15 Apr 2014

Aix-En-Provence… The Sun Is Shining… Come Out To Play… Part II

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

I couldn’t leave these two elderly gentlemen out.

In some ways they were my favourite shots from my day in Aix-en-Provence.

Their poise, their style… their elegance.

Aix en Provence 4 .jpg

And their hats.

The classics, the beret… of course… and the panama.

I thought you would like to see them… xv


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Cathy Wong

I’ve been enjoying these photos (yesterday’s and today’s)….am poring over every detail!


interesting how people change their dress when sun come out , even here in Spain, where I live now. Everybody is happy Love Panama/s on my husbands head too…cool. Viva printemps!


These two are classic! One could enjoy having a cup of espresso with them and discovering their wit!

Carolyn Bradford

I’ve loved both of your last two posts! It is making me want to visit again so badly! What wonderful photos you have captured! The pictures truly speak louder than words! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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