14 Apr 2014

Aix-En-Provence… The Sun Is Shining… Come Out To Play

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

Aix-en-Provence is one of the prettiest towns in Provence… bigger than a village and smaller than a city with an ambience that always pleases.

I often describe Aix as a baby Paris… Aix feels like that to me.

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

Aix-en-Provence is full of gorgeous people… shopping at the market, soaking up the sun and chatting over coffee.

The outdoor cafés on the Cours Mirabeau… when the sun is doing it’s Provencal shine… are where the Aixoise socialise… just as the Parisians love their outdoor cafés so do the people of Aix.

Aix en Provence - Vicki Archer

The women… so many of them… looked fabulous… and many were wearing monochrome.

Jeans and blazers… jeans and leather jackets… black with white, white with black… trainers… lots of trainers.

The occasional espadrille came out to play… love them with the skinny jeans and the leather jacket on the cute girl above.


A great blazer…   favourite jeans… and some ‘of the moment’ sneakers… All we need… xv


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Leslie Nash

I love Aix, have been to those markets, makes me very restless!! Love the way those French girls dress. Thanks to u Viicki, I bought my first pair of cons, all black and I love them :)

Karen in Oxford

Good morning Vicki.

I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog (which, it turns out, was only a couple of weeks ago but so glad to be on board). I would say that you are a similar age and colouring to me and whereas I have learned over the years to wear what suits me, not just what’s on trend, I have found your blog inspirational in the way it leads me to consider items I might have doubted I could wear at my age. However, your blog retains a classic and yet fashionable wardrobe style that I think we can wear at any age and I feel so happy to have found a place where I feel confident in finding just the right thing.

I love clothes, shoes, make-up, perfume and all such feminine things, always have and always will. I also enjoy a good conversation about life issues which I can also find here and always look forward to your next post. Am I rambling……? Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is “thank you”.

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki! Well, after a strange bout with dizziness (I actually still have it), I was not at work for about 3 days. I’ve been stuck inside, no sun outdoors, but your post is doing its magic for me. Aix is one of the most glorious places on earth for us writers to dwell in, to dwell on the people, the sounds and sights, and to get inspired. You are inspiring me today with these photos that are giving me so many ideas about my hair, my jeans! I am going into to work today, marching in as straight as I can, wearing my hair long now, a pair of jeans and my heels. YES, even if I’m imbalanced and the cold wind is blowing!

Beauty helps us endure the glitches that come out way. And thank you for sharing your beauty with us. Bon lundi! Anita


Will be there in late May. Can’t wait. Such a lovely town. Best wishes, Pamela

Piaf Vintage French

Aix is so lovely! I love the laid-back yet urban French style! And black and white outfits are just as classy and timeless as black and white photography. Thanks for the inspiration!


I loved everything about Aix when there a few years back. It rained the evening we arrived and the Cours Mirabeau was washed and sparkling for the market next morning. Oh how I loved visiting that market. I bought a beautiful little set of antique silver liqueur cups in a stand, and a fabulous big, soft scarf which I still wear………and the memories come flooding back.

The ladies, though casually dressed, still look so fashionable…….as only the French (and usually those living in France for a while even though foreigners!) can look. It’s always amazing.

Happy week Vicki. I just lent my copy of ‘My French Life’ to a dear friend whom I shared your blog with…….she longs to return to France. Later I’ll pass along ‘French Essence’ too!

Hugs – Mary


I’ve been following you on IG and loving all the pics you’ve been posting! Aix looks gorgeous! A mini Paris…I could deal with that!


I’m sorry, I think that the sneakers (trainers) look just as ridiculous as the 5 inch heels. Want a comfortable shoe? How about Arche or Trippen? Just as comfortable, with a little more style in the way of being more interesting. The trouble with fashion is that so many people just jump on the bandwagon.


It’s so special to see this today, as we are headed to Aix in a month from tommorrow!! Can’t wait! So excited for the villages/markets/cafes. Thanks for sharing.

karen in va

Excellent post. Ordered the shoes, love them.

Years ago we had a wild obsession with Aix … it was magical, as all of Provence is … but just something special about Aix. The light coming through those plane trees, and the dolphin fountain … so many great memories. Thank heaven we finally calmed down and started exploring the Dordogne.

Karen in VA

Pauline from Phillip Island

Sitting here on the other side of the world you make me yearn for another visit to France. You have mentioned Aix a number of times, in both your blog and books. Is it far from your gorgeous ‘Le Petit Bijou’? (We’d so love to stay there when eventually we make it back.)
I was also wondering about all the women wearing trainers now? Has the fashion changed? When I last visited France we were told not to wear sneakers as they made you look like a tourist.
Anyway, I’ll keep dreaming and we’ll be there sometime soon. Thanks Vicki, for keeping my dreams alive.


Aix-en-Provence is about 50 minutes from St Remy… an easy drive and well worth it… :)
Fashion is fashion… constantly changing… so yes… there is a real emphasis on sport style footwear at the momnet… as I mentioned in an earlier post… when it’s a comfortable fashion move, I’m all for embracing it… :)


Bon Jour, Vicky,

I’m very surprised at the women even remotely considering wearing “trainers”.
Many, many years ago when high-top Reboks were all the rage in America
(showing my age here) I wore them in Paris, happily thinking of all the walking
I’d be doing in comfort. What a mistake THAT was!! I’ll never forget the looks,
the shock, the condisention!! Luckily I’m not thin skinned and it by no means
ruined my trip but quite funny in retrospect seeing these pictures.

Love the blog!!


Linda Boardman Kerr

I lived in Aix for a half a year as a college student in ’76, and have gone back a few times. The last time (2008) we also visited, and stayed, in St. Remy. I wish I could think of a word besides “magical” but it’s trop difficile! If I had a prior life, it has to have been in Provence, because it feels so RIGHT to be there. I hope to come back again soon. Thank you for the photos.


Looking at the wedge espadrilles, I feel they are a tiny bit dated. Flat slip on espadrilles are being worn more and more this spring. On shopbop.com I have found many styles and colours from various designers ranging in price from $36 to over $300. I think flat slip on espadrilles are more casual and more in keeping with the sport footwear look and more comfy than the wedge variety with constricting ties or straps.


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