20 Mar 2014

Springtime In Provence

Springtime in Provence - Vicki ArcherEspadrilles and Liberty.jpg

Springtime in Provence is heavenly… there is no other word for it…

Blossoms make me feel so happy… the promise of a new season, an awakening… There is nothing quite like these magnificent blooms.


This morning I was reading one of my favourite blogs… Manon 21

Manon has a beautiful home very close by to us in Provence… She is a talented artist and has a wonderful spin on all things French.

She has generously created these gorgeous swing tags for her readers… and I wanted to share them with you…  the link to print is here 


Next… looking for something to brighten up my drab, winter wardrobe…

I visited my favourite J.Crew site and was enchanted by this Liberty print blouse and the striped espadrilles…

Into the basket they went…


Perfect for now, perfect for spring… and perfect with blue jeans… xv



striped espadrilles  // liberty print button down blouse


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Anita Rivera

Oh j’adore Manon. She is so creative and the subtle way the French incorporate the seasonal delights of their homeland just seizes my imagination. I never tire of the way les français see the world through art and literature….jamais.

Gorgeous post Vicki, and that first table….is that yours? LOVELY!


Un grand merci ma chère Vicki,cela me fait vraiment plaisir de figurer sur ton blog ,cela me motive aussi pour continuer cette belle aventure.




Happy Spring! Thank you for the link to find the fabulous Manon, and her lovely tags. Blossoms and Espadrilles, perfect spring pick me up. Enjoy your day. xo


Love your sprays of blossom with the mercury balls – makes me realize no need to put the silvery things away after Christmas!!!

Manon’s blog is beautiful, thanks for sharing with us Vicki.
Spring hugs – Mary


I was in Provence this time lat year and Spring had not come but it was still wonderful and I can’t wait to come back.


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