.
After menopause women should remember to decrease the iron dosage in their multi vitamin, unless of course, their physician or nutritionist prescribes.
As we all know,vitamins are not a substitute for a balanced diet, but I think they can be an asset in boosting our immune system.


Vicki, I also take Juice Plus! What has been so great is to see how certain trouble areas for me have improved since I began to take it…like my gums. My dentist was amazed at the improvement after I started with Juice Plus…it covers all of my veggies and fruits! And for sure the Vitamin C. Check it out…there are many reputable studies which support the supplements.

Wendy Paula

Removing processed sugar from your diet will help a lot, it will help you to lose weight and make your skin look so much better.
Sugar ages the skin. It is low in nutrition and not necessary in a healthy diet.
I had to give up sugar years ago because it made my Interstitial Cystitis worse. The benefits to my skin have been amazing.
I do have a treat sometimes, hard to resist the French pastries, but that is all sugar should be, a treat.
There are many ways to sweeten food if it is difficult for your tastes buds. Use fruit, maple syrup, stevia, there are many healthy alternatives to processed sugar.
A great topic Vicki, thank you:)

Teresa @ Splendid Sass

Proud of you, Vicki! It is tough but worth it! We have to take care of ourselves. I say this as I swallow the last bit of cookie, but my knee is hurt, so I have an excuse this week, lol. Do not walk on a wet floor with flip flops on.
Will love keeping up!


Vicki I love the idea of a regular chat about health, diet, exercise etc Ive really enjoyed reading all the comments too – very encouraging to have group input!

Apple cider vinegar is my top tip. I take a tablespoon in a shot of warm water on waking ( and then a full glass of warm water after) and I really notice how much more energetic I feel. It seems to address lots of issues so a good all round tonic! I ran out and didnt take any for 2-3 weeks and I really noticed the difference so Im back on it and feeling great.

I sometimes take a good multi vitamin course and if my body feels a bit tight or Im stressed I like magnesium.

Other than that I guess its making good health a way of life, moving the body, getting good sleep, hydration etc and keeping indulgences for a treat…

I love that this chat can help with focus and that everyone is sharing their ideas – thankyou


Sleep… That’s my biggest struggle… I need to sleep better… It’s not that I don’t go to bed early… I just wake up too early! Or have trouble going to sleep… But it is one of the most important health practices of all…


The pictures you posted make me smile. I think we are all on to something when we find what resonates with us. I take Vitamin C – and have for many years. I also, have a prescription for Vitamin D. I find them beneficial. Thanks for sharing the information. I enjoy reading the pros and cons from other readers as well.

Marilyn Leslie

Thanks for opening the discussion on weight loss and vitamins.
I have been taking vitamin C for years and can testify to it’s benefits. I take Carnitine, Alpha Lipaic Acid,Dhea and CoQ10 as well. They act as fuel for your mitrochondria which gives you energy.


karen in va

Again, an excellent discussion Vicki. The health community announced last year that we generally don’t need vitamins if we are eating right. So I stopped the multivitamin, and have always eaten vitamin right foods.

Then I moved and went to a new Dr. … she says forget all that and take a multivitamin. I was having some issues and she thought it might be vitamin B deficiencies. Yep she was right.

It’s also important to take D3 .. a healthy dose. Your pre-physical blood work almost always has a D measurement, as lack of it is not good.

So I’m feeling better, to my surprise … take a multivitamin for Women … CoQ10 … and Vitamin D … and I have never been a big proponent of vitamins.

Who knew ….


It sounds like you are on a good track, Karen… and I believe quite a few people are deficient in D…
I often wonder if this lack of D is a direct result of our fear of too much sun… something that wasn’t as safely watched when I was growing up?


According to my Dr as you age you absorb less vitamin D. I was suffering very painful legs & thought it due to arthritis, after a blood test it was found I was vitamin D deficient. This was after a sunny summer gardening & 2 weeks in extra sunny France. Would never have thought it posible. Within 6 weeks my legs were better. I’m in England so it may not be such a problem with those in warmer climates.
Good topic Vicky- all encouragment is needed!


I take a C and D complex which was recommended by my doctor… and so far that seems fine for me… D is so important…
Glad you are ok Elaine…
I am interested in all these health issues and lifestyle topics… I think it is a great one for me to research and speak about regularly…
I also find all your interest very motivational… :)


Dear Vicki

I read your post yesterday with great interest, a smile and a happy thought…..
Firstly because this is something Im guilty of indeed, always planning for a day around the corner when I will start with all my good intentions, diet, excercise, motivation to complete the huge amount of creative projects I start
..but also, and more importantly, because you truly encapsulate one of the main reasons I fell in love with blogs all those months ago. I was so incredibly happy, and felt a friendship immediately because you talk and write about all the things I ( we ) are thinking….so thank you dear Vicki from my heart.

And yes, I d love to chat about this some more. I am learning from all the ideas. For me, I like my long walks with the dogs..and am now taking in the teens of vitamins and minerals.. but I must say I do swear by eating the ‘superfoods’, and many raw foods, most of the time.
But I dont believe in depriving myself of a little indulgence.just a little
With love x


A little indulgence is necessary… over indulgence is where I get in trouble… ;)
Thank you Sally…

Deborah McKenzie

I to am on a quest to make eating well a way of life and choosing anything other an occasional treat. I have incorporated a wonderful blender breakfast that I drink about 3 days a week. 1 half of a peeled fresh frozen beet, 1 carrot fresh, 5-6 strawberries fresh or frozen, a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of flax seed, a pinch of stevia or some chopped dates, coconut water or a teaspoon of coconut oil, a dash of vanilla and sometimes a small handful of raw cashews. Blend until smooth. It’s a beatiful pink, so yummy and full of loads of what we need! Vicki you are so good at discovering information and I wish you well and look forward to what you have to share.


This sounds like a wonderful cocktail… I’ll try it… sometimes it’s easier to blend all the goodness and eat /drink it that way… I’ve tried the flax seeds on cereals/yogurts but they never really appeal… this sounds like the way to go…

Jeanne Henriques

Love the statistics Vicki..thank you! I am taking Vitamin C supplements and a few others suggested by a Naturopath at Gaia in Australia. So far so good, I have stuck with them for the past three weeks. A record for me! I am also working with a dietician, stepping up the exercise, minimizing the alcohol, working on my yoga in addition to just keeping the body moving to get those 10,000+ steps. The one thought that stays with me throughout is the need to get back to London. Walking in 30C+ temps is not fun! Hydration is my mantra so that I do not slip into “funnyland” which has been known to happen at times. Add the Vietnamese teas and concoctions that I have been taking and life has been…interesting.

The only thing I can’t let go of..is coffee. Caffeine is a big no no..ah well, there is always tomorrow.

Keep going, take us with you, this is all very inspiring and just what we need! So much more fun when you have others to share the challenge. xx


Yes… let’s do it together… it’s the best and easiest way…
You sound very focussed Jeanne and committed… and caffeine… a little bit in moderation can’t be a bad thing…
Come for a visit to London… it’s time… :)

Rita Barton

Hi Vicki, I don’t take supplements regularly but I do take them in waves. It’s mostly calcium, probiotics and occasionally a multi. I try to get most of what I need from real food.

The one thing I wanted to stay about healthy habits is that I approach it one day or meal or 10 minutes at a time. If I eat a fattening meal, I get back on track with the next meal, I don’t give up entirely and eat junk all day. If I only have 10 minutes to exercise, I exercise for that 10 minutes instead of putting it off entirely for when I have more time (which might not happen that day at all.) I think a lot of people give up on making healthy choices because they think it’s all or nothing and when they mess up once they give up all together. If you take one day, one meal, one workout at a time, it’s much easier. If you mess up, put it behind you and move on.

And now I’m off to stretch before bed (and I had no wine today – but probably too much sugar!)



Brilliant advice, Rita… It’s the best way forward. It’s so easy to keep on doing the bad habits instead of stopping and starting again… I’m going without the processed sugar… so far so good… although sometimes I do fancy a “bit” of chocolate… :)

Christine Jansen

What about Natural Coldpressed Aloe vera Gel, to boost the immune a daily glass of 60ml contains
200 acrive Compounds, 18 amino acids, 12 Vitamins and 75 Nutrients.
Best way to go. And its used for thousand of years. would love to hear all you positive comments.


Fabulous post, Vicki…I’m a great believer in vitamins…the food today and our daily lives just doesn’t allow for the required vitamin intake…I’ve been taking vitamin c 1000mg a day and it does seem to ward off frequent colds it’s also so good for your skin. Eating the best you can and like so many have said here fresh when possible is definitely the best way to go. I eat far more of a mediterranean diet…fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and no longer eat meat…having said all that it is so much of a balance and what works for you personally.
And like Jeanne…I do love a cup of coffee…but as you say in moderation it can’t be a bad thing…moderation that’s the key ;)
Have a lovely day. xx


BODY BALANCE! Is a liquid whole food supplement made from organic aloe vera gel and sea vegetables. It has over 121 vital nutrients!

I was introduced to it by a natropath 18 months ago and I am hooked!! Drink it every morning and then got on with my day!

It originates from the U.S and now available in Australia, Canada, NZ, Singapore – alas not France or the UK!! ..I could always ship you some!!


Thanks Caroline… I might try online or get some when I am in the US I will be in NY and Dallas in April so I shall definitely get some…

Leota Mayr

Great discussion! It’s a wonderful way to encourage one another to strive for a healthy, balance lifestyle. We may know a lot of the right things to do but sometimes we do forget – not only to eat fresh foods but to make our health and well-being a priority. As women, we are often the caretakers of the family’s physical and emotional needs so paying attention to our own needs is vital.
I have a sweet tooth that is hard to control. I make and sell chocolates on a small scale and sometimes I get myself into trouble. The Valentine’s Day holiday was a busy time for me and threw me off – not enough fresh air, physical activity and way too much sugar! Once the rush was over I went on a cleanse, green drinks, no sugar, no alcohol, no bread and I cut way back on dairy. Starting is the hard part but after a few days I feel the difference. The bloating is gone, so are the dry patches on my skin, and my energy is back. We are what we eat – so true! For a while I was a truffle.
I do not take vitamins, primarily because of the expense and although I start with great intentions I am not consistent in taking them over a period of time. I do work with herbs and make tinctures, teas and other herbal remedies and I love using them. There hasn’t been a time when I have treated myself that I have not had good results. This is especially satisfying when I am using the herbs I have grown.
I have been blessed with good health and when I was younger I took this for granted. As I age, I have become more thoughtful about what I ingest and how I live. I want to maintain my health, vitality and brain power for as long as possible and I find that when I eat and drink well and get enough exercise I feel stronger and think clearer.
I think this would be a wonderful thread to continue; I have loved reading everyone’s contributions.


I like your attitude Leota… I too have been so fortunate to have always had good health and strong genes… My mother is still alive and sharp as a tack at 96 and my father only passed away recently at 98… I guess this is why I am thinking about what goes in… The body might have to last a very long time!!

Pamela Terry

I’m a huge devotee of Vitamin C. Take it religiously when traveling.
Also Calcium and Vitamin D. With all the sunscreen I slather on every day, I do not get enough sun for adequate Vitamin D levels. Or so I’ve been told.
I wish you the best with your new resolve. I’ve always thought of five pounds as a five pound bag of sugar!


Yay! You seized the day! The Moment! Wonderful. I look forward to reading more of these health discussions.

Clare x


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